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Losing Is For Winners: MyFitnessPal Users Lose 100 Million Pounds

We have some really exciting news to share with you: MyFitnessPal members have collectively shed over 100 Million pounds! That is an incredible achievement, and we stand in awe of you.

Since 2005, we here at MyFitnessPal have been helping folks achieve a healthier lifestyle by empowering them to reach their personal health and fitness goals. It's been great experiencing the challenges and triumphs alongside our members. Now, we all have something to crow about!

We love knowing that our program was a part of your success, but it really is YOUR success. Sure, we provide helpful tools and guidance, but when it comes to providing the crucial ingredient of willpower, you guys did all the heavy lifting (pun very much intended).

So how did you do it?
Diet - MyFitnessPal members stuck pretty close to our suggested meal guidelines and recommended food items: lots of fruits and veggies, lean meats, and of course, instant inspiration, aka coffee.

Exercise - MyFitnessPal members exercised regularly and easily tracked their workouts on their profiles. As a matter of fact, you guys powered through an impressive 17.2 billon minutes of cardio. That's a lot of sweat-drenched laundry loads.

Just what were the top five exercises?
  1. Walking: You just have to love this old standby, especially when you walk right past the vending machines.
  2. Elliptical training: The one time when going in circles feels like progress.
  3. Running: Hit the trail, asphalt, or grass aboard the Shoe Leather Express.
  4. Strength training: Everyone gets pumped for getting pumped.
  5. Stair treadmill: Rain or shine, you’re going to exercise. And maybe watch some TV.

All of this hard work by members burned a staggering 125 BILLION calories. That's like seven fast-food milkshakes, right? Kidding ;)

Check out our cool infographic to see even more fun fitness factoids. You can even print it out and hang it up for a quick hit of inspiration! And again, congrats to all of you healthier Fitness Pals. This isn’t the end, or even the middle. It's just one more (big) win on the journey toward a healthier lifestyle. Great job!

To your good health,
The MyFitnessPal team

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deannakittygirl wrote 71 months ago:
I found this site by accident a little over a year ago and it has changed my life (for the good). I love MFP!
mmckee10 wrote 71 months ago:
I was doing research for a college course and came across this site :) LOVE IT!
happygranny13 wrote 71 months ago:
My physician gave me the site. I have diabetes and take a lot of medication. I an watching my intake by using your site and have been on it for four days.
pepperpat64 wrote 71 months ago:
I am pretty sure the lost pound I recorded today was the one that put MFP over the top! ;-)
futuresize8 wrote 71 months ago:
Thankful for this site, the geniuses behind it and the amazing people on it...every single day!
MarianneC93 wrote 71 months ago:
Absolutely love this site. Thank you to whoever was involved in its creation. (and to all the insanely awesome people who are member of it too!!)
MistyEE wrote 71 months ago:
Thanks to all at MFP!
Shuntele wrote 71 months ago:
MFP has helped me TREMENDOUSLY!!! Thank you MFP!!!!
jetenold wrote 71 months ago:
Thanks MFP!!!
LovingMe9698 wrote 71 months ago:
YAY!!!! That is some great news!!! yipee!!!
Pandorian wrote 71 months ago:
Amazing update, that's a massive mile-stone... and if you haven't checked out the infographic do so.. of the users losing 100 million + pounds BUTTER is a top 10 food choice!
MaryRegs wrote 71 months ago:
I love this site! let's go!
krazyforyou wrote 71 months ago:
A great update on a great site that I am addicted to.
beckyksu wrote 71 months ago:
I love myfitnesspal! Such a wonderful tool!!!
WA_Teacher wrote 71 months ago:
MFP Is a wonderful site & a great tool! Thank you for helping me reach my goals.
quicklabs wrote 71 months ago:
Thank you for providing this wonderful service! It changed my life.
Joel402 wrote 71 months ago:
I have lost 10% of my starting body weight and I feel great! MFP makes it very easy to track my daily calories. Since using MFP I now eat smaller portions, cook at home more often, and vegetables are a big part of lunch and dinner.
SMarie10 wrote 71 months ago:
Sorry, you need to subtract 1 lb. I just had a gain.
TrailRunner61 wrote 71 months ago:
Love it! And thank you for posting the facts on food and exercise. :)
yellowsnowdrop wrote 71 months ago:
Because of ALL you guys at MFP I'm getting fitter and healthier. Thank You from the bottom of my heart, love you all.
BajaDreamin333 wrote 71 months ago:
I was referred by a business associate who had recently lost 30 lbs. I was skeptical, after wearing a Body Bugg for over a year and trying Weight Watchers and getting nowhere. But with MFP the weight just started coming off, and I reached a weight I haven't seen since 1992 in about 6 weeks. Yup, you changed my life, and I can't see it not being a part of my life ever. Just knowing what I eat is amazing!
KatCase2012 wrote 71 months ago:
I have learned so much about the food I eat. I have such a better understanding of the balance between calories consumed and calories expended. Thank you so much!
mscoins wrote 71 months ago:
I learned about this site from my Expresso bike at the YMCA. I really like how other apps link about together with MFP. Thank you. I just love it!!!!!
sbrownallison wrote 71 months ago:
So grateful for this wonderful resource. I started here in Nov.'12, added a Fitbit (which syncs beautifully with My Fitness Pal), and have logged in every day since. It helps me make the connection (Duh!!) between the calories I take in and the calories I spend in physical activity... Thanks to all the MFP staff for your efforts to help so many.
StinkyWinkies wrote 71 months ago:
What I would really like to know (seriously) is where all that weight/energy went...?
mrsreid2004 wrote 71 months ago:
I'm enjoying the journey. Thanks MFP!
pinkgrandmaof8 wrote 71 months ago:
Awesome site! It is EXACTLY the tools I needed to be successful! I have lost 33 lbs in the last 5 months and now have th the confidence that by staying with MFP I can lose the remaining 27 lbs!
I'm also much more aware of how healthy foods benefit the human body, and have wonderful MFP'ers as friends!!!

Come on...YOU CAN DO IT!!!
prgirl39 wrote 71 months ago:
16 pounds and counting!! I am so happy to be part of this community. Thanks MyFitnessPal for all your support.
darrensurrey wrote 71 months ago:
If we were a bank, we'd be rubbish. :o)
stu1102 wrote 71 months ago:
Mike you deserve the Congressional Medal for this site and its astonishing support you have given to people to chage their lives
acogg wrote 71 months ago:
Thank you for posting this! I have been wondering what the overall numbers were. This site is so much more than pounds lost or exercise, it is about people reclaiming control of their lives. From new knees to new marriages, my MFP pals are living large while getting small(er)!
alphabetsoup2013 wrote 71 months ago:
LOVE THIS. And love you. :-) Thank you for creating such a powerful and inspiring weight loss and fitness enhancing tool. I've lost 68 pounds so far this year and I am feeling fantastic. Couldn't have done it without you. (I know because I've tried.)
GurleyGirl524 wrote 71 months ago:
I love the ease of use of this site, I love the worldwide friendships I have made with this site. I love the confidence that this site helped me to find along the path to the healthier me.

Whew!! 100 million pounds, I wonder if the rotation of the earth is faster with its population so much lighter!!
Hearts_2015 wrote 71 months ago:
Love MFP, Mike, Al and the rest of the crew oh, yes and ♥Olivia & ♥Rachel! The fun part is pinning this and seeing how many followers you get that are now either interested in MFP OR already members you've not yet met before. YAY MFP...every member has something very unique to give to this site..I'm grateful for every person that has chosen MFP as a means to a positive change!! xo
Laac68 wrote 71 months ago:
This so encouraging, thank you!
JohnnyResets wrote 71 months ago:
That is a really an awesome stat! Happy to contribute my 34.4 lol!! Congratulations!
RobinsEgg wrote 71 months ago:
I appreciate this site so much for the great help it has provided me in weight loss, as well as the wonderful friendships I have gained through the on-line communities! All for free - that is the most wonderful part of all! Thanks everyone at MFP!
Reecebullet wrote 71 months ago:
That's 500 tons of weight lost by the people on MFP! That's incredible.
jhoyett wrote 71 months ago:
I am SO ADDICTED to #myfitnesspal !!!
IzzyM210 wrote 71 months ago:
I can't believe this site has been around since 2005!!That is pretty awesome 100 million pounds is ALOT!! :D Happy to be part of that number!
MaryLGillogly wrote 71 months ago:
I wore my heart monitor to do grocery shopping and 2hr I burned @500 any activity at all you can burn cals..and every little bit helps.
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