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Another MFP'er on the Today Show!

Incredibly enough, another MFP member appeared on the Today show this week:  Tami Shumate has been a member of MyFitnessPal since January 2009 and has lost an amazing 186 pounds!  If you haven't met Tami yet, check out the clip below to learn more about her inspiring story:

Congratulations Tami for appearing on the show and for reaching your goals!  You're an inspiration to all of us!

Hope you're all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

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kalebsmama07 wrote 92 months ago:
Terrywindle wrote 92 months ago:
This really works I just need to stay with! Great site!
StuAblett wrote 92 months ago:
I am on my iPhone so maybe I cannot see it?
lkwilkey wrote 92 months ago:
NH_1970 wrote 92 months ago:
Great Video and She looks amazing and Happy, inspiration to us all :)
Sarah101010 wrote 92 months ago:
Truly amazing. Tami, you have worked incredibly hard, and look absolutely fabulous and healthy! :)
HealthyChanges2010 wrote 92 months ago:
If you can't view it's the direct link: The Today Show Link :)
HealthyChanges2010 wrote 92 months ago:
Tami you look beautiful in your B/A's, but now you exude self confidence and self assurance Hon! Loved the BOOTS and the purple top was to die for!! Becca xoxo
goldspaula wrote 92 months ago:
So inspiring. I watched it and loved every second!
HealthyChanges2010 wrote 92 months ago:
Tami, I keeping watching this video over and over and can't begin to tell you how much it means to me to have had you as an example on how it's done. I reached my own goal last week because of you Sweetie, also triple digits!! It's because of YOU I stuck to it, you were my example, I knew if you could do it then I could too! We both Rock Tami! ;oP lol WE DID IT GIRL!!! @~~>~~ Love you xox Becca♥ Today is YOUR day to shine you beautiful Woman You!!! ♥x♥o♥x♥ Thank you ♥ Thank you ♥ Thank you ♥ for helping me get my life back Tami...
Elaine_NZ wrote 92 months ago:
Tamishumate wrote 92 months ago:
thank you Guys so much!!! So sweet to see all the love from you all!
Becca thank you so much! You are a Rockstar!! You did this too lady!!
mommyof3coj wrote 92 months ago:
This is an amazing story. I love how she says that she has the same car, house etc. and yet is so much happier. That rocks! Congrats Tami
khskr1 wrote 92 months ago:
She got kudos from Jillian Michaels on her FB page too!! Way to go Tami!!
kintegra wrote 92 months ago:
You are so amazing Tami! You inspired me months ago to start my own journey & I'm almost halfway there! I'm so glad to see how much your life has stayed the same, but is so much different! You are awesome! :) Kelly
LuckyLeprechaun wrote 92 months ago:
they didn't let you mention MFP? that's kind of a bummer...

But you do look amazing! Bet it was fun to go on TV :)
fitzie63 wrote 92 months ago:
Two days ago, a good friend told me that her son used the FREE program and he lost a tremendous amount of excess weight. His father is now using the program to lose a few excess pounds. So, 2 days ago, I started the program. I love it because you just need to input the foods & portions you ate. It calculates the calories, proteins, carbs & fats for you. You can record your own exercise activity. It keeps you on track. You can also print off a copy of your record. I love it. Tami lives in Kent, WA (about a 4 hour drive from here). Thanks for the inspiration, Tami, in sharing your success.
WildFlower7 wrote 92 months ago:
AH, I saw you on there the other day, how funny I had no idea you were an mfper. Congrats on your success. Your an inspiration!!
melanie92 wrote 92 months ago:
Congratulations Tami! You are the best!!!
EmmmyK wrote 92 months ago:
mommared53 wrote 92 months ago:
Congratulations Tami. We're all so proud of you. What a wonderful insiration you are.
jimmydeanbakker wrote 92 months ago:
I hope that more people see this because I've introduced this application to a lot of people, and the majority of them just don't have the willpower to use the application. I'm so happy that Tami has lost so much weight. She's an inspiration to us all.
txmomma0889 wrote 92 months ago:
love the women who go on here from our site and tami is amazing we have another women working on lots of weight and is only halfway there at 165lbs lost and we should motivate her and get her in the fit club... Everyone check her: Kayjay7171
janesmith1 wrote 89 months ago:
Wow, what an inspiration!!!!!! We can do it!!!!
everyoung wrote 88 months ago:
I believe I can do it! I want my outside to match my inside, I don't want people to look me differently, I highly believe "friends" and co-workers, and employers treat you better when you are fit. I want my husband, my kids, and my parents to see the real me. I love MFP!
Kasey_Ford wrote 88 months ago:
That is so inspiring! I just promise if I ever go on a show for my weight loss, I will give MFP the props it deserves! Most of us are lost without this kind of tool!!!!!

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