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Never to late to start again.

Well to be honest I never stopped eating well, and yet the pounds creep on.  About the only thing left to dump are artificial sweeteners and nuts.  Artificial sweeteners are suspected of both triggering unneeded insulin and making you hungry (Those are related.), and nuts are known to stall some people.  So that's what I've done the last two days.  And boy, have I been cranky.  Not as bad as coming off carbs to begin with, but absolutely more annoyed and depressed than usual.  That very crankiness makes me realize what a hold they've had on me.

 So it's time to do another fat fast.  Mom and I did well on this last summer.  I think I lost about ten pounds while she was my diet buddy those weeks.  I've tried fat fasting since but it's a lot harder without her here saying, "What are we having next... I was thinking those baked mushrooms." 

 I know fat fasting works though so I have to get disciplined.  I'm hoping the few days I did trying to get away from the artificial sweeteners and nuts will help.   I lost a little weight just doing that.  I don't enjoy my coffee as much without the sweetener.   :(   But I had it for breakfast.  Without sweetener it lasted two hours as opposed to the 30 it would normally take me to consume.

 Still hungry... not positive if it's hunger or appetite.  Feels like hunger.  But I still have an hour or so until my next feeding. 

Going to go take a good multi vitamin and some L-Tryptophan and DLPA.  Those usually help with cravings and depression.

Marching to battle...


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