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NSV for ME

Normally I wouldn't post a blog entry two days in a row, but I had a great Non-Scale Victory today!

I went shopping on my lunch break.  My wonderful in-laws have offered to watch the kids Saturday night so my husband and I can have a fun date night.  So I went to the store to find a new top or something to make the evening feel a little more special.

 I found some really cute capris pants and a couple tops IN SIZES I HAVE NOT PURCHASED IN YEARS!

There was no X in my shirt size!

I tried on the pants and thought something was wrong with the fit of that style...until I realized they were just TOO BIG.  

 So I went out and got a new smaller size and my jaw about hit the floor when they pulled right on and fit!  Without a struggle or jiggle or crazy dance to pull them up.  

In fact, I'm almost to the size below that.


Folks, it is WORKING.  Tracking food, being more active, eating the right is starting to pay off!  Calories in < Calories out - it WORKS.


Now just gotta keep it a few months I will travel to the land of dread with my head held high.......bathing suit shopping.... 

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renovagirl wrote 5 months ago:
Doing the happy dance for you! (and not that crazy wiggle wiggle tug tug lord help me get my too small pants on dance)
wizzybeth wrote 5 months ago:
Doesn't that feel AWESOME??!?!!
primekayprime wrote 5 months ago:
How exciting! The NSVs are so much more encouraging than a number on the scale if you ask me.

You will be in that bathing suit in not time. And I'm right behind you :)
rundgrenrocks wrote 5 months ago:
Good for you! Hooray!
quilteryoyo wrote 5 months ago:
Good for you! Keep up the good work!

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