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iOS Update 3.3 Now Available: View and Copy Friend's Diaries, Decimal Servings Entry, and More

***UPDATE:  I added a note about a change in the weekly net calorie view explaining why we made the change, and how people can still retrieve the old value.  See below for more info.


We've just released a new update to our iPhone app!  Here's a rundown of the new features:

  • View and copy friends' diaries: By default, your food and exercise diary is completely private.  But if you'd like, you can now elect to share your diary with your friends in the app.  Your friends can then view your diary from within the app, and copy entire meals you've logged to their own diary.  We hope this will be useful for people who usually dine together. Now only one person has to log the meal; the other can view their diary and copy all of the entries with just a couple taps.

  • Decimal servings option: We've added a decimal toggle to the dialog for entering the number of servings you've eaten of a particular food. By tapping the Decimal button, you can now enter the number of servings you are using a numeric keypad instead of the old fraction scroll-wheel.  This should be particularly useful for people weighing their foods in grams.  Instead of having to scroll all the way to 98, you can now just tap "98" on the keypad - plus, you can enter in a number of servings greater than 99.

  • Barcode scanner now works with fixed focus cameras: We've improved our barcode scanner so that it now works on additional devices such as the iPod Touch and iPad 2.  

  • Weekly graph now shows weekly total:  Many of our users manage their calories on a weekly, not daily basis.  On the weekly view from the Home screen, we had always intended to show your weekly total, i.e. how many calories over or under you are for the entire week.  However, we had mistakenly shown a daily average number there instead.  This has now been fixed, and the weekly number is correctly displayed in this version.  If you are looking for the old average number, you can hold your finger on the "Avg" column in the graph, and the numeric value will appear above the column.
After updating, view our "What's new in 3.3" video to see a video about our new features.
We are working on updates for all of the other apps as well, so stay tuned.
If you have any questions or experience any issues with the update, please just let us know.
Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying MFP.
Mike, Al, and the MFP team 


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TMasticTB wrote 80 months ago:
Phenomenal app. But, any word of a iPad MFP app coming out? It works well on the Safari browser, but an iPad-native app would be nice! Keep up the fantastic work.
Elle_Jamaicangirl81 wrote 80 months ago:
The Blackberry app... please! it's SERIOUSLY lacking!
Roe1968 wrote 80 months ago:
i have the new iphone update appears on it. how do i get the update?
tinkerbek wrote 80 months ago:
to whitewolf... I have the MFP app on my ipad.
I'm very excited to be able to see people's diaries on my phone!
bluegirl99 wrote 80 months ago:
This is an amazing app and website. I love the simplicity but the varieties of choices for the diary. It has made my year, I can begin to express words of thanks. Simple interface and powerful search engine for adding food are amazing. Thank you so much.
jfinnivan wrote 80 months ago:
Sharing meals is a great feature to add. It will save me a lot of time when my wife and I have the same meal, and I don't have to enter it twice. Thanks!
Mom2M_and_O wrote 80 months ago:
Sharing meals will help SO MUCH! THANK YOU!!
psmhirons wrote 80 months ago:
Great work team :)
shesblossoming wrote 80 months ago:
I am loving this update. Thank you so much for reading my mind.
My1985Freckles wrote 80 months ago:
Sharing meals is awesome! Finally will be able to share my recipes with the hubby! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
catbrand wrote 80 months ago:
Please sort out the blackberry app, it could be so much better!!
fionat29 wrote 80 months ago:
You guys are fantastic!! Thanks so much for all the work you are putting into this app and site. A big thumbs-up!
kschaal wrote 80 months ago:
FANTASTIC!!! So appreciate you making the barcode scanning available for my older model iPhone!!!
lilchino4af wrote 80 months ago:
OOH, exciting! But when will diary sharing be available online? for Android OS?
trill0042 wrote 80 months ago:
Is it possible to upgrade the app so it's one of those that works equally well on both the iphone and ipad 2? Since the app is only an iphone app the display on the ipad is pretty bad.
Pebble321 wrote 80 months ago:
Sounds like some great features - but unfortunately the last few updates haven't been backwards compatible so I can't use it on my iPhone with an older iOS (I can't updgrade the iOS as I have a computer with an older OS, so it's not possible).
Is there any chance of making the update work on older versions?
lizjames1971 wrote 80 months ago:
Only tried to scan one thing but it wouldn't work? Always thought the scanner was great & have never had a problem until you "improved" it?! Is it just me?
carolww wrote 80 months ago:
Decimals! Finally. You are da bomb!
carolww wrote 80 months ago:
I hope you are somehow making a fortune out of this... and to be totally appreciative followed by totally demanding.... ipad app.... please please.
daydream58 wrote 80 months ago:
Great update - all functioning properly, really love all your hard work on the site and the app and I've been making the MOST out of it for the last 4 months or so and can't thank you enough. Although I tried to at least be helpful by leaving a solution to the [img] tag issue in the feedback forum. Thanks again!
elcar7 wrote 80 months ago:
really LOOOOOVE the update! Thank you soooo much! would press 1000 times up at the vote button, if I could!!!
jenniferboden wrote 80 months ago:
The scanner was one of the most useful, time-saving features of the phone. I used it daily. I love it...well used to love it. I upgraded to the newest version last night and now the scanner DOES NOT WORK. I have never, ever had issues with the scanner before this newest "improvement". I've tried at least 10 bar codes and the app cannot scan any of them. I am very unhappy! (iPhone 4s user)
joseph9 wrote 80 months ago:
I appreciate the improvements. I agree that there is room to go, but you guys are already so far ahead of Weight Watchers's PAID app that it's not even funny. Keep up the good work!
Vexedx10 wrote 80 months ago:
Scanner issues. I found the issue with the scanner and work around. In the previous version on my iPhone 4 and 4s you could scan in a bar code in any orientation as long as the bar code was square with the camera that is 0 90 180 360 degrees. Now you are forced to scan the bar code so the camera sees the bar code as straight up and down either by rotating the bar code or rotating the camera to match. It worked better before in my opinion hopefully something that can be resolved... If not it works it's just an annoyance.
Gerrymanderer wrote 80 months ago:
Love the sharing and viewing the diary- amazing updates, but the net calories weekly summary bar chart has changed since the update. It used to show an average of the net calories for the week and it would not count days that I hadn't entered any food. Now it counts days that I don't enter food and it does not average. Please fix
AutobotTrainer wrote 80 months ago:
Please please PLEASE add the Copy Friends Diary to the WEBSITE! This would take from good to great! Thank you!
Surfrider wrote 80 months ago:
Thanks for the work, but please..

A native IPAD APP would be fantastic.
awdhemi wrote 80 months ago:
I agree with Gerrymanderer. Frustrated over the "net calories for the week" change. It was better to only show days with food, and the average!!
MissMaryMac33 wrote 80 months ago:
It's great that you listened to users about sharing meals -- hopefully that will also be on the website.

Unfotunately, since I did theu pate I can't even run MFP on my iPhone wont' even open.
soymilkcoffee wrote 80 months ago:
I second the first comment. I would love an iPad app!!
gdr1976 wrote 80 months ago:
Great updates, now if we could get to the message boards and groups through the app it would be great. Sometimes it is a pain to get on the phone browser to reply or look at what's going on.
JasonSwetland wrote 80 months ago:
How about the ability to upload pix from the app?
MissMaggie3 wrote 80 months ago:
I'm so happy about the decimals. Thank you very much :)))
softwind wrote 80 months ago:
Those sound great, hope we can get them soon for the droids.
dreamshadows wrote 80 months ago:
With my ipod touch (gen 4) I can now scan bar codes Thank you! the old version 6 of 10 would not scan.
Would like to see a way to manually enter bar codes on the website and the app.

Have not tried any of the other features yet...
bluebutterflyzz wrote 80 months ago:
I use the iPhone app on my iPad but really hope an app comes out for the iPad REALLY soon! Loving MFP!
steve_adediran wrote 80 months ago:
Net Calories bug!! Already reported by others; please add to next release as this is a useful stats for a lot of us.

Apart from the above; I am REALLY REALLY PLEASED with the new updates particularly the Decimal option for non-US users like me who weigh in grams:-)
One of my Wish List improvement items is:
- Ability to edit Recipes Ingredients' amount; currently you have to delete an Ingredient row and add a new one
mike wrote 80 months ago:
For anyone who mentioned the weekly net calories "bug", I added some more info to the blog post about why this change was made, and how you can still retrieve the old value by holding your finger on the "Avg" column in the graph. Hope that helps!
fbmandy55 wrote 80 months ago:
I have the most recent update to my app and the most recent iOS on my phone but still can't see diaries??
steve_adediran wrote 80 months ago:
Thanks Mike for the explanation regarding "Net Calories". We get more information with the way it works now. Good Stuff !!!
LindsayInNYC wrote 80 months ago:
I'm having trouble adding multiple items to one particular meal now. I scan a bar code, click the check box to add and it doesn't add. Just goes back to the previous page. Hate adding one by one now. Help!!
lawson305 wrote 80 months ago:
I love the copying feature; I did try to save a meal from a friend and although it calculated Calories, it listed the food items as "Null," O calories. Also, if I copy a meal it won't necessarily add it to the meal I'd want it to be in (lunch might be added as a breakfast) - keep up the great APP!!
TinaLazaruk wrote 80 months ago:
The barcode scanner no longer works on my iPhone 4. After scanning a barcode, the app crashes & exits. Am I doing something wrong? It worked wonderfully before!

Please help! It takes forever to type & search...

(Otherwise, totally awesome app!)
cnklapper wrote 80 months ago:
Having lots of issues with the new update.... especially from the scanner and syncing. Didn't have any of these problems before.
Jismeri wrote 80 months ago:
I am also having a problem with the scanner on my iPod touch. Once I scan something, the app crashes and boots me out without adding my food. Please fix this, I'm really looking forward to finally using the scanner!
memobe wrote 80 months ago:
This is a fantastic app, I love MFP! Great update, thanks!
mrsjackson33 wrote 80 months ago:
Is there a way to add a field in the nutrition guide for Sugar Alcohol?
geckofli wrote 80 months ago:
I absolutely adore this app but can we please get full metric if we choose metric.
My goals are still in pounds and ounces as with the gym weights but my weight is in kgs.
my mares works fine but i cant get mine to play the game.
if you know what to do please add geckofli and share the knowledge
and thankyou
Rynatat wrote 80 months ago:
I love the view diary thing - that really helps since I'm on my iPhone most of the time, but I noticed the scanner doesn't scan like it used to, I have to hold something a certain way & TOTALLY steady (which is not always possible since I'm human!) and I can no longer copy, paste or correct words in my logs or posts??? Is there maybe a slight glitch? We removed my app off my phone & reloaded it, updated my iTunes & still, same issues. Maybe another push is needed?
menacingsprite wrote 80 months ago:
What would be pretty sweet... is if we could access at least group postings on the phone app or a link to the forums or something like that. I do most of my stuff via my phone and it would be easier for me to participate in discussion if there were a way to either link it or enable it on the app. :-) You guys are doing an amazing job with it btw. Thank you so much.
RedSheSaid wrote 80 months ago:
Found a bug in the update - something that used to work and doesn't any more...I have a Samsung Epic 4G phone.

If you are creating a recipe and use the barcode scanner to add an ingredient, when you add it, MFP adds it to your diary instead of the recipe.

Hope this would be an easy fix! I LOVE scanning ingredients! Thank you!
RedSheSaid wrote 80 months ago:
Ooops! Was supposed to post my comment in the Android update entry!
erikaleila wrote 80 months ago:
how do i copy meals? i can't find it anywhere.
skasi1 wrote 78 months ago:
LOVE the app! Great work! However, I liked the old viewing of average daily calories on weekly tab. I wanted to know for the week how well did I do overall. I agree net calories for the week is good but split over the week, how was it? I know you click on the avg column to get an idea but just istn't the same. I personally feel having the option to choose average or total is the best way to go as it is a personal preference.

If net calories for the week is what you are sticking to then on iOS, please make sure to switch the text "average daily net calories consumed calculation only includes days where at least one food item has been added to your diary". Right now it is not functioning that way. Today is Monday and I've entered breakfast and lunch and it says I have 8040 calories left for the week. I liked it much better where it would tell you only for the days that had something listed.
kathy3214 wrote 67 months ago:
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