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Day two down

Starting day three... Lost .3 the first day and one pound the second.  Did much better with my vitamin intake yesterday.  Today I want to focus on more water.  I've been getting some, but probably not at much as I should.  It's amazing how little food it takes to satisfy your appetite when you're getting 85% of your calories from fat.  I never feel comfortably full when doing a fat fast, but I'm not killing myself with hunger either.

 It's weird but I think a fat fast is easier to do physically than mentally.  I dread having to do one before they start... and I count the days until they end.  But actually DOing it is not particularly hard or painful.

 Love Dana Carpender's Fat Fast Cookbook.  So many great recipes.  But I think I'm going to try an experiment today.  I want to create a mock shamrock shake using avocado, cream and ice.  I've made sweet smoothies with avocado before and they worked well.  The green color will work to my advantage too.  I'll report back on this little experiment once I've tried it. 

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