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Fat Fast Last Day

I've made it to the last day of my fat fast.  Another .8 pounds down since yesterday, so I'm on target for my 163 goal. That will make for a total of 11 pounds in the last 30 days.  Of course that's 11 pounds I shouldn't have let myself regain in the first place. But there's no point in kicking myself.  That won't help.  All we can do is move forward from where we are and try to learn from our mistakes.

Had a couple of low points yesterday in my fat fast. The cravings were coming on hard telling me to eat eat eat. Do it... do it NOW! This accompanied by a wave of depression and that "is it really all worth the effort" thinking.  Well as it turned out in both instances I was overdue for my next feeding.  These were not the usual signs of hunger they tell us about.  No tummy rumbling to be found.  No empty sensation where the stomach is. No feeling weak or light headed.  This was my body telling me it was hungry, through the brain and nowhere else.  This isn't will power versus won't power. This is biochemistry. The brain is receiving chemical signals that the body needs food NOW.  Your brain can't fight itself forever.  It WILL keep nagging you and nagging you until you eat SOMETHING. The trick I'm finding is in choosing what that something is. For me, all I needed was one little choco cloud and my brain shut up and left me alone and happy for 3 hours. That's 3 hours of satiety on one tablespoon of what is essentially a mixture of equal parts unsalted butter and cream cheese. Throw in a little cocoa powder and sweetener for interest and that's all there is to it.

 Here's the recipe if anyone's interested. 


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