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Little bitty changes

I'm learning that this lifestyle change, for me, is full of little bitty changes to how I live my life. Rather than a full out drastic change of everything, tiny adjustments to my regular patterns seems to really be working out better.  

 I don't always workout to the extreme.  I still eat out.  I don't make things off limits.

 Instead, I try to incorporate tiny changes where I can. 

Maybe I don't workout to the extreme, but I try to stay more active and hit my step goals more often. 

Maybe I still eat out, but try a healthier dish than I would usually pick. 

 Maybe food or drinks aren't off limits, but I track what goes into my mouth and remember to try to stick to the calorie goal.   



Most important change, which actually is BIG instead of tiny...

I'm learning to forgive when I slip and move on with determination.  


This weekend:

I successfully passed up cake at work so I could enjoy my veggie pizza without worrying about my calorie count. 

I competed with friends in a Fitbit challenge and took more steps than anticipated to keep up with competition. 

When out with friends I encouraged our group to try a sushi roll incorporating cucumber wrap instead of rice.  

I enjoyed some wine, but tracked my ounces consumed.  

Instead of going to a movie, we went bowling to move our bodies a little more.  


Tiny steps and tiny changes, I will get there!  I will enjoy my life while I reach a healthier me! 


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LillyAKAChubbyUnicorn6456 wrote 6 months ago:
GREAT blog post! I live the same philosophy, now. A few years back I went gung-ho and lost a ton of weight. Once I reached my goal, I realized I didn't know how to "live" at this weight. So the weight slowly came back. I am determined to do things differently this time, around.
caitky1013 wrote 6 months ago:
I do exactly the same. I try to work out more than I had, but not push myself so hard that I don't want to do it anymore. I eat out on a semi-regular basis, making much better choices - more protein, much less carbs. And if I eat it I log it. I know that this is the way I will succeed...making these small changes, making sure they stick, then maybe changing something else. If I were to go full force and change everything at once, I'd never last.
megbelievesshecan wrote 6 months ago:
I LOVE this! And I am learning the same things. I used to fail all of the time because I would set these drastic goals that I could have never met. Now, I do little things here and there that will add up to a big difference.

Great post, I cant wait to hear more!
The_Movie_Chair wrote 6 months ago:
I am very proud of you my friend. I couldn't agree with you more. Little changes, baby steps, make all the difference. I think the reason so many give up (and I know that because I have done it multiple times myself) is they try to change everything in one big swoop.

conniehv40 wrote 6 months ago:
You won't regret it!! I gained a lot of weight raising my 3 kids. Now they are all college or post college, doing yoga, going out, joining races, running etc. I have been on an journey to lose this weight now that they are gone. I love it! They come home and we cook together, healthier choices, and they have noticed the weight loss. Making small changes all add up to big change!! for the better! Good luck! connie
LogR4Life wrote 6 months ago:
Tiny steps are the only way to go for lasting change! You're doing wonderfully!!
kjurassic wrote 6 months ago:
I think all these "tiny" changes will add up to a lifetime of success! Great insight!
BexB42 wrote 6 months ago:
Love the competition aspect myself. Keep it up, keep going forward!
smallsteps2success wrote 6 months ago:
Yes! I found that tiny changes is what worked out for me too. Ditto to everything you said. =)

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