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Livestrong-Calculate strength training calories

Step 1

Weigh yourself before each weight lifting session. The number of calories you burn partially depends on your weight.

Step 2

Time the number of minutes you lifted weights. This includes the time spent resting between repetitions.

Step 3

Determine the intensity value of your weight training. A bodybuilding level of effort is vigorous and burns 0.055 calories per pound per minute. Circuit training with weights burns 0.042 calories per pound per minute. Strength training with free weights burns 0.039 calories per pound per minute. Lighter weight lifting with moderate effort burns 0.028 calories per pound per minute.

Step 4

Calculate the number of calories burned. First, multiply your weight by the number of minutes you exercised. For example, if you weigh 140 lbs. and lifted weights for 35 minutes, the formula would be 140 x 35 = 4900. Then multiply this number by the intensity value to get the number of calories burned. If you were circuit training, the formula would be 4900 x 0.042 = 206 calories burned.

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fitmominheels wrote 89 months ago:
Thanks so much for this!
JazmineYoli wrote 69 months ago:
Thanks for copying this. They changed the article since then and I was wondering why I couldn't find it anymore.
Anonymous wrote 18 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 15 months ago:
How can you compare a curl to a squat and use this equation?
Anonymous wrote 2 months ago:
Not to mention that test time between sets is completely ignored. Sorry, but this calculator clearly needs to be taken with a supersized grain of salt.
Anonymous wrote 2 weeks ago:
Rest time is not ignored. Step 2 clearly states to include rest time between repetitions.

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