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Doing well with Keto.

I've been doing Keto for awhile now.  Doing fairly well at it. Lost about 15 pounds the past month. Too bad the weight loss always slows down, or I'd be at goal by Halloween.  Protein cravings are still occasionally annoying me, but more on that in a bit.  

Read Jimmy Moore's Keto Clarity and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know what this Keto thing is all about.  It's incisive, informative and scientific concepts are made easy to understand.  At least it is for people who WANT to understand; you can't teach someone who thinks they already know everything.  Being a long time listener of Jimmy's I didn't really learn anything new... more confirmed things I was already suspecting.

Which brings us back to the protein cravings.  I guess I can't tolerate as much protein as I'd like.  I knew protein could raise blood sugar too.  I just never realized how much until I started tracking it.  I'd been keeping my protein around 25 grams a day and was doing great.  Then a day came along where I got 69 grams (close to my recommended daily intake) and my blood sugar shot up 20 points overnight.  I know  that doesn't sound like a lot to most people but being a suspected diabetic who isn't taking insulin... well it's taking days for those few points to come back down.  I'm talking about my morning fasting glucose here.  For most people their blood glucose can go up and down very quickly.  Me, I only go up quickly... never down.   So now my carb cravings have morphed into protein cravings.  Some day I'll have to sit down and figure out exactly what my protein tolerance range is.  For now since I'm trying to loose I guess I'll stick to 25g.

Wish I could say I didn't have to count calories anymore, but I still do if I want to loose weight.   I do feel like I've finally found that missing puzzle piece though.  I've been eating low carb for quite awhile now, and while it's always been good at helping me maintain my weight, I was never really able to loose any.  Keeping my low carb diet ketogenic though... that's the key.

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