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MyFitnessPal is getting a makeover

As we've hinted in previous blog posts, Al and I have been hard at work on a new design for MyFItnessPal.  The current look of the website has been in place for almost 5 years now, and was created by probably the worst designer I know - me.    It's functional enough, but I'll readily admit that it's not beautiful.  But usability has always been our top priority, so we left the current look in place for all these years even though we yearned for something more appealing.

A few months ago, though, Al and I talked it over and decided to finally bite the bullet and redesign the site.  The redesign would have a few goals in mind:

  • Update the look and feel of the site to be more modern, professional, and attractive

  • Increase the page width from ~800 pixels to ~1000 pixels.  5 years ago, a significant portion of our traffic was coming from people with 800x600 monitors, but today, 99% of our members browse the site on 1024x768 monitors or larger, and we really wanted to be able to use that extra screen real estate.

  • Make sure that the site stayed "familiar" with our current users.  We deliberately kept the same color scheme and almost exactly the same general user interface.  We actually are planning some changes to how the site works in the future, but for this first step, we wanted to keep the changes between the two designs to a minimum.  We wanted the transition between the two designs to be as easy as possible for our users.

  • Retain the things that make MyFitnessPal great - simplicity, ease of use, and a lack of "clutter".
Today, we're finally ready to pull back the cover and unveil the results of our hard work.  If you're not already on the new design, you can take it for a test run by clicking on the following link:

Clicking on that link will switch you to our new design so you can see it for yourself.  For a short period of time, you'll be able to switch back and forth between the two designs.  We want to give you all some time to try it out and get comfortable before we make the change permanent.  We also want to make sure that all the kinks are worked out of the new design, i.e. everything works, no broken links, etc.

So please, check out our new design and let us know what you think.  We've created a topic in the Feedback forum where you can share your feedback as well as let us know about any bugs or problems you encounter in the new design.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al

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TisMe wrote 116 months ago:
Well, if you're only going to change the color, font size, it looks like the same site to me. Those two points were easy to see. A different color, would have been nice. To deliberately use the same color blue is boring. Jazz up the color scheme just a bit.
artnoren wrote 116 months ago:
Six to one, half dozen the other. I am comfortable with the current site, but the changes to the new site, while taking a little time to adjust to, are minimal.
snon wrote 116 months ago:
I don't have a very big monitor so I actually find it a bit annoying. I agree with TisMe, an overhaul of the whole design would have been better.
BetterVersion wrote 116 months ago:
I like the changes so far. Nice and simple, yet just different enough to make it seem a little fresher. Thanks :)
annasart wrote 116 months ago:
Sorry to say I like the old one, easier to read since the lines that outline the boxes on food/exercise log are darker. Thanks so much for running this site though- you don't know how much I love this and share with others. Such a great useful site and for free!
nicolet04 wrote 116 months ago:
i think it great! thanks for the amazing site, u guys r awesome!!!
jules1984 wrote 116 months ago:
I also have a problem with the monitor size. I log often at work and the new site apparently doesn't work well with Internet Explorer 6. Of course I'm not crazy enough to WANT to use that - but I can't update work computers. A big part of my logging and keeping track is accountability. If the site appears mis-formatted at work, to the point I can't use it - I may not continue to use it at all (and then I would cry). :(
Hannah_Banana wrote 116 months ago:
Mike, very fond of the new design, has a fantastic 'sleek' quality. The only thing I might suggest is what Annasart already said - the lines outlining the boxes on the food diary could be a little darker OR have slightly alternating colors to distinguish between each line?

Also, the community section is very hard to read now :( Its amazing what a difference little black lines make!

However, those are just suggestions - I have no idea how far along you guys are in your design process. If this is the way its going to look, great! I'm just so thankful for the wonderful tools you guys provide. :)
rheign wrote 116 months ago:
The changes seem insignificant. I think keeping the entry scheme familiar is a smart idea, but it doesn't seem like much has changed. Perhaps spicing up the colors or perhaps even permitting the user to choose their own color scheme would help. Oh, and add the lines back in. HTH. ;]
mike wrote 116 months ago:
Thanks for all the feedback guys - we're definitely listening and we appreciate all the thought that you've put into your comments.

There are definitely issues right now viewing the new site in IE6 - we'll make sure those get fixed before we switch the site completely over to the new design.
mike wrote 116 months ago:
IE6 fixes should be in, so if you're still seeing any weird formatting, etc. in IE6, please let us know. Thanks!
ronsaun wrote 116 months ago:
mike I agree with everyone else the lines could be darker ,And I was hopping that you would take into account the five, six meals a day eating for the people that are following the 6 week body makeover and the food lovers program I love this program and if that was in it id be the happiest weight loss person ever ! so thanks for what you have done
mike wrote 116 months ago:
Ronsaun - I'm not sure I understand your 6 week body makeover comment. You can already change the settings in your diary to allow up to 6 meals per day - did you know that? Or is there something else you are referring to?
johnsscarlett wrote 116 months ago:
Mike I like the new design. I really like that you added an area to write notes concerning exercise. This will be usefull for me. I do agree with a previous comment about the lines needing to be darker. I have a 24" screen so I love how everything is expanded. Thank you so much for this site. I truly appreciate it.
Livi_Loves_Pink wrote 116 months ago:
I love most of the changes in design. The only problems I have are with the main page and the message boards. They feel pushed off center to me. My screen resolution is 1280x800 though, and you said you were changing it for those with 1024x768, so maybe that's why? I also think a border between the forum and the background might look a little better.

Overall I think it's great though! I really love the new look for the food log. Thanks for an awesome site. I'll never use anything else for tracking my calories. =)
BirdieM wrote 116 months ago:
Maybe I'm just use to the other design, but I like the old design better. I think you're more talented than you think! LOL It's easier on my eyes for some reason. But old or new, this website is a winner! Thanks for putting it together.
rlberg55 wrote 116 months ago:
One change I would really like to see is the ability to log multiple foods without the site taking you back to the main log page each time. I definitely love the recently used/favorite foods, but having to click add food each time can make the process more tedious than I have patience for some days.
stevemcknight wrote 116 months ago:
I'm such a huge fan of this site, but can we work up a mobile site to with the new design? So many people use Blackberries and iPhones now, it'd be amazing to be able to log while on the go.

Also, would it be very difficult to add the option for 8-9 meals?

Thank you for this site - it's changed my life!
mike wrote 116 months ago:
An iphone app is already on the way, so stay tuned! And a mobile site and a Blackberry app is something we are definitely looking at.

We'll also consider expanding the number of available meals to 8-9 - thanks for the suggestion!
michfleming wrote 116 months ago:
I logged on and thought "oh it must be under construction" It was not as clear when reading your food diary. I agree with many others that the black lines make it much easier for reading. Seems clearer. Also I noticed in the food database that it used to be pretty close to alphabetical order but this evening when I was on, the food items were scattered all over. Even the same brands were not all grouped together.
Grate wrote 115 months ago:
New design very similar to old design. One thing I was hoping you would have is a way to delete the meals that we input in ourselves. I have some under my name and would like to delete a couple, but can't seem to do that. I also agree that the Blaqck lines need to be darker. Love the site, but not impressed with the new one.
mike wrote 115 months ago:
You should be able to delete your own meals - are you still not able to do that? There was a bug that was preventing users from deleting meals, but I fixed it last night so everything should be working now.

You can delete them by going to the "Food" tab, then "My Meals", then click on the meal you'd like to delete - the meal should appear along with a "Delete" button.
qbastian wrote 115 months ago:
I love the tabs you created for adding food to the diary--having all these food lists at hand is great, and the recent foods tab is an excellent addition. I would like to be able to delete some of my old meals and foods.

All the other changes I've noticed in a couple days' use are just cosmetic. Frankly, I like the old format better, font and all.

qbastian wrote 115 months ago:
You're right, Mike. I can now delete old meals. It still takes some jumping back and forth between screens, though--it would be much easier to do it while I'm rifling through them, trying to add a meal or food. I'd also like to be able to delete my old foods. Thanks for all your hard work on this excellent site.
JLopez wrote 115 months ago:
It looks really cool. Great job! = )
clouds444 wrote 115 months ago:

I'm happy the website is out there in the first place as for the rest, it is what it is.
ash74 wrote 115 months ago:
I don't know what it looked like before, but I just joined today and really like the look and feel of this site. In the past I've used caloriecount, sparkpeople, dailyburn and nutridiary and so far I like this one the best in terms of features and simple (and smart!) navigation. Thank you!
last25 wrote 115 months ago:
I love it. It's smart, sleek and the new look just pops.
DrJerryFowler wrote 115 months ago:
There are 2 things this site desparately needs:

1) A favorites list. So each individual user can save their favorites and not have to look them up every time. I know you have frequently used, but it is different.

2) A way to create and edit recipes or food groupings. I made chicken fajitas the other night - with many ingredients. Now if I want to change up just one ingredient - I have to redo the whole thing. Not good.

Hope this helps. I am thankful for this site, but without this it makes it very difficult to use.
Nightdust wrote 114 months ago:
I'm really not feeling the new design. To me it feels like I've gone back about 5 years with web design. I miss the option to see what I would weigh in 5 weeks if I ate that "amount" of calories today.
sevmusic wrote 112 months ago:
You mentioned making the site 1000px wide. You should look into a 960 grid system. I'm a web designer and I can tell you that a 960 grid system is a great cross browser compatible way to organize the site. Check out
0mega60 wrote 111 months ago:
all great stuff
i also incourage a new site called "my fitness kids"....for those families that need to monitor their kids nutrician...and for those old enough to monitor their own...why do we parents not teach our kids fitness and nutrician early before they pick up bad habits...p.s with a restricted community site...a thought..!!!!
liusber07 wrote 111 months ago:
si es cierto el club america es uno de los mejores equipo del mundo pese a kien le pese asi que , estoy totalmente deaucerdo con ustedes.
laradean wrote 111 months ago:
Hi: My company creates websites. I will tell you I LOVE the new design. And I really like the ease of your tracker.

Vallandingham wrote 110 months ago:
Don't go too drastic.. The reason I am on MFP is because I used to be on My Calorie Counter. They changed their format and it became too cumbersome.
LittleBitDangerous wrote 108 months ago:
I think your site is pretty user-friendly as it is. I do agree with widening the screen. I would like to suggest a couple of things: 1) can you make the "add food" and "add exercise" and "change measurements" type links appear at the top of those sections as well as the bottoms? My lists can get kinda long, and scrolling down to put in every exercise (while I am at the gym) can be a bit of a pain. 2) include not only a blog but also a private diary. I enjoy sharing my blog settings, but I'd also like to be able to have a journal that i never shared for some of my other thoughts and plans.
lfbarrett wrote 104 months ago:
the site is already awesome...i think it may just be the key to finally losing some weight, i use the mobile version non-stop throughout the day to stay on track THANK YOU!! .. was wondering though, is there a way to track who's followed up on questions you've left on blogs, like notifications?? i asked a question on a blog and then went back and someone had answered my question but the only way i knew was to go back to that blog....would be nice to have some sort of notification when someone responds
lfbarrett wrote 104 months ago:
oh BTW if there are no notifications you'll hafta send me a message so that i know you answered this question LOL
Teerai wrote 103 months ago:
I am brand new but I like the old design and the quick way it all works. Don't go too fancy. Many sites that update lose the casual and simple formats wanting to add bells and whistles that are kind of annoying.
runs4zen wrote 102 months ago:
Can we get one of those "buffet" applications like on WW? Where you "build" a dish and get the calories and nutrition info? It would be cool to be able to preplan dining out meals like that! Love this site!
iRun4wine wrote 101 months ago:
I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but it really doesn't look any different to me. It looks maybe a little different proportioned, but other than that... that's it. Don't mean that to sound harsh, just being honest.
andreahanlon wrote 101 months ago:
I must already be on the new site because clicking on the link didn't change anything for me. Looks great! Love the site! Thanks for your work on it.
stevemcknight wrote 101 months ago:
This blog is from Nov. 09...
mrhelpless wrote 101 months ago:
Yep - noticed that too - 2009 blog! Anyway I love this site - it's fantastic and thank you so much for all your efforts. And thanks also to everyone making such a great community!
Alyshe wrote 101 months ago:
Hey Mike read your blog read you blog and here what I think. I think the site is super!!! But I understand the need of updating for the compition with other sites like your. I think keeping it simple is important and keeping the color blue and the logo is important. I think that if us the users where able to jazz up our message bords that would be nice. If we would be able to have a choice in font, font color background color(s) that would be really neat. It would also be nice if it was easeir to post a pic in the message bord. If you go with every one being able to change their message bord font, font color, and back ground color then every one would be able to express a little more about them selves. I think it would be great that way. And expanding the choice in the smilies would be neat also. :)
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