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How soon we adapt....

In late June, my family got together to buy me an iPod touch for my birthday, which was a massive deal for them.  The main reason for it was to help me in my new hobbies: knitting and cross stitch.  These hobbies I'd embraced for their therapeutic value.  In time, of course, the iPod also led me to MFP!  That, coupled with a drug reminder app, has transformed my battle to regain my health.

This week, however, saw disaster strike!  The iPod plunged to a watery death :(  I have since discovered  that in very little time at all, I became very dependent on the iPod.  I'm struggling, now, to keep up with entries on MFP and I've lost my drug reminder system!  I feel lost, and knowing that only some kind of miraculous recovery can help is almost too great a stretch.  Certainly, there is no chance that the iPod can be replaced - the cost is just too great, even to get it repaired.

I guess that I'll adapt again eventually - back to my pre-iPod condition...

A Nutrition Guide - Eating Out

Eating out is, without doubt, a definite pleasure.  For the weigt and/or health conscious (as well as vegetarians/vegans and food allergy sufferers), however, the absence of certain basic informtion is something of a headache.  For some, a wrong choice can have a devastating effect, up to risking death!

The difficulty lies in how to communicate the desired information in a reasonable and inexpensive way.  One way would involve expanding menu entries, to include a list of ingredients and nutritional values.  At the moment, that's probably the only way, if everybody is to have access to that information.  In the future, each menu item could include a barcode or QR code.  Scanning such a code, with a smartphone or other device, would instantly bring up all the information.  The great advantage to this system is that, once in the database, the information is permanent.  Wi-fi access to the database via an app would be an elgant solution.

Food for thought...


"Dieting" doesn't mean slimming!

Yes, I'm "on a diet", but because I'm severely underweight!  I'm dieting to gain weight, guided by a dietitian.  And no, it wasn't self-inflicted.  I suffered a very nasty, painful bout of pancreatitis which revealed I'd been suffering milder bouts of it for some time.  I'd already lost about a stone.  Now, howevr, my weight plummeted!  Dangerously so, especially as it was now complicated by a thrombosis impairing liver function...

 My metabolism ls such that gaining weight has always been very difficult.  So, it's likely to be a long, slow process to just get back to my normal 9 stone (126 lbs).  Then I need to figure out if that's my best weight.  As I lead a disability-forced sedentary life, I obviously need to be cautious on weight.

 For now, MFP is proving to be a great help.... 

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