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iPhone Version 3.4 Now Available - Search Your Favorites List, Passcode Lock, and More

At long last, we've released an update to our iPhone app today.  In this release, we've added a few small but very helpful features:

  • Search Your Favorites Lists: If you’ve been using the app for a while, your favorites list may be quite long, and it may be hard to find the food you’re looking for.  In version 3.4, you can now search within your favorites lists only.  For example, if you know you’ve eaten “strawberries” before, just tap on the “Recent” tab, then start typing “strawberries”.  Your Recent list will be filtered as you type, showing only items that match the search term you’ve entered. Even with hundreds of entries in your Recent tab, you can still quickly find the one item you are looking for.

  • Easily repeat your last meal: If you ate the same thing for breakfast today that you ate yesterday, we’ve added a new feature which let’s you easily log the same meal with just a couple of taps. Let’s say you had coffee, granola, and a grapefruit for breakfast yesterday, and you had the same thing for breakfast today.  Under the Meals tab, you’ll see a new row at the top of your meals list.  Tap on it, and you can quickly add the same items from your last breakfast.  On the next screen, you can edit portion sizes or quantities as appropriate, then hit “Add” to add those items to your diary - that’s it! With just a few taps, you can now repeat your entire previous meal.

  • Use multi-add mode automatically: If you frequently use the “multi-add” button on your diary page to add more than one food at a time to your diary, just turn the “Always Use Multi-Add” option on, and the multi-add checkboxes will now appear every time you add to your diary.

  • Change your default tab: If you find yourself using your Meals tab or your Recipes tab more often than your recent tab, you can now change your default tab.  Tap “Default Search Tab Settings” and choose which tab you want to open by default when you start to log a meal. 

  • Passcode lock: Last of all, we’ve added a Passcode Lock option to the app, for added privacy.  Set a passcode, and you will be required to enter the passcode each time you open the app.
If you have any questions or run into any issues with the update, just let us know and we'll look into it ASAP.
Thanks, and hope you are enjoying MFP!
Mike, Al, and the MFP Team 


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LadyBuell wrote 69 months ago:
These look great and hopefully the same changes are in store for android (and the web?) soon.
snowbear wrote 69 months ago:
GREAT changes! Been waiting for the "repeat meal" function forever! Thanks!
pikselinka wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you guys! I love you for this :)
seniorfaye wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you for all your hard work and always trying to improve this wonderful site. I've already updated!!
kais79 wrote 69 months ago:
Yes! When will Android get the update? :) Thank you!!!
utecaroline wrote 69 months ago:
I cant wait until you have the Android version of this up. Having been a user for 145 days, my food lists are getting long! Having them either in alpha order, or having a search feature that populates options would be great. It is beginning to take a long time to add to the diary!
Otherwise I love the app! Keep up the good work!
CanuckLove wrote 69 months ago:
Great changes, thank you!
Will there ever be an option to see the community threads on the iphone app?
lionlex wrote 69 months ago:
Great, thank you! Any way to add being able to see the number of member confirmations to the app in the next update? Thanks.
nannabannana wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you very much. I am updating now!
wendyapple wrote 69 months ago:
hooray for updates! thank you!
55Ladybug wrote 69 months ago:
thank you for the whole program!
ashleew1117 wrote 69 months ago:
what about the issues with food not scanning?
When i try to do it that way it never will recognize the code it wont focus on the code ever anymore.
& i have to manually write it in.
Grim13 wrote 69 months ago:
My iPhone App won't allow me to search your database anymore... only mine!

lionlex wrote 69 months ago:
Could you guys add Zumba to the exercise database please? thanks!
DairByNature wrote 69 months ago:
Looks great !! But when will android get there update ? As not everyone in the world who uses this great app uses iPhone, as iPhone is way over rated & not upto date with the times !!!!!!
marcf2001 wrote 69 months ago:
Hoping to get the Android version soon!!
The search in favorites should also be put in the Web app.
GrahamSt wrote 69 months ago:
Good work. Some great updates there - the new find-as-you-type works really well on my "not upto date with the times" iPhone :D

In a future update I'd really like to see some way to share recipes with friends. My wife and I both do MFP and it's a pain having to type a recipe in twice.
derrhon wrote 69 months ago:
Like the new options and changes, but the My Diary page does not display correctly now on my iPod Gen2. Not a big deal, but should be fixed in the future.
mssoulrebel_77 wrote 69 months ago:
So excited about the passcode lock! Going to download now! :-)
ascrit wrote 69 months ago:
The new update looks really great!
Montco_cancel wrote 69 months ago:
I wish the website would get these kinds of updates before the apps!
hazel240 wrote 69 months ago:
Maybe it's just me, but I had a problem adding a new recipe last night once I turned on the multi-add. I tried turning it off and still couldn't add ingredients to the recipe. I'll try it again later - maybe I'm missing something, but if you could look into, that'd be great!
raindance_maggie wrote 69 months ago:
TraceAT wrote 69 months ago:
Excellent updates guys, Thanks!
lowrezolve wrote 69 months ago:
Great update and love the search your own list first option, but would like to add a second bug report to the option "always use multadd". Once you turn that option on, you cannot add or modify ingredients in a recipe (i tried with existing recipe). You have to turn it off and then force close app and restart before it will work again(pnce you had option on, merely turning it off still doesn't fix it). Ps though i love that i can now add recipes inside recipes now, that is awesome and something i've been waiting for.
ccmandel wrote 69 months ago:
Any iPad update planned?
commanderthomas wrote 69 months ago:
Facebook sharing is a MUST, being able to automatically see which of my friends already have MFP is a MUST!
psse01 wrote 69 months ago:
I am trying to update and it is stuck in loading/waiting pattern then says its unable to update at this time so I tried deleting the first app thinking it may help and it STILL won't update. I need this app! I'm leaving town for a few days and will only have my phone! I'm freaking out here. HELP!
Missy5180 wrote 69 months ago:
Love the new features but now Im unable to see my friends diary?? and my phone wont sync, saying i need internet connection when my wifi is already connected??
Lizajane42 wrote 69 months ago:
I haven't explored the update much, but I agree with the user who wondered if we will ever be able to see the community threads. The webpage takes too long to load on my phone and if I am traveling without my computer then I will be disconnected from the groups I am in and from being able to read forums. Sad!
sonyayoung18 wrote 69 months ago:
Please please please update for Android :)
Dragonfly1996 wrote 69 months ago:
Great additions & a great site / app. Will you be adding the ability to read posts & community items on the iphone at some point? Be really handy as cant always join in with the forums when out & about, without having to call up the actual site (which can be a pain). Cheers all!!
Spaterson65 wrote 69 months ago:
Searching favourites is awesome. Love it. Thanks!
LisaLouisiana wrote 69 months ago:
I love the app. I'd be thrilled if changing an item or a meal eaten from one meal to another would be available on my phone. I do it all the time online, but miss it terribly when I'm updating from my phone. I'm talking about if I copy something from one day to "today." It goes to the same meal as it was originally logged, which is not necessarily the one I want it to log under.
peterout wrote 69 months ago:
Since the update my diary page headers, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack has become partially visible, this is an I-phone 3, my wife's i-phone 4 is OK.
Everything else seems to be OK.
Still a good App thanks.
eicharie wrote 69 months ago:
Since the update I can't see the database on iPhone app...only MY database. HELP! I'm going crazy not being able to add the right food. Unless I can scan a barcode, I can't add a new item?! Heeeeeeeeeelp!!!
christopherpm wrote 69 months ago:
I have a request for the next app update - it would be really handy to be able to use the barcode scanner when adding ingredients to a recipe.
CalJur wrote 69 months ago:
The passcode lock isn't working correctly. After a few uses the keyboard disappears on my iphone 4s. Thus, I can't type in a passcode. It simply shows the boxes for the passcode but no ability to type it in. I have to shut my phone on and off to get it back. It happens so often I took the passcode off. Maybe you cant take a look.
tameejean wrote 69 months ago:
I'd like an easier way to move items from one meal to another. For example, yesterday I added my dinner to breakfast by mistake. It would be nice to be able to drag the items to dinner or at least select the item and choose a new meal. The way it is now, each item must be deleted and re-entered :(
grover0ca wrote 69 months ago:
I am also not able to search the mfp database from my will only search my own database..looks like there are a few of us with that there a fix for this??
deb54 wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you so much for the updates, but especially for this wonderful site...I have been a member for 605 days and I love it...without MFP I would be 54 lbs heavier and would not be able to go for my wonderful runs !!! ...Oh, do you think we could get a "Like" or a "Love" button on the next app update ??? Again... THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!
jmatthews75 wrote 69 months ago:
working great, any way you folks could change the delete messages to a swipe for the iphone app? kind of redundant to have to click delete then confirm then click again when it is deleted.
Qattusa wrote 69 months ago:
I love all the updaates and the continuous improvements on MFP!

One question though for the app... would it be possible to be notified when someone replies to a post on friend's wall? I know it's a bit of facebook mimic, but there are so many times I would send a message and have to keep going back to see if they replied, or indeed miss their response altogether.

Thanks for your time!
headqrtrs wrote 69 months ago:
before the update I could look at a friends diary with a code, not when I put the code in it will not let me view the diary. I can still view it on my home computer. Please help with this.
MountainMamaMarissa wrote 69 months ago:
Since the update my diary page headers, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack has become partially visible. I am not able to look at friends' diaries from my iPhone now, but I can still see them from my computer.
jhuit5603 wrote 69 months ago:
Bug fix needed. Since I upgraded I can no longer copy a meal from friends diary with the app (ipod). Web page works but that is not very handy/(portable). Love the app, but please fix asap because I copy my wife's meal all the time.
AmaDinova wrote 69 months ago: if there was just a way to make/view blog posts this app would be PEFECTO! So far though, it is amazing...helps me stay more focused and accountable! :)
Kenzieb07 wrote 69 months ago:
Since the update, my barcode scanner hasn't worked... I have to manually enter everything! :(
gdr1976 wrote 69 months ago:
Since the update I've noticed it takes forever to log in and sync and trying to change my profile picture through the phone won't sync.
mgkramer wrote 69 months ago:
I'm enjoying the app and the updates. Can I ask that in a future update you update it so that if I wanted to repeat a meal it doesn't have to be the same meal time? Meaning if I ate something one day for lunch and ate it another day for dinner, I'd like to be able to select it that way. Right now if I want to repeat it it's (for example) lunch for lunch, I want to be able to select which meal time I'm repeating the food for? Also, I can only see FOUR mealtime selections for my friends' diaries, but many of them use multiple snack I can make it so I see ALL of their meal times and not just Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and one snack? THANKS GUYS!!
Meganalva wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you for the great update! :)
rdogrl wrote 69 months ago:
Just weighing in...agreed. Would love to be able to copy my dinner from today to my lunch for tomorrow. We do a lot of left overs for lunch & it would be SO much easier that way.

All the other things work fantastically! Thanks so much for a great app.
remisenforme wrote 69 months ago:
Update for Android soon please!! :)
soafsd wrote 69 months ago:
Waiting for the Android update.... Please do it soon.
ktharg2 wrote 69 months ago:
I love myfitnesspal -- the only feature I would LOVE is a "share this meal with a friend" option. ie - if I make dinner and figure out my meal, I'd LOVE to send it to my husband so he can add it to his calendar. It would make it super awesome!!!!
abcwick wrote 69 months ago:
Desperate for these tweaks on the Android app too - when can we expect them? thanks!
lhiatt wrote 69 months ago:
Just got my first iPhone and one of the first apps I downloaded was Myfitnesspal. LOVE IT! :D Didn't realize it was a brand new update. Lucky me!
m2kh wrote 69 months ago:
Thanks for the updates! The only problem I am having is when I am creating a new recipe. When I go to add an ingredient, the scanner does not show up. Only after I type in the ingredient and it isn't found does the scanner show up now. Could you add it back so I can scan without having to type the ingredient in first? Thanks!
jfaust97 wrote 69 months ago:
These changes are great!
One suggestion on the website... make it more like the iPhone app. I like hitting ADD and then choosing food or exercise. I like how the app displays all your food and exercise on a single dashboard view. The website seems a little clunky in comparison since you have to go between the 2 tabs. Not a deal breaker for the website... I just prefer the dashboard view of the app a bit more.

At any rate... a great website/app that has made it so much easier to get back in shape... I couldn't have done it without this awesome website/app!!!
libland wrote 69 months ago:
Android update PLEASE!!!!
akamom2212 wrote 69 months ago:
Since the update my diary page headers, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack have only become partially visible.
LosingitinTX wrote 69 months ago:
Pass code option on OFF won't slide to ON. Am I doing something wrong?
LosingitinTX wrote 69 months ago:
NVM Im just a dummy. Guess my finger was not giving enough pressure. got it fixed

ambrise wrote 69 months ago:
not too happy that I cant scan foods anymore when creating a recipe :( actually made me stop using that feature...
ambrise wrote 69 months ago:
just read some of the other comments about the recipe scanning and although u have to type in a food incorrectly first to get the barcode scanner its better than not having it at all... so happy I found that!
SandraEPH wrote 69 months ago:
I've experienced two problems that others have already noted: 1. Multi Add has not worked properly and I've had to turn it off. 2. I've also had the problem of the keyboard not popping up to type in passcode.
mmtrnr wrote 69 months ago:
Love the update. It would be better if the search function included the brand name, not just the item. (Example: Skittles (brand) Original (item). I search Skittles and it doesn't show up. I search Original and it's there.)
HardLocker wrote 69 months ago:
Great update really thank you for everything , specially It is free ;)
lwilliams45 wrote 69 months ago:
Ever since I updated the app I can no longer look up new foods or create recipes. I regret getting the new update.
tflores wrote 69 months ago:
Can you add a like button to comments. Sometimes you don't have a comment to add, you want to just like what they said. Kind of like Facebook.
jenniferboden wrote 69 months ago:
The upgrade is a great improvement. But there is one glitch. I can no longer view a friend's diary when I use a password to access. If my friend sets their diary to be visible to all friends (instead of visible with "lock with key" password) then I can view it.
goron59 wrote 69 months ago:
I think you regressed the barcode scanning functionality. Looks like it can only scan codes vertically again. Not ideal.
cchristmann wrote 69 months ago:
I like the new features, but now I can not alphabetize my lists. It is very time consuming to scroll through all the foods on my recent or meals list to find what I want. Before they were in alphabetical order. Now they are in no oder at all. Please put the sot button feature back.
elisabeisme wrote 69 months ago:
Love the "search within favoriates/recent" feature is really great. Will you make that adjustment in the iPad app too? Hoping for the new iPad app soon!
Lshaw729 wrote 69 months ago:
I know this probably isnt the best place for this but what about windows phone? Any updates for 7.5 7.8 or 8 when available?
FaithieRN wrote 69 months ago:
I would love to see an option to put in the last time you ate. Sometimes I think I'm hungry and that it's time to eat but actually I ate not that long ago and I need to drink water instead.
Freckle_R wrote 69 months ago:
I love the app! Major issue with the passcode. At times, like today, the passcode "boxes" appear, but the number keypad to type your passcode does not come up... Please take a look!
Thanks! I don't want to miss out!
sysaud wrote 69 months ago:
the enhancements to the search functionality are excellent and are saving me considerable time in locating food entries.

Please please implement the same changes in the iPad app - the majority of my use is on the iPad - the combination of the enhancements with the larger UI would be a great daily time saver.

Great work.
yprince1 wrote 68 months ago:
Please, Please, Mike, Al, and the MFP Team add this to the website and android app'. I have been waiting for this a long time and really, really need it. Also keep the alphabetical sort feature per an earlier comment. I can't see me needing to ask for anything else after that :-)!!! Not having this feature may be keeping me from losing my last 10 lbs. :-)!
yprince1 wrote 68 months ago:
Per my earlier comment - I was referring to the favorites search feature. Thanks!
meeper123 wrote 68 months ago:
mine no longer works at all as far as updates go doesnt matter i I am in wfi or not! It needs fixed
christianchica72 wrote 68 months ago:
LOVING this app on my iphone 5. Had 16 friends from FB join me in the MFP community of health/fitness. I would like to see notifications when a friend comments on replies to a comment I left for them? Also the option to "like" someones diary or excercise post on their wall would be a great way to support and encourage one another.
emeka896 wrote 67 months ago:
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W0zzie wrote 66 months ago:
Great to start with & improving all the time. Just 1 point with the latest iPhone update though - I think this occurred between the last & current version. Entering numbers for cardio exercise invokes the iPhone numpad for time but not for calories burned - it's a bit annoying. That's the only one I've noticed - ie. keypad where you expect numpad to come up.

Keep up the great work. Cheers
Anonymous wrote 48 months ago:
How do I delete recipes please?

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