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Meet Our Customer Care Team

One of the things we've been working hard on is trying to improve our customer support. Until now, we've mainly relied on members providing other members with support through our technical support forums.  But we've been working hard to try to provide better support directly from us.
Most of you have already met Steven, but today, we're pleased to introduce you to the rest of our customer care team!  Please meet Natalie, Julie, Scott, and Fish. Natalie and Julie have actually been working at MFP for a while providing support for our mobile apps. Scott and Fish joined recently but are quickly getting up to speed.
All of them will be working hard to answer questions via email and our technical support forums. They'll also be helping to moderate the forums along with our amazing member-volunteer moderators.
We're also now providing email support for the website.  If you have a question that can't be answered through the technical support forums, you can ask us directly here:

We will do our best to answer any questions submitted within 48 hours. 
As a reminder, if you have questions, we have two other great ways to get help immediately.  First, you can check our knowledge base which contains answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Second, you can ask your question on our technical support forums:

On the forums, other MyFitnessPal members can provide you help, and our team will also attempt to answer as many questions as possible.  You can also search the forums, as, many times, the question that you are asking has already been asked and answered before.
We look forward to helping/supporting you!
Thanks, and hope you're all enjoying MFP.

Mike, Al, and the MFP Team

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chelleroo30 wrote 87 months ago:
iamihobo wrote 87 months ago:
This is the best program ever. It has changed my life drastically and I am so thankful that ya'll do what you do to make things possible! Thank you so much!
robertlinn wrote 87 months ago:
This a great nutrition website. You have helped my personal trainer business a tremendously. Thanks for all your good work. Robert Autry
alg7205 wrote 87 months ago:
This Program is going to save my life, it has changed my health so much in the last two month I have lost 28 lbs. I am so thankful that your program is a way to help myself and other to get healthy. I have try for years to loss wieght could not do it. With this program it is a blessing, it works and I tell everyone about MyfitnessPal. Thank You so much, Mary Lisa Canizales
MHunte wrote 87 months ago: do i post photos in my blogs?
suede58 wrote 87 months ago:
The perfect way to be honest with yourself about just what you eat and what it adds up to using the very latest technology to make it as effortless as possible not to hide from the truth. I hope the NHS are taking note because I think this could be a very significant tool in the battle against obesity and particularly in the very young who use their phones in all areas of their lives.
straitcrzyMary wrote 87 months ago:
This is the best program I have been on. I am lifetime member of Weight Watchers and always quit after a month or so from getting bored. But this app gives me encouragement to continue on with my new Healthy Eating habits and exercise. Love Love this app. I tell everyone about it. I have only been a member a month but I have already lost 10.2 pounds. Thank you so very much. Mary Price Ness/straitcrzy.....
Nana_Anne wrote 87 months ago:
Welcome to the team! Thank you for your hard work and ddedication. You are truely a blessing for me :-)
prairiedawg2014 wrote 87 months ago:
Kudos to all of you for the best weightloss site on the web!! even with the occassional glitch on the site, you have the problem resolved quickly.
keep up the great work!
i love this site!
prairiedawg2005 aka Joy
jmsouth5 wrote 87 months ago:
I absolutely love MFP. I too have told many people of this site. It's simple, not overwhelming and I have made so many new friends. The encouragement I get from people here is incredible. I have no idea how I stumble onto it, but it was meant to be for me and my new life change. Thanks for what you do and provide!
Kath712 wrote 87 months ago:
Another big THANK YOU for creating and continuing to update this site! It has made such a difference in my health and lifestyle. I tell everyone who is looking for an online tool to come here.
bassgirl26 wrote 87 months ago:
Welcome aboard...
Ladypugg wrote 87 months ago:
Looking forward to loosing some fluff with you guys. =)
AndreaDaPrincess wrote 87 months ago:
I love MY Myfitnesspal.....
Powerhouse11 wrote 87 months ago:
Love this app and the wonderful data base!
dryker wrote 87 months ago:
Just started a couple of days ago, but this is one of my favorite apps already.
wholedanfamily wrote 87 months ago:
Lets get the recipe share up and running. I keep looking around at other recipe/fitness share sites but come back here because of the simplicity of the pages and the success of the program but it sure would be nice to be able to share recipes
carolemack wrote 87 months ago:
Thank you so much for this site! It is helping me to be more accountable and attain a better lifestyle. The fact that it is free ensures that no one has an excuse not to get healthy.

Please don't ever sell out to some big conglomerate like Weight Watchers did. Their site is pathetic next to yours.

Kudos to you and your team for an awesome site!
juls12 wrote 87 months ago:
I really like your program. Welcome to the new staff. I hope they enjoy the job and all of us. Congrates.
Foxynova wrote 87 months ago:
I love the sight too and doesn't feel like I am on a diet at all! Can we have a "LIKE" button for posts Lol! Thanks Guys
fancyladyJeri wrote 87 months ago:
I agree with the others. Absolutely the BEST site for weight loss and support. Kudos.
LemonDiva wrote 87 months ago:
MFP if such a wonderful site and service, and IT WORKS! Even for someone with limited mobility - you also make so much sense and you take away the confusion and contradictions surrounding weight loss. It's great to know you are there, to know your names and I for one am very grateful for the program and all the hard work behind the scenes...a big Well Done and Thank you from me x x
sparkie2bfit wrote 87 months ago:
Thank you for this site, my husband and I have a good start on a new life style because of MFP.
pamela84 wrote 87 months ago:
This is the best program ever! I went from 198 lbs to 150lbs and have about 10-15 more to go ...I use it everyday at work or where ever , it's amazing!!!
packersfn7 wrote 87 months ago:
Thanks for MFP--it is a great program.

The only thing I would change is a "like" button like facebook has. That would be great. A lot of members have made a similar comment.
LynnBirchfield wrote 87 months ago:
This is awesome. Your dream is really coming true. Congratulations and thanks so much for this amazing website.
leeinbflo wrote 87 months ago:
So glad I found this app! Makes me more aware of what I eat and is slowly but surely working :)
exermom wrote 87 months ago:
First off, big congratulations.

Can you possibly give me an example of the type of things I can ask of you? For example, will you be going thru the database and deleting all the duplicates?

Personally, I find that many times I would like to have control over how foods are listed under "recent" (some say 'generic apple, others say apple fugi,). I would like to rename it apple-generic or fugi or whatever the description would be. Is that something you will be handling?

I would like to have control of what foods will be deleted from my "recent" list and which foods won't. there are some foods that I may not eat ever again and others that I don't eat for a month.

Do I contact you if there is a problem with my number of days logged in?

Is there any possibility of getting a pie-type chart (really, any type of chart) that would show the percentage of fats to carbs to protein for the day?

Just not sure what types of questions you would be handling.

thanks for everything
Anet47 wrote 87 months ago:
Thanks for all you do! I can't tell you how happy I am I found MFP and Fitbit. They have finally given me the info I need to diet without feeling resentful. Appreciate the additional tech support.
kaetra wrote 87 months ago:
Welcome to the new folks and a huge Thank You to the MFP team! I tell everyone I know about this wonderful site. I know you hear this alot but MFP has truly changed my life! THANK YOU! <3
MariaAlexandra wrote 87 months ago:
Whoa! Can't believe you are providing so much for free! That is amazing! I love MFP and what it has to offer it made me realize that the way I was starving myself to get what I wanted, wasn't the way to go. I thank MFP to getting me on track and actually inspire me to become a nutritionist so I can help children not go through what I did when I was younger and really overweight! Thank you so much!!! <3
rbfastjr wrote 86 months ago:
Android Apps to come? Or maybe you need someone to write one?
emeka896 wrote 79 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 63 months ago:
Ain't worth a shot can't make a user name
Louise1314 wrote 43 months ago:
Not happy at all. Doesn't recalculate your calories. I googled how to do this followed the instructions and I still can't as I don't have the relevant options and can't find a way to contact technical support.
Anonymous wrote 23 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 4 months ago:

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