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IPad App Update Now Available

We’ve recently released a new update for the iPad including many bug fixes and some new features:

  • Optimized graphics for the new retina display
  • Diary sharing: you can now view other people’s diaries if they’ve elected to share it with you
  • Various bug fixes

Please be aware that there is one known bug with this update: if you try to remove a friend, the app will crash.  We're working on a fix and hope to submit a fixed version to Apple later this week.  For now, users can remove a friend via the website.

If you see any other issues or encounter any problems, please just let us know. 

Thanks, and hope you are all enjoing MFP! 

Mike, Al, and the MFP team


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PhatAv8r wrote 87 months ago:
soooo, just wait until you fix it?
fitinamelia wrote 87 months ago:
noooooo, you do what the man said and remove friends via the website.. lol
nseone51 wrote 87 months ago:
I don't want to remove my friend. So I'm good. !!! This is great!!! Have high hopes that this works!!!!
nseone51 wrote 87 months ago:
I don't want to remove my friend. So I'm good. !!! This is great!!! Have high hopes that this works!!!!
tinaluzis wrote 87 months ago:
My iPhone syncs with the website, but the data on my iPad does not. My calories and nutrients are always off because it lists different food items for each meal.

If I delete them on my iPad, they are deleted on my iPhone, but not vice versa.
MexisMom wrote 87 months ago:
When I remove a friend on my iPad (with the newest version of the app that's available), it closes the app. I was going through yesterday and deleting friends who no longer use MFP, and it was very annoying to have to reopen the app after deleting someone.

I hope this is addressed soon.
MexisMom wrote 87 months ago:
Sorry, I just reread the post and saw you discussed that. Can't seem to delete my post.
mikeloux70 wrote 87 months ago:
How about some love for the Android crowd? Specifically those of us with tablets that run Honeycomb? When we run the MFP app on our tablet, we just get a stretchy version of the mobile app, which looks...silly.
cschell26 wrote 87 months ago:
When trying to add a picture in my iphone app it's stuck, I can't get out of the camera option whether I choose 'use' picture or 'retake' I'm stuck and can't get back to the app. the only way to get out was to turn my phone off and back on.
ezbox wrote 87 months ago:
Since the update I have problems with Sync between the Ipad and the Website. Sometimes food items disappear or are duplicated resulting in calorie count to be off. Had no issues before this new version.
JaenaM wrote 87 months ago:
really looking forward to an update that lets us have the full community experience on our ipad...please!
ktrauzzi wrote 87 months ago:
Yeah, Android needs that update as well to view others diaries. That would be so helpful.
The other thing that would be great is the ability to see my blogs that I've posted.
JoshRead wrote 87 months ago:
I wish you guys would make a tablet app for Android. The regular Android app looks terrible on the big tablet screen.
xxx_Pink_Princess_xxx wrote 87 months ago:
Hey how do I get to my profile without having to click on a link of my own name somewhere? x
spoulsen82 wrote 87 months ago:
how about a kindle fire specific update or app? i use MFP more on my kFire than i do on my laptop!
farrellian wrote 86 months ago:
When is Community posting support coming to mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android)?
This is something sorely missing for me.
thecazstewart wrote 85 months ago:
Any chance of being able to read reports from my iPad? Seriously annoying having to keep going onto my iPhone to see them.
emeka896 wrote 79 months ago:
until I looked at the receipt of $8595, I did not believe friend woz like actualy earning money parttime on there computar.. there mums best friend haz done this for only six months and just now repaid the depts on there apartment and bourt a great new Lotus Esprit. this is where I went,
terriejones wrote 77 months ago:
Yes! We want a Kindle Fire App and soon please.
BristleCone43 wrote 75 months ago:
I request a Win8/ET version...though the web version is great in IE10.

jbfox123abc wrote 74 months ago:
Can I link my account to my fitbit account so I only have to enter calories taken once?
tmycoz wrote 68 months ago:
Please don't boast about it, it is more complicated and doesn't look better at all
Piercey_24 wrote 66 months ago:
What about a Kindle update? And I would love to be able to blog from the app!
jewelnruf608 wrote 64 months ago:
I like the new app. However, was surprised that it didn't just update the old app but added a new one to the ipad??? I just removed the old one.
Pamela_June wrote 63 months ago:
The last update I have for the iPad is 2.1.3 .. is that the latest?
QFieldBoden wrote 62 months ago:
Really like the new diary sharing feature, allowing such easy copying over of data from one user to another is just excellent.
headofphat wrote 46 months ago:
How about fixing the search feature.
Anonymous wrote 39 months ago:
Does it will really work after fixing search feature? let me know if it works
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