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Android Update 2.1: Move to SD, Bug Fixes and More

We've released an update for the Android app to Android Market.  This is primarily a bug fix release. We've been working hard on trying to improve the overall stability of the app, and while we're still not 100% satisfied, this update should be an improvement over previous versions.  We've also managed to include a few feature enhancements: 

  • Move to SD: Many people have asked for this, and we've finally been able to enable move to SD.  Hope this helps folks who have space-constrained devices

  • Improved barcode scanner: We're using a new scanner which will work on fixed focus phones.  The new scanner also is now fixed to portrait orientation which is what most of our users use. For people who normally use their phone in portrait orientation, this should be an improvement. Unfortuntely, we weren't able to find a way for the scanner to switch orientations from portrait to landscape, so if you are someone who typically uses their phone in landscape orientation, the new portrait orientation might be less convenient. Sorry about that.  We're still trying to find a way to have the scanner change orientation automatically, and we'll do our best to include that in a future update.

    One other note on the scanner: with the new scanner, it may be important to make sure the barcode is in the correct orientation when scanning, i.e. make sure the barcode is lined up straight with the code reading left to right.  If you scan at an angle, it may not work as well. We didn't see this as much of an issue in our testing but some of our iOS users have reported this as a problem so we wanted to give everyone a heads up in case they saw a similar issue on the Android app.

  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements:  As I mentioned above, we've attempted to fix a lot of known bugs and improve the overall stability of the app.  We're still not satisfied, but we hope this update will be an improvement over previous versions.
If you have any questions or run into any issues with the update, just let us know and we'll look into it ASAP.
We are already working on another update to the Android app which will include many new features such as notifications and reminders.  And for our Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 users, don't worry - we haven't forgotten about you.  We are working on updates to our Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 apps as well.   
Thanks, and hope you are all enjoying MFP!
Mike, Al, and the MFP team 


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Robrowald wrote 80 months ago:
I like everything about the update except the ads at the bottom. They wouldn't annoy me so much but when I am entering information in they jump up the screen decreasing my view.

I understand the reason for them, and am not suggesting you remove them, but if you could figure out a way to allow them to be covered by the keyboard that would be great.
JasonSwetland wrote 80 months ago:
I have an issue. I cant directly upload a picture from my phone via the apop. I have to log on using the phone browser. Can you add that feature?
Nikki582 wrote 80 months ago:
I'd PAY to remove the ads, I dislike them and with my already small screen (HTC Wildfire) they take up a lot of real estate.
tomsgrl39 wrote 80 months ago:
I looked for my update and cannot find it. It had an update a couple of days ago but not with the option to send to my SD card. Please advise how I can do this
annebuta wrote 80 months ago:
I love the app!! I still think it is amazing this is FREE and you guys do all these updates. Who cares about ads? It is much cleaner still than other free apps...thanks so much for all your hard work. I love MFP and it is working for me!!
jerrykaufman wrote 80 months ago:
I've said it before and I'll say it again: not only is this the best method to loose weight but it is the best app I have ever used. Thank you all very much for all your hard work! By the way I don't mind the ads.
suelegal wrote 80 months ago:
Love the online and mobile apps! Very helpful in all ways, my only comment is that in some instances, the database shows a serving size without showing an actual measurement. One plate or bowl or whatever, is too arbitrary to use - what's the plate/bowl size??? There should be a more standardized measurement for these. Thanks!
Yary2931 wrote 80 months ago:
I absolutely love this app and tell everyone about it. Just one thing - Can we please look at our friends diary from our phones????
manvsfood wrote 80 months ago:
Awesome update.. can't wait to view friends' diary.
jsbegley64 wrote 80 months ago:
I would pay for this program if you would remove the advertisements There should be 2 versions, paid ad free version and loaded up with ads free version
lwoodroff wrote 80 months ago:
thank you thank you thank you a million times for the move to SD card option. hopefully my phone will be (marginally) happier now! :)

for the commenter above re how to move it - not through the app but go into wherever you manage all your applications, and there should be a 'move to SD card' button within the mfp details. hope that works!
piquilter wrote 80 months ago:
Love the app & website, totally agree it is the best one out there. Would love to eventually be able to add recipes from my phone so I could scan in ingredients and not have to type them all in. I too can deal with the ads. Keep up the great work! Thanks!
petsya wrote 80 months ago:
Nothing happens when you try to view a friends diary on an Android device. Have tried re-installing, still doesn't work. Not just my phone, friends with Android phones have the same problem.
Laurayinz wrote 80 months ago:
I'd like to be able to see the forums and other people's diaries from the app. It's little use (and even frustrating) to see friends' status updates if you can't look at the details unless you're on the website.
NicLiving wrote 80 months ago:
Android market doesn't show an update available. Also, since the scanner was changed I cannot scan ANYTHING!!! I tried deleting app, then downloaded it again, but same problem :/
Macklinh wrote 80 months ago:
Great app. Works well on my Android Samsung Captivate.

Libby81 wrote 80 months ago:
I love the app, yeah the barcode scanner confused me at first but hey you get used to it. I love the site and the app and I totally would not have achieved what i have on my own. I have been spreading the mfp name all over town, everytime someone comments on my weight I stick your name in there and point them in the right direction.

Keep it up guys you're awesome
jnr5050 wrote 80 months ago:
Ever since the last Android update I've been having horrible problems with my "remembered" meals. They used to always be there, accurate and ready for me to use again. Now they keep getting all jumbled up, with the entries for one meal showing up under the names for other meals, with their original entries gone. I delete the incorrect meal and enter it correctly again, but the next time I use the app it's all jumbled up again. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG!
jnr5050 wrote 80 months ago:
I was having the same problem as NicLiving, but then I figured out that you now need to hold the phone upright with the red line going horizontally across the barcode. Once I figured this out it works very well - much faster than before.
Deipneus wrote 80 months ago:
I'm new to MFP having been using the app for Their website is good but you're app is light years ahead of theirs. Good job.
carladorotheo wrote 80 months ago:
Any updates on when you will be upgraded the blackberry MFP app?
nrochelle3 wrote 80 months ago:
Do you all plan to have discussions and group features on the Android app in the future? That would really be great!
DonPendergraft wrote 80 months ago:
A few things:
Thank you for your hard work in developing the app for Android! I appreciate it very much.

Like others, I would pay for a premium version without the ads. Especially offensive: the ad that simulates the bottom of the facebook app only the notification button blinks at you. Irritating.

Enhancements: to be able to read blog posts and diaries from within the mobile app. On my news feed I can see that a friend has posted a blog entry, but I can't go to it. I can't view a diary either. Both would be great.

Thank you again!
jhalpin78 wrote 80 months ago:
Just wanted to say that I love the weekly average function that the Android App has! Not sure when it was added, but I just noticed it recently.
Mike01Hu wrote 80 months ago:
Worthwhile update but my meals have been clipped i.e. items missing. I have re-entered them on the website which has worked. I would like a paid for app without adds though but I can live with it for now as this is the best compared with others I have tried.
MovesLikePuma wrote 80 months ago:
The new scanner is money!!! Works much better than the old and makes things much easier. Thanks! The move to SD is always a big help! Keep up the great work!
cobalt719 wrote 80 months ago:
Maybe its my phone but the new scanner doesn't work anywhere near as well as the old scanner. I have a non fixed focus camera. I've tried different lighting also and its still pretty bad.

One option I think you should add is to type in the barcode number. That way you can type in the bar code if the scanner does not work.
edz92tegrs wrote 80 months ago:
How do you delete foods entered on the Android mobile app?
eddie8131 wrote 80 months ago:
On Droid Pro, scanner does not work after update.
MsCatsMeow wrote 80 months ago:
Thank you for working so hard to give us such a helpful tool. I've lost over 30 lbs thanks to you and am now on maintenance. Just FYI on my Droid Galaxy S Fascinate: Scanner very difficult to use after update. Must be EXACTLY lined up, and still often will not work, but freezes the program.
mochaphobic wrote 80 months ago:
Just to let you know, my scanner couldn't read the Schwans ice cream container tonight. (Nope, it wasn't icy.) Not sure if it could before ~ never tried. But it worked great on my veggies and the other food items I've tried!
dorth316 wrote 80 months ago:
Not able to scan foods into recipes anymore. Used to be able to do that before the update. Now it goes right into my diary rather than the recipe.
ahavoc wrote 80 months ago:
I love you.
Shamrock9377 wrote 80 months ago:
I absolutely think your app is the best with one problem. With the last update, I can no longer scan on my phone. I have a Motorola DROID X2. Really miss the scanner!
smallsadsam wrote 80 months ago:
Will we be able to view and copy friends diaries eventually?? I can't WAIT for that feature!
farrellian wrote 80 months ago:
For iOS versions I'd like to see it universal where the app shows up nicely on the iPad using its size to show more data, etc.
Jenn1254 wrote 80 months ago:
I am also having the issue of not being able to scan foods into recipes anymore. They go straight into my diary. If I do a search for the food to enter it into a recipe, it works fine. Please fix this asap! I use the recipe calculator all the time.
KaraH425 wrote 80 months ago:
I'm having the same issue with not being able to scan a food into a puts it in my diary instead of the recipe. I have to do a manual search for anything I want to put into a recipe instead of using the scanner. It really slows down the process. I'm hoping this is a bug that's going to be fixed? Other than that, the new scanner works great.
MariFitBody wrote 80 months ago:
Cant wait for the notifications. Hopefully it will include email and new invite reminders
espence30 wrote 80 months ago:
I still can't do recipes on my droid. it adds it to a meal. very frustrating and can't view food diaries of other people on my droid
andspen wrote 80 months ago:
I CAN'T ADD MEALS on My Driod as well, plus I still can't see other peoples food diaries. I have to go online to do that, and I DON'T have TIME to do so. I Have a 1 Year Old.
smits812 wrote 80 months ago:
Put me down as someone who would like a paid version without ads. I have accidentally clicked them one too many times. Which I'm sure is great for you guys :-p
RDTaylor13 wrote 80 months ago:
Love the app, and the upgrades you guys and MFP put out... with the most recent update, the auto focus, no longer works for the barcode scanner. other than that. Great App
aewold wrote 77 months ago:
Can you add the option to use the default barcode scanner program for the device, or let us choose one?

The scanner that is built into MyFitnessPal is horrible, in that you can only scan the barcode in one direction, and at a very low magnification.

Check out the ZXing barcode scanner for an example of a decent scanner.
kathy3214 wrote 67 months ago:
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