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Featured Partner: Digifit - The ultimate cardio workout app for heart rate training and monitoring!

MyFitnessPal is excited to announce another new partnership - meet Digifit iCardio, a fun, fitness-tracking app that transmits highly accurate fitness and caloric burn information directly to your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary during your workouts! The iCardio app offers a complete health and fitness solution to record real-time heart rate and calories burned.

The Digifit iCardio app is designed to work with a variety of common heart rate monitor brands, such as Garmin, Scosche, and Polar – you can check out the full list of compatible devices. Being able to access your real-time workout stats from Digifit together with MyFitnessPal's Exercise Diary and calorie tracker creates a powerful tool to help your with your fitness goals.

The Digifit iCardio app also syncs with a number of other fitness tracking accessories for running and biking such as the Garmin foot pod and speed & cadence sensor - here's a complete list of devices. Data from all of these trackers can be synced with MyFitnessPal to maintain an accurate Exercise Diary.

In addition to their iCardio app, Digifit's other apps - iRunner, iBiker and Spinning - will also sync with MyFitnessPal. The Digifit iCardio app is free, and can be downloaded here.

With the MyFitnessPal and the Digifit iCardio app your daily exercise, heart rate, and calorie intake is easy to accurately record, so go ahead and sync your MyFitnessPal account to your Digifit iCardio account right now!

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xtrout wrote 64 months ago:
Awesome! I was hoping for this. Thank you so much.
iAMsmiling wrote 64 months ago:
Not yet available for the android app and I can't find how to link via the web site.
ruffledviolet wrote 64 months ago:
The app is free, but you have to pay $2.99 for he HRM synching upgrade.
Adsrox0r wrote 64 months ago:
Be careful if you use Digifit and also a Fitbit all linked to MFP. Fitbit duplicates workouts from Digifit and MFP so you end up with double calories. You have to manually delete one of the workouts from your Fitbit account; not a great hardship but not ideal.
Also, workout announcements on your news wall are currently not working properly. It just gives a 'None' announcement instead of showing what you did.
Shows promise but a lot of tweaking to do yet.
FranWins wrote 64 months ago:
Any plans on a sync with the "Couch to 5k" app?
april5641 wrote 64 months ago:
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datnewf wrote 64 months ago:
Adsrox0r - I noticed the same, i didn't enable the digifit link to MFP because of that. Hopefully they will come up with a toggle to decide what goes where from digifit.

workouts to MFP, pull in data from fitbit, etc.
Adsrox0r wrote 64 months ago:
News feed announcements are sort of fixed, it now shows a generic 'Digit RUN workout' announcement instead of just 'None'.
Still not great though, better off just manually inputting the data to at least get the 'group hug' kudos from your friends for your efforts in the gym. Digifit not adding any value really above and beyond what your standard HRM/GPS package and manual input can offer.
kilobucks wrote 64 months ago:
still waiting for runkeeper
Adsrox0r wrote 64 months ago:
Digifit news feeds are now fully operational and most informative indeed! Well done MFP team.
future_rockstar wrote 64 months ago:
For anyone looking to use iRunner, the distance seems to be rather off. I have a route that I run (3.1 miles), yet iRunner informed me that I ran over 6 miles. Yes, I'd love it if that were in fact the case, but it's not. I want accurate results, not inflated ones to make me "feel better" about my workout.
alienrite wrote 64 months ago:
Digifit is an awesome application that I have been using for the last eight months. Great to see them partner with MFP!!
Mando55 wrote 64 months ago:
Just downloaded digifit and connected it to MFP. App looks great.
acemum23 wrote 64 months ago:
Will it work with my suunto hrm?
I only ask because some gym equipment for Polar also picks mine up.
OriginalRedfishMan wrote 62 months ago:
About the double entries issues for fitbit users: If you just link digifit to either fitbit or myfitness pal, but not both, you will not have double entries.
ChristoStad wrote 62 months ago:
Love Digifit and love MFP ... 503 Digifit Workouts and 539 days on MFP ... really like using FitBit as the bridge between the two apps and Fitocracy is a fun addition to my fitness/weight loss program.
beeka78 wrote 33 months ago:
I have Garmin Connect linked with MFP and MFP linked with Digifit. My steps are not syncing on Digifit from MFP. Can you help please?
Anonymous wrote 15 months ago:
Stay away from Garmin like the plague
Anonymous wrote 12 months ago:
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