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Energy Can Be Hard To Come By

As an endurance mountain bike rider I need to eat a lot of food to keep my energy stores up but this can become a challenge when loosing a few KG's & something I had to work at for the first few weeks to get the ratio & when to eat down to a fine art.

Setting up My Fitness Pal for the first time was a simple task, linking in other apps to help me log what calories I had been burning, such as Strava where I log all my exercise as well as Fitbit to monitor steps & sleep. Keeping an eye on calories became as simple as logging my foods in the diary where I found it very easy scanning bar codes or looking in the huge database of foods to log & setting a goal weight for the app to work out my daily calorie goal.

At first I found it hard to loose any weight, but looking more detail into the app & what foods I was consuming & when, It became clear that some foods had to be swapped & others had to be eaten in less quantities to keep under my goal for each day. Sounds easy enough but I can tell you at first it was making it hard for me to train because I was left with no energy & mighty hungry at the end of a training session. After a little trial & error I came up with a plan that has been working well. By taking food with me on my training rides & consuming it while riding to keep my energy stores up, this way I was not looking in the cupboards when I got home for something to eat. The other little trick was to eat less in the mornings & that way it left me with a larger window of calories to consume in the afternoons building my energy levels up for the next days training & helping me not go over my daily limit of calories.

So far I have lost nealy 4kg in 4 weeks once I worked out my plan & notice the difference every time I pedal my bike up a hill being 4kg lighter & having the energy to do so.

 The other little motivational tool I have found to help me train is hunger believe it or not. I love food & the only way to eat more food is to do more exercise, so if I am getting close to my daily goal & feel the need to eat, then I have to earn it by going out & doing more exercise to earn more calories for the day, alowing me to have more food, & then I  finish the day still under my goal.

Because I train 6 days a week at sometimes very high intensity I changed the ratio to 60% carbs, 20% fat & 20% protein & that has also helped me with energy stores for exercise with the higher carb intake. It is a very fine line to loose a few kiloes & keep performing at a high level but I am now starting to reep the rewards getting faster on the bike & feeling better about myself as well as learning along the way on what foods are right to help me do what I love to do "race mountain bikes". 

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