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Is Lip Augmentation Safe during Pregnancy

Lip augmentation is the latest style enhancement which comes in permanent and temporary ways. Anything artificial has its own side effects, but ultimately it depends on you. Whether you take proper preventions and what matters when. There are several ways of lip augmentation like silicon placement through surgery, collagen injections, etc; but when it comes to pregnancy, avoiding some style steps that are artificial and involve some surgical procedure is always better. Though there is no harm tested or observed as such in the case of lip augmentation during pregnancy.


Collagen injections are usually used to craft fuller appearing lips. The treatment can be costly, sorting in price from some hundred dollars per injection. The procedure has been approved and standardised by Food and Drug Administration. Still, since it is an artificial treatment, there is a probable and prospective list of side effects to be definitely considered prior to going for collagen injections or other lip augmentation surgeries or ways.
Most of us are aware that collagen is basically injected in order to enhance lip skin, remove wrinkles, to tighten and better the skin, etc. With time, this procedure has become popular as well as more scientifically equipped and successful. It has been successfully accepted by many people across the globe, who are happy with the effects. It has even helped with plastic surgeries, removal of scars, marks and enhancing the visible effect of the skin, especially lips.

Collagen and Pregnancy

As far as pregnancy is concerned, until now, the ill or adverse effects of collagen injections during pregnancy have not been accounted. There have been no tests as such too. Still, it means that in the absence of substantial research, the procedure is not proven to be approved for women who are pregnant or the ones who are even planning family or for the ones who are trying for motherhood. 


As we all know, any artificial procedure on body has its own set of side effects, collagen injections have been proven to have some too. Taking into consideration the research part, it reveals that about 3% of the world population is allergic to collagen injections; which includes rashes, joint pain, site pain, itchy skin, inflammation, blisters, etc. therefore, it is always recommended to go for an allergy test before undergoing collagen or for instance any lip augmentation surgery or treatment. The concerned should always wait for four weeks to detect the outcome of the allergy test properly. Under-arm is the best site for the same. Taking into account all these side effects, for a pregnant woman, it should definitely be avoided. After all, it is always better to capture the prevention road instead of taking a chance. 


Talking more about the allergic risks, it is more likely in patients who suffer with connective tissue diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, polymyositis and dermatomyositis. Due to the possible dangers collagen could have on pregnancy, a number of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons would recommend and prescribe a pregnancy test prior to beginning collagen injections to assure that female patients are not pregnant. This is just to avoid risks which are at the same time not obvious but definitely not completely impossible. 

Also, one should not forget the condition of the female skin during pregnancy which could affect the result of the collagen injections. Swelling of the face that 
generally happens at some stage in pregnancy will fall down after giving birth or delivery, and lips injected with collagen or silicone implants could look larger than desired spoiling all the fun of actually having it.

Collagen injections and other lip augmentation procedures including silicone implants are definitely a long lasting and fruitful treatment; we should not forget that the collagen is immersed by the body for comprehensive times and side effects could emerge long after the treatment has been done and implemented. 

Since there have been no potential and approved research on the side effects of lip augmentation procedures during pregnancy, definite statements cannot be made. But always remember that prevention is better than cure and one can always wait to have the desired shape of lips if the reason is motherhood or pregnancy in other words. In order to enjoy both- your motherhood as well as the desired full and beautiful looking lips, wait until you give birth to your little one if you are pregnant or planning in coming times; and thereafter go for whichever procedure you want for your lip augmentation.

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