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Unusual Fitness Trends You Should Try


There is a lot to explore when it comes to fitness, in short it cannot be exhausted. With the current high rate of creativity in the fitness industry, there is much to explore. Each day there is a new trend, it is for you to discover and maybe try them. Some fitness trends can get you shocked; they can seem impossible, difficult or even hard to practice. But when it comes to fitness many people can do almost anything. Here are some unusual fitness trends you should try:

1. Fitness in the water

A study shows that exercising in the water is more effective than the regular exercises. Fitness in water is a practice which has been on use for a long time. Some exercises in water include, unusual stationary bike inside a hot tub this can make the exercising exciting and fun. Bottom water aerobics, it can be very difficult to undertake making water the resistance.  It involves moving forward and backwards by counterbalancing with the water with floats. The exercise is widely used for injury therapies.

2. The ancient urban ninja workout

This involves going against the gravity laws. Do you want to be thrilled? If yes then all you need is your determination, commitment and patience to learn the skills. The ninja workout is an outdoor activity and can be very challenging. People practicing are very talented with gymnastic skills. All you have to do is it to move from one point to the other using easy gymnastic skills. During the movement, your stamina is needed and a requirement to increase the strength of the muscles and core. The exercise forms the best abs workout for men.

3. The space yoga

Ever imagined doing yoga in space? Find out how it is done. This is different from normal yoga fitness classes on the ground. A swinging cloth is carefully fixed at the ends onto a horizontal branch such that a loop is created and the cloth swings freely in space without any obstacles. Hanging from the loop a posture with core stability is required. This can be difficult for height phobic people.

4. What about light neon sword workouts?

This may sound dangerous for some people. People who like to be thrilled would love this one. For a start, the practitioner exercises on their own with the neon sword using it as a weight.  After learning the basics, you can graduate to the next level where you can exercise with a partner. The workout is not only good for body fitness but also helps develop your mental activity by enhancing your awareness of force.

5. Classical dance

Most ballet classes need body composure with stability. The techniques involved make your body exercise with no stress. This is a great idea for lovers of classical music and dancers. The moves are done gracefully and with elegance. The workout can be challenging. For great exercise moves with the best skill development, core strength and stability is required. After the exercise exhaustion comes in, you might find it difficult to walk. Returning the next day for the ballet dance can seem impossible for many people, but with regular workouts your body adapts and the exhaustion fades away.

6. Ever thought of a backward run?

That may sound impossible because first you do not see where you are heading. However, this can be exciting for people who do regular exercises by running. Running every day can get you bored trying running backwards can be a break from the regular practice. Backward run uses a third more energy than a normal run. The run is good for enhancing your concentration and increasing the metabolic rate due to the high energy expenditure cutting off some extra weight.

7. Running in a path with mud and obstacles

A running path with mud is fitted with some obstacles to make it more challenging. At the start, thinking about all the dirt can seem the only problem. However, as you run through the mud, you give into the dirt and this happens to be not only the challenge. Running in the mud makes you wet with dirt and you can frequently fall due to its slippery state. Running through the mud requires extra energy than the normal run. When the obstacles come in along the way, a temptation to give up is on the rise. Climbing the obstacles is difficult. For motivation, a challenge run with a group can make it exciting and fun.


Most of these fitness trends can be challenging, finding time to learn them can be fun and enjoyable. Unusual fitness trends offer unique workouts that can be more effective than the normal exercises. The workouts are not only effective for physical body fitness but also good for healthy mental and psychological development. As new fitness trends come up every day, appreciating and adopting them is what needs to be done. The trends are invented with high imagination and creativity.


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