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How to Choose the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin

My mother always told me that no matter how late it is, you take your makeup off,” one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses, Catherine Zeta-Jones, once said. We all have our personal and family secrets about taking care of our skin, and one of the most commonly advised by our mothers and grandmothers is to moisturize our skin.

Facts about moisturizers that you need to know right now

You do have to be choosy when selecting your moisturizers. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. Moisturizers are made with different formulas. Some are simply made to perform while others are just made so that their manufacturers can profit. You have to pay attention to a product’s marketing tactics. If details are made to sound too generic or deliberately written in a vague manner to escape the need for details, chances are, there isn’t much to highlight about its lackluster formula.

2. Your skin needs different moisturizers for every season. Your skin’s behavior is greatly influenced by the prevailing weather conditions. Even dry skin can become oily in summer and oily skin can become oilier come winter. Therefore finding the best moisturizer for dry skin is not enough. You also have to factor in the season.

3. Many moisturizers are multifunctional. We are seeing more and more moisturizers that deliver multiple benefits, which you must welcome with open arms to escape the grueling, time-consuming habit of layering your skincare products. Some double as sunscreens, cover up or brightening creams. Get to know your specific skin needs so you can make a wise selection.

4. Some moisturizers are made for mature or young skin only. Obviously, your skin needs change constantly as you get older. Younger skin only needs a hydration boost from moisturizers. Older skin types would require specialized ingredients like peptides and retinol. Strivectin moisturizers, for instance, are made with NIA-114 formulation encourages skin cell turnover while restoring the skin’s outer protective barrier to help keep the moisture in.

5. Many moisturizers can harm your skin more. Moisturizers are supposed to make your skin beautiful. Don’t spoil your skin’s TLC moments by using moisturizers with irritating and toxic ingredients. Moisturizers can sometimes cause infection which can also lead to hair loss due to infection.

Choosing a moisturizer based on your skin type

There is a moisturizer out there that best complement your skin type:

1. Oily skin. It shouldn’t come to you as a surprise. Even if you have oily skin, you need a moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and night. An oil-free moisturizer, maybe? Exactly! In fact, during the colder months, your typically oily skin may even need a thicker, oil-based moisturizer to help your skin cope. That’s becauseoily skin, when left to dry, produces more grease than normal.

2. Dry skin. Dryness is the second top cause of skin aging, next to irresponsible sun exposure. Sometimes, genes are responsible for excessively dry skin, sometimes a skin disease like eczema. Many times, though, dry skin is caused by harsh products and improper skincare. Use products that complement your skin. Look for a moisturizer formulated with ceramides to help restore moisture balance.

3. Combination skin. This skin type can be argued to be the most difficult one to manage. You should use different products for different areas of your skin. If it’s simply too tedious for you, you can always settle for the gentler, water-based types. Products in lotion or serum textures will also work better for you than creams.

4. Acne-prone skin. Your topmost priority, if you have this skin type, is to rid your regimen of harsh, irritating products. Go for products that are non-comedogenic and that do not contain petroleum derivatives which block your pores. Stick to natural and fragrance-free. A moisturizer that contains benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids will be ideal for use on your skin.
5. Aging skin. Dry skin, loose skin, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and wrinkles are the major issues encountered by people with mature skin. At such ages, the skin’s ability to capture and store moisture is severely compromised, as reparative processes like collagen production and barrier formation have slowed down. Improve the skin’s efficiency to carry out these processes by using a moisturizer that contains non-toxic emollients, humectants, peptides, plant ceramides, antioxidants, retinol and skin brightening ingredients like licorice.

When it is plump, flawless skin you’re after, applying a product that people attest to works, like a moisturizer, is not enough. You have to make sure it will work ‘with’ your skin and not ‘against’ it.

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