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iPhone App update available - water tracking and more

An update to our iPhone app is now available which includes the following improvements:

  • You can now track water consumption in the app
  • Fixed issue where app would crash for non-U.S. users when visiting the Progress section or Edit Profile
  • Added decimal point to numeric keypad so you can enter weights like 200.2 pounds, and nutritional values like 1.5g fat
  • Other minor usability improvements

If you've already installed the app, please make sure to download the update if you'd like to take advantage of these improvements.

Our next major release is focused on allowing offline usage, so stay tuned!

And if you like the app, please rate us on iTunes!  Good ratings really help, so thanks in advance for your support!

Hope you are all enjoying the site (and the app).

Mike & Al

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ourgang wrote 114 months ago:
hey I love the site, and would love if i could use my phone to log on!!!! not an iphone user... I use palm... will it come too??
KnoxvilleTim wrote 114 months ago:
Would love to be able to scan the bar code of the food I'm eating to access the nutritional database rather than trying to hunt and peck for it manually. Maybe a future feature in a PRO version?
Anonymous wrote 114 months ago:
are u gonna create an app for Blackberry??? i had an iphone & i loved this app, but now i want it for my blackberry!:(
BillieS wrote 114 months ago:
How about that app for the new Droid???
miss_dobie wrote 114 months ago:
The iPhone app is the absolute best. I log onto it constantly - after gym workouts, as I eat - too many times during the day - it's that wonderful. How did I ever manage before it? Thanks so much!
Boston01810 wrote 114 months ago:
How do I find the updated MFP app? I have the 12/20 version downloaded- what date was the update released on? Please help.
mike wrote 114 months ago:
We are looking at both Blackberry and Droid to see how difficult it would be for us to create an MFP app. We'd definitely love to do an app for both platforms. We'll keep you posted.

As for the updated MFP app on the iPhone, just tap on the App Store icon on your iphone, then tap on "Updates". You should see the MFP update available - tap on it to install it.

Hope that helps!
Butterbean6737 wrote 114 months ago:
I'd like to thank you for this app which i found and installed today. I got released from hospital yesterday after a heart attack scare and was looking for an app that would help me on my journey to get healthy again. The app brought me to this site and I am even more motivated now that I have found this community.
You should be very proud that your work can positively impact on the lives of others
lhwynn wrote 114 months ago:
LOVE the iPhone App !!! I found the site through my Apps ... and I'm so glad I did. Great work !
Lorie1964 wrote 113 months ago:
I also have a Palm Pre, so don't forget us palm web os fanatics. We would love an app to use this on our phones!

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