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Featured Partner: UP by Jawbone™ - Learn Things About Yourself You Never Knew Before

Based on popular demand, MyFitnessPal is now integrated with UP by Jawbone. UP® is a wristband and app system that helps you understand how you sleep, move, eat, and feel, and how each of those activities affects the others.

With this new integration, you will be able to push all of your UP activity data—and the associated caloric burn—directly to your MyFitnessPal account. By collecting all this information in one place, MyFitnessPal allows you to better understand your daily activity and how that relates to your health goals. You will also be able to see each meal you’ve logged with MyFitnessPal in the UP app feed, with its associated nutritional data.

Starting today, UP's MyFitnessPal integration is available on iPhone and coming soon for Android. If you're raring to link your Jawbone account to MyFitnessPal to create a more complete picture of your personal health, visit the MyFitnessPal (or the Jawbone) App Gallery on your iPhone and get started. And if you don’t yet own an UP, visit Jawbone’s website and use the code MFPSHIP to get free shipping.

Thank you all for your continued feedback and requests! We are constantly looking for ways to simplify the process of tracking your nutrition and exercise for you, so please keep them coming.

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tracysharpmack wrote 61 months ago:
Im so happy :) I hope I get one of these for Mother's Day now.
AzL99 wrote 61 months ago:
When does the sync occur? I just connected my two profiles, but my activity from this morning isn't reflected in My Fitness Pal, neither are the foods I've consumed.
nrosser2000 wrote 61 months ago:
And I'm curious about app 'linkage' and how the data flows from one app to the other.

I use Endomondo as my 'main' app for tracking and monitoring workouts.

Endo is linked to MFP.

MFP is linked to UP by Jawbone (which I also have).

So in theory, then, my workouts should flow like this (please confirm my understanding).

Endo >> MFP >> UP

Yes? Let me know and thanks.
Rak0ribz wrote 61 months ago:
Speaking of popular demand:
Any chance of integrating with Cybex Fitlinxx?
Renee4joy wrote 61 months ago:
How much does it cost and how can I order it?
Heather_A wrote 61 months ago:
This partnership caused me to go out and buy an UP today. :)
Bsymom23 wrote 61 months ago:
I'm having trouble seeing my data too. Any news?
KyndLady1 wrote 61 months ago:
Yea, wishes do come true! I just got my UP yesterday and I love it. There's so much in such a tiny app it's incredible. MFP and UP synced almost immediately too once I got them linked. Thanks so much!!
Sarab120 wrote 61 months ago:
Iv had my jawbone for a few months. I'm glad I won't have to keep entering my data in two places.
nfdfiremedic wrote 61 months ago:
The Android version has been "coming soon" for just over a year now...
alikatu wrote 61 months ago:
Woo Hoooooo!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Jkn099 wrote 61 months ago:
For those asking, the UP runs about $129. I purchased mine at a local AT&T store, so I'm sure other carries have it as well. Otherwise visit The Up is a great tool, I've had mine for four months. The only draw back was having to log food there, and here on MFP (I'm using MFP because my fiance is, and since we're both losing weight I agreed to use it so we could push each other).

That all said, right now I'm not too impressed by the syncing between apps. It brings all of the food info over to the UP band app, but MFP does not seem to be reading the calorie burn portion from Up correctly. In 2 days since I've linked them, I've watched it go from reading everything correct, to suddenly only showing that I've burned 327 calories all day (both days had that same number). I hope MFP has an update soon, to correct this.
Rhaamses wrote 61 months ago:
My data is only transferring from MFP to the UP and both ways.
scottyg70 wrote 61 months ago:
One thing I'm curious about is durability. I've used the BodyMedia Link armband for about six months. The one thing I would say is a dectractor is it's not exactly concealable, particularly with work clothes. So I was looking for an option where I could wear something, not have it as noticeable and get the same data I did from the Link.

A friend told me about UP and I thought it was the answer, but then I started reading the reviews. They were horrible! Half of the users complained it died within a few months of purchasing it and many of those said the replacement unit died too. The negative results turned me off. Does anyone know if this has improved or not?
aj44mc wrote 61 months ago:
How about Windows phone?
jmirfield wrote 61 months ago:
I think the ad reviews are from last years launch think they have sort problem !

I have only had by up fit three days and I am not totally sold as have loved MFP so when news came out can link I was chuffed but the sync does not seem to be working if food does sync to up not showing at correct time have to manually changed:(

When will we have a update to sort ??
MichaelPowerTheGreat wrote 61 months ago:
I can't see the data in MFP...

How can I link it together ...
jsanders1965 wrote 61 months ago:
Food transfer over, but no activity. Something must need fixed.
Carnivor0us wrote 61 months ago:
Was totally sold on this but if I can't sync to an Android phone, then I'm going with a FitBit instead.
conni52 wrote 61 months ago:
just got UP and not super impressed with online support, lack of android sync with MFP. Will most likely return it to Verizon. I am not finding it esp. user friendly and I was told it worked with MFP. Had high hopes but...
jsanders1965 wrote 61 months ago:
It seems like everyone has an Android phone. Am I missing something? Why don't companies make simultaneous support for both the iPhone and the Android? I'm always amazed at how much I keep reading about no support for Android.. makes me wonder why one would get an Android. Just curious...
sabrown01 wrote 61 months ago:
I'm able to enter food in MFP & it is syncing to UP - but not vice versa. ???
anitadanafit wrote 61 months ago:
I got my UP today only to find out that the android app is not compatible with all android phones. It gets returned tomorrow. The web site has a list of verified phones, but you have to go the faq section.
spicerv1 wrote 60 months ago:
Got an UP (version 2) when they first came out...stopped working less than a month later. To make a long story short, Jawbone would not honor their warranty even though they knew the problem was their defect. They stated since I didn't purchase it directly from them (got it in the Apple store) they couldn't help me. Went to Apple, told them the story. Apple not only offered to replace it...but they also gave me my money back. Decided Jawbone still has issues (it's not really waterproof) with the UP. Ordered the Fitbit Flex. Keeping my fingers crossed this works as advertised.
AzL99 wrote 60 months ago:
I had an existing profile with Jawbone Up (since Nov 2012) and immediately integrated MFP upon learning that they could be linked last week. I experienced problems with the merger. The calories consumed didn't match up in Up to what I entered into MFP. Additionally, I have had a hard time figuring out why the calories burned in MFP don't equate to the calories burned reflected in Up. Long story short Up has a forcasted estimate of what your daily calories burned will be, as does MFP. Assuming that Up's daily calories burned estimate consumed will be greater than MFP's, MPF only applies the net amount of calories burned. For me, this makes no sense since, MFP doesn't account for their estimate if you're not using an acitivy tracker. I think it would be much better if they only applied what Up's daily calorie burn is as the total calories burned. Loving the MPF database though. That was one of my main criticism about Up, besides the fact that I've had to exchange my band four times.
JanetStorck wrote 60 months ago:
Thanks for this, I found by changing my time zone to Pacific time it sync's perfectly from MFP to UP, the other way still needs some help. :)
I read on the forums they are working on this. I am loving it so far.
JanetStorck wrote 60 months ago:
ps, The android app is working fine as well. I have an android phone, mini ipad and ipad, Syncs fine with all.
judisgym wrote 60 months ago:
My food data has not transferred to my Up, is there something that needs to be done. It would be great to have everything in one place. I use Runkeeper for my runs and that transfers to my Up very well.
michellechawner wrote 60 months ago:
MY android phone isn't supported, and my phone is only a year old. So unhappy. Now I need to look into getting a new phone so I can get this UP? This is going to get expensive.
rtjohnson7886 wrote 59 months ago:
MFP works with UP, even having an Android device. Not sure what everyone else's experience is, but mine is fine.
I went through the app section on MFP and selected UP. It will ask you for your Jawbone info and then it is synced. As for information, there is a delay, but that doesn't affect me as much, as I sync throughout the day, and will look at the data later on, either before the gym @ 9pm, or bedtime @12a. The data does not sync instantly. Also, make sure that negative calculation is checked off within the MFP website settings.

I also used to have the Fitbit, and Fitbit Flex. My opinion the UP is better with integration and actual data calculation. Fitbit is social and simple to learn, but I do like the way that UP has progressed in the few months. I do wish that UP had a website, or a wireless sync. But without the wireless sync, I am more conscious about my movement and progress throughout the day.
gobsmacker wrote 51 months ago:
I have a brand new LG g2. I can't find how to sync mfp with my Android. In fact, UP is not even listed. Maybe I am not looking in the right place. Please help. Thanks
Anonymous wrote 51 months ago:
I tried to connect my Up app to My Fitness Pal and vice versa on my iPhone running iOS6. Won't work. Why?
littlelite2 wrote 49 months ago:
Help! Despite being synced Up information is not making it to MFP and vise versa. Have tried the old solutions but none of them work!
mumappleton wrote 46 months ago:
Love love love everything about my jawbone up24!!!! Works great with my fitness pal with android. My phone is a nexus 5. My activity has gone from 5000 steps a day to over 10000 just by having the extra motivation. There is a saying that if u can't measure it you can't manage it....well the jawbone up24 sure has helped me measure and I am managing my fitness and well being better than ever before....
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