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Fat Fast Final Results

Ok, fat fast done.  Total weight lost: 3.8 pounds.  Not bad for 5 days. Now for the hard part.  Keeping it off for the next week until the next fat fast.  Usually I just go back to regular low carb eating, but the weight slowly starts to creep back up.  Everyone talks about how when  you do low carb you don't have to watch calories.  "Just eat until sated but not stuffed and your body will take care of the rest."   Well... that doesn't work for everyone I'm afraid.  Some of us still have to be mindful of our intake.

Well the problem for me is right now, I have no idea where my golden zone is.  I want to be around where I'll either hold steady or loose a little bit.  I'm going to start by doubling my intake from the fat fast.  But I still have to keep the macronutrient ratios the same.  So I'll aim for 80-90% of calories from fat. And as much of the last 10% as protein as much as possible.  And there's always a few carbs in there to throw things off.  That's why there's 10% wiggle room.

I suspect 2000 calories a day is going to be a little high for me.  But I did enjoy doubling the size of my breakfast this morning. I suspect I'll have to adjust that down until I find the 'butter zone'.

But for tonight... corned beef!  Probably going to get way too much protein tonight.  I'll have to be careful to not get carried away.  It's already in the crock pot.  Just 8 hours to go. 



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