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Ugh... what a disaster.

Well it's been 5 days since my 5 day fat fast.  And despite the fact I never ate over 1600 calories, and most days quite a bit less, I still managed to regain every single pound at about the same rate I lost it.  I was looking for that happy medium between gaining and loosing.  I'm not sure it exists.  I spent most of the 5 days hungrier than when I was doing the fat fast.  Some of it makes sense... like the one drink I had on St.Paddy's day. Most of it though is just dumbfounding.  My macronutrient ratios aren't as good as I'd like being only 70-80% fat. But does a serving of cabbage really have THAT many carbs? Come on... 

Yes eating too few calories lowers your metabolism making it easier to gain weight and harder to loose it.  But it's impossible to loose weight unless you eat too few calories.  How are you supposed to win this game?

The amount of calories I'm taking in most people would consider a weight lowering amount.  Not my freaking body.   I've been fighting my weight almost my whole life, and every year that thermostat gets turned a little lower. Nothing EVER turns it back up again.  Today I'm just really tired of banging my head on this freaking wall, but it's not like I can stop.  I have to keep looking for that missing piece of the puzzle.

So, analyzing my diet over the past few days I see I've been eating more nuts than I had. So, eliminating the nuts is the next step.  Also I'd lowered my vitamin intake since I was getting more food.  I'll return to the fat fast vitamin schedule and see if that helps. And I'll make sure I get a full daily dose of water.  We'll see if any of that helps.

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