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10 Everyday Habits that Cause Acne

 Have you ever stopped for a moment and analyzed your daily habits? Well, there is no better time than the present to try this analysis. You will soon discover that many of the things that you do actually lead to the appearance of acne. Sure, when it comes to some of them, you might not be aware that they cause more than harm than good. In this article, we will talk about the ten everyday habits that cause acne. Knowing them, you will also be able to put a stop and turn a fresh leaf, making a few changes that will help you look fantastic.
#1 Makeup choice 
When it comes to choosing your makeup, there are two golden rules to follow: top quality and products within their expiration date. However, there might be a third rule, which is just as important as the other two. You need to look at the ingredients. If you are constantly suffering from acne and blemishes, you might be using makeup that contains irritating ingredients. Watch the label, avoiding products that contain artificial colors, lanolin, mineral oils, petroleum and artificial fragrances.
#2 Excessive drying of the face
Take a good look at your beauty arsenal. You probably have several cleansers, soaps and toners, many of them containing alcohol. All of these products might cause your skin to become excessively dry, stripping it of its natural oils. The moment you do that, you are actually stimulating the production of excess oil, favoring the appearance of acne. So, try to maintain a balance.
#3 Bacteria + pressure
Living in the age of technology, we have all become excessively attached to our smartphones. How many hours a day you spend with the phone strapped to your face? All that extra pressure, along with the bacteria thriving happily on your cell phone… this is the perfect combination for the appearance of acne. Less talking on the phone, better aspect for your face.
#4 Stress
As it was already mentioned above, we live in the age of technology. Everything happens at a high speed and we are forced to live accordingly. Well, this daily stress does not do any good for our skin tones. In fact, it promotes hormonal imbalances, which in their own turn lead to acne. So, slow down and enjoy life.

#5 Hygiene 
Both your pillow and your face towel are places where bacteria thrive, especially if there is a little bit of moisture. Not changing the pillow cases at least once a week, you are subjecting yourself to a high risk of contamination. As for the towels, these should be changed on a daily basis. Clean laundry, clean face.
#6 Hair products
You might not see any connection between the hair products that you use and the appearance of acne at the level of the face but the truth is that these are connected. In the situation that your hair products contain irritating ingredients, these are going to be transferred to the pillow case, which will come into contact with the entire face. Always choose hair products that either contains hypoallergenic ingredients or natural remedies.
#7 Dirty makeup applicators
Yes, you love that brush but you also have been using it for several months now. The same thing is valid for makeup sponges and any other element used for the application of makeup. They represent the perfect place for bacteria multiplication, so it makes sense to change them frequently. Otherwise, say hello to acne!
#8 Diet 
Well, this is the obvious thing to take into consideration. If you cannot help yourself eating high quantities of refined sugar, white bread and fried foods, you should not wonder why you are constantly bothered by acne. The diet is one of the easiest things to change and one that will guarantee a fresh, healthy-looking skin tone.
#9 Smoking 
Just as with the diet, this is an obvious habit that does not have a positive effect on your skin tone. Smoking not only favors the appearance of acne but it also increases the severity of current breakouts. Think about it. Do you really want to smoke that badly?
#10 Perfume
What causes acne? Perfume! Imagine applying perfume at the level of the neck or, better yet, spraying it in the air and passing with your closed eyes through it. Quality perfumes are known for their strong fragrances and, yes, they may smell amazing but they will also cause acne. As an alternative, apply the perfume on your wrists and dab it gently on your neck area (and no more air spraying).
These are ten of the everyday habits that cause acne. As you have seen, many of them are obvious things and they require a strong will for change. When it comes to habits such as smoking, you have to put things into perspective and decide how the balance weighs.

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