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One year and a recommitment

So today is 365 days of logging on to MFP for me.  I have not been consistantly tracking my food and exercise for months though.  I have been pretty good at keeping with my exercise without tracking but food has been all over the place.  Over the holiday season I had more then a few days of out right binges.  I think it's been at least couple weeks since I went one full day without eating chocolate. It'd probably be scary to see my daily calorie counts for the month of December.  However the past is the past.  I can't change it, only learn from it.  Today I recommit to tracking and sticking to a calorie reduction to the best of my ability.  Today is day one. My hopes from my recommitment are to get down to around 160lbs or lower to start, to continue to lose body fat until I get lower then 25%, and of course to continue to being healthy and getting stronger. 

Although I didn't meet my goal of losing 50lbs last year, I am not at all disappointed.  I have made so many friends on MFP and I have learnt so much from my friends and the forums.  I have gained knowledge that will help me live my life longer, healthier, and stronger.  I have lost at least 10% BF in the last half of the year.  I have learned how to lift weights and am constantly getting stronger from it. I have lost tons of inches and lost about 37 pounds even though I only successfully kept off about 20-25 pounds of it. (I will do my measurements and a weigh in this weekend and post exact results then.  I just got my TOM so I didn't want to do it for a couple more days.) I am stronger, healthier, faster, and better then I was last year and really that's all that matters.  Next year I plan to do it again to be stronger, healthier, faster, and better then I am this year. 

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Leahbcc wrote 54 months ago:
Congrats and thanks for sharing
JamericanBoy wrote 54 months ago:
You so rock!!

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