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MyFitnessPal Android App Now Available!

We're very pleased to announce that the MyFItnessPal Android App is now available for download - just search for "myfitnesspal" in the Android Market. Using the app, you can log from your Android phone at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection.  To learn more about the app, please visit:

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, just let us know.

And please rate the app if you like it!  

Hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al

P.S. For you Blackberry users, we are working on an app for you as well, and we'll post on Twitter or Facebook when we have more news. 

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fitandhealthy wrote 95 months ago:
You guys are awesome! Loved the Beta versions, and love this one! Haven't had any problems at all! Thanks for all your hard work!
keinmehr wrote 95 months ago:
This is fantastic!
vicidoesstuff wrote 95 months ago:
When I scanned the barcode, it accepted it but couldn't find the app. When I searched, it couldn't find it. When I typed in the address, it couldn't find it :(
skinnylizzy wrote 95 months ago:
Brilliant - thanks guys :)

I had the iPhone app which is also brilliant but have changed my phone to an Android so really missed it. Great to have the app back!
lilchino4af wrote 95 months ago:
ikiness - try searching for mfp_android and see if that finds it for you.
vicidoesstuff wrote 95 months ago:
No such joy :( I'm on a HTC Wildfire. Internet connection is fine, it just doesnt want to find the MFP app.
Rivah67 wrote 95 months ago:
i can't find it either
lilchino4af wrote 95 months ago:
I couldn't find it either, so I used a barcode scanner and scanned the barcode located at the link above and it worked. Good luck!
JWolfPDX wrote 95 months ago:
Thanks Mike and crew for the work put into this app. I'm an engineer by trade so I know it's no small feat. it is much appreciated by the ever grown Android using collective.
sarah_bid wrote 95 months ago:
Hi I don't know what to do HELP!
Rivah67 wrote 95 months ago:
i got it at last yay......thanks for all the hard work putting it together
INGAZ wrote 95 months ago:
This is brilliant.
tbFit wrote 95 months ago:
Been using almost a week and the android app works very well. Makes it fun to track and lose weight while I'm starving... LOL.
pawliger wrote 95 months ago:
Really liking the Android app - thanks!

Where can we send feature requests and bug reports? The address shown in the Android Market?
mike wrote 95 months ago:
pawliger - yup, you can send feature request and bug reports to that address. Thanks, and glad you like the app!
jackal75 wrote 95 months ago:
I love the program, and the app has been great. My only beef is that since the last update, I keep getting sync failures. It sometimes takes me 3-4 tries to sync from my phone. Hopefully that goes away with the next update, because this has been the best tool for me!
190bound wrote 94 months ago:
Great app. Thanks! I used to use WeightWatchers. MyFitnessPal blows it away. And, it's free!
redstar1482 wrote 94 months ago:
please please please update with a barcode scanner =D
lauralip123 wrote 90 months ago:
Hi, I love this app so much - and am using on my HTC desire. I have just seen on my friends' iphones that they have access to the friends/messages functions on their iphone app. Can you add this to the android version too?
pgp_protector wrote 87 months ago:
What happened to the barcode scanner ?
It's now rotated 90Deg
Anonymous wrote 47 months ago:
Can one use this app to track weight? I'm new to the app and can't figure out how to do that.
Anonymous wrote 47 months ago:
Never mind. Figured it out.

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