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Going To Bed

Did 2 miles with my workout DVD today...3 miles was no where near my "can do" list today.  In fact I barely made it to 2.  I know by now when my body and FM/CFS tells me ENOUGH and I have to give in to it.  I am headed to my bed with my laptop and turn the TV on.

I already have my meals planned out so I don't have to worry about dinner later.  In fact I am giving my husband the directions on what to make etc...and he'll do it... I just have to eat it and count it (well it's aready counted ahead of time) so really...just eat it lol....

I hope everyone has or had a great day today and hit their goals and if worries tomorrow is a brand new day!



Top 10 Low Calorie Cocktails

So I went out the other night and had 3 drinks.  While I didn't go over my limit in calories they came out to close to 500 calories total FOR 3 I found this....I may try the Vodka and Cranberry it's only 65 calories...I only go out like once a month so I don't think this will affect me too badly. 

Here are the Top 10 Low Calorie Cocktails

Low calorie blended cocktails : Were you aware that workouts and low calorie diets don’t work effectively because of alcohol intake? Yes, experts opine that the frequent and continuous intake of alcohol can not only make you gain weight but also reduce the ability of your body to burn fat for energy and increase your appetite.

Holiday cheer usually makes us forget the calories contained in alcohol. Studies suggest that regular drinking but in moderate amounts can help reduce abdominal fat.

Cocktails for some are a more sophisticated and healthy option than the local cheap beer. Yes, experts are of the opinion that cocktails, when chosen wisely, can help curb the risk of the bulge.

Top 10 Low Calorie Cocktails
Listed below are some 10 low calorie cocktails recommended by experts:

  • Vodka Cranberry or Cape Codder: This classic drink barely contains about 65 calories. Apart from the fact that cranberry juice can help flush out alcohol from the body, squeezing some lime wedge in your drink and around the rim of your glass can add more flavor to the drink.
  • Light Beer: Ensure that you sip on light beer which contains far lesser calories. Darker color beers are said to contain more calories than lighter ones.
  • Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne: This drink seems to have about 60 calories in a glass and is one of Kate Moss’s favorite drinks. Experts suggest that it would cost you that much weight even if you decide to take it thrice.
  • Mojitos, Done Right: This is a truly refreshing summer cocktail. The drink contains a sophisticated mix of rum and mint leaves. This drink is also considered to be rich in antioxidants contributed by the lime and mint leaves or juices.
  • Watermelon Martini: This fruity pink syrup contains a mere 125 calories, say experts. In order to cut down on calories, request for a drink that is made from agave nectar than simple syrup which adds fewer calories to your drink and at the same time sweetens your drink appropriately.
  • Margarita, Redux: This frozen cocktail with a salt-rimmed glass contains about 400 calories. A better option to this is margarita on the rocks which contains just 170 calories.
  • Diet Tonic Drinks: Experts opine that no matter what base liquor you choose, it is the mixer which contains more calories and sugar. The highest calorie mixer is considered to be the “tonic water”. Replace that with a club soda or diet tonic to remain on the safe and thinner side.
  • Maggie McQuade: This cocktail has an interesting mix of vanilla vodka and diet ginger ale.
  • Vodka and Diet Red Bull: This is one of the most popular cocktails for a frequent club-goer. Containing just 75 calories, this cocktail can keep you slim and in the groove of things all night.
  • White Wine Spritzer: Diluting this drink with water or club soda can fetch you a thin waistline. Experts suggest that sticking to dry wines is a much healthier option than their sweeter counterparts, which contain more calories.

Water is but an essential part of your cocktail drinking through the night. Water should be taken in the beginning and in between to monitor the calorie consumption. Water alone can keep you hydrated instead of cocktails doing the job for you. Most importantly, water prevents a terrible ‘hangover’ the next morning. So say “cheers” to sparkling white water too!!

How to make your cocktails low calorie cocktails?

The sweetened syrups, sweet juices, the amount of alcohol, flavoring mixers and the amount of the whole drink make a difference in low calorie cocktails.

Following these steps might help you to have a low calorie cocktail.

  • Avoid wine if it spoils the mood of the evening
  • The best way to decrease the calorie content is to drink just one drink in the evening. The drink might be made large to reduce the impulse to have another drink
  • Order a bigger quantity of cocktail with less alcohol content
  • This increases the drinking time and the light taste of alcohol can be enjoyed for a long time
  • Fill the big glass with fresh juice and low-calorie sugar
  • Avoiding vodka mixed with juices might help
  • Tips for low calorie cocktails

    The calories contained in each and every cocktail might differ from one drink to another. The calorie content increases according to the mixers, size of the drink and sweet syrups.

    Here are some tips to drink low calorie cocktails:

    • The mixers you add to taste could be low calorie
    • Ask the waiter about the ingredients of the drink
    • Have water and fresh dry wines alternatively
    • Beware of what you drink
    • Slash down the snacks which you have in between the drinks
    • Be in control so that number of drinks can be reduced

    How Cocktails are Prepared and Served:Low Calorie Cocktails
    A Cocktail is a mixed drink of distilled spirits, sugar, water, alcohol and bitters. The ingredients are mixed in a special device called the cocktail shaker. There are two factors which decide the extent to which the ingredients are shaken. They are the desired temperature and mixability of the ingredients. On average, any cocktail requires 5-10 seconds of rigorous shaking to get prepared. There are three types of cocktail shakers namely the Boston shakers, the French shakers and the Cobblar shakers.

    The preparation is served in a special type of glass called a cocktail glass. Its shape is a conical bowl with a stem situated on a flat base. the long stem allows the drinker to have a firm hold on the glass without changing the temperature of the preparation. The large bowl shape of the glass allows the fine aroma of reach the nose of the drinker with ease.



    Getting Through The Easter Holiday

    With all the Easter treats of chocolate bunnies, creme filled eggs, cookies and even that sit down Easter dinner with family and friends the temptations are strong. I found this article and I hope these tips on getting through the holiday help you out. I printed it out and stuck it on the fridge! I used to say to myself "well it's a holiday I deserve to eat this" my problem listening to my head was it lead me personally to excuse and make more bad food choices down the road and the next thing I knew...I was off the wagon lol

    I can eat whatever I want...just need to keep it in my confines of my caloric goals for the day....everything in moderation is the key.


    Just when you thought all the holidays were behind you — and no longer threatening your weight-loss — along comes Easter. Towering displays of marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies fill the stores, and you or your relatives may be planning a massive feast. But you can enjoy this festive celebration without abandoning your diet. All it takes is a little planning.

    "A holiday is one day," says New York-based nutritionist and chef Jackie Newgent, RD. So if you do tend to overindulge, don't fret. "It's not something to throw the towel in for," advises Newgent. There's only so much damage you can do in 24 hours.

    Watch that basket

    The best approach to Easter? Focus on the meaning and the nonfood traditions of the holiday rather than the meals. Then, once you're looking at the bigger picture — not just candy-filled Easter baskets — figure out how to incorporate some of your favorite low-calorie foods into the holiday for a healthy approach to weight loss. Here are some more tips:

    Since you know sweets will be around, plan for them
    Save calories elsewhere in the day for a small splurge. Some chocolate can be good for you, says Newgent. Try buying small, individually wrapped chocolate eggs and jelly-bean packs. Avoid the giant chocolate bunnies, no matter how cute they are.

    Don't sit down to dinner on an empty stomach

    You'll be more likely to overeat, Newgent says. Try snacking on those colorful hard-boiled eggs — one large egg has around 76 calories. It's a filling, nutritious choice, and a Weight Watchers Power Food.

    Be active
    Go for a walk before church or coordinate a street-wide Easter egg hunt or parade.

    Rethink that Easter basket
    Sometimes nontraditional gifts (books, costume jewelry, gift certificates) are even more appreciated than the usual candy, says Newgent, who loves the surprise of finding a new outfit in her basket every year.

    Consider making healthy meal substitutions
    For example, try the Apricot Citrus Stuffed Ham and Ginger-Sesame Asparagus.

    Easter advice
    Here are more suggestions for keeping this holiday low in calories, courtesy of Community users on the message boards:

    Shift your focus
    "Remind yourself that holidays are not about a whole season, a whole weekend or even a whole day," says Jen. "They're a time to be shared with loved ones. They're not about dinner!"

    "Un"-Chocolate Eggs
    "Instead of buying lots of candy, buy plastic eggs and fill them with stickers, money or small toys," suggests Karlene. "Kids love them because they can hide them over and over again!"

    Spread the wealth
    "'Share' is the key word," says Caridad. "Don't buy a big bag of candy. But if it ends up that you have one: Share, share, share!"

    Smart requests
    Jennifer suggests: "Ask the Easter Bunny for some nonfood rewards, or ask for things that will help with your weight loss: individual-size puddings, granola/cereal bars, dried fruit."

    Day 8 Part 2 Nike JUST DO IT

    So I sat here after that last blog post for a few minutes and really realized I want to lose this weight...I hate to exercise now because it's painful for me, and I know just cutting calories won't cut it.  Sure I might lose weight and at a slower rate but it will depleate my muscles even more than they already are with the FM.  Before FM I used to religiously go to Curves and loved every single minute of felt so much but whatever I just got off my ass and did it.....hated every single bloody minute of it but did it....I sure wish I could afford a Wii and Wii Fit and have fun exercising instead of dull boring crap....and I love the Walk Away The Pounds but as my girlfriend Misty says "she's just too perky" and today it bothered the hell out of me lol....

    Ok nobody reads this but me anyway and I am done bitching now.

    Day 8 Rough Day

    Ok so I missed 6 and 7 lol....I don't like the days I can't get my exercise in or days that throw my schedule off.  It really screws with my head and diet.  I haven't made any bad choices today but I sure as hell am fighting REALLY hard not to say FUCK IT today. 

    Do you notice for you there are certain hours of the day that are hardest for you?  For some reason between 3-6pm is when I want to CHOW on anything and everything that isn't good for me.  I remember there is something to this my exercise physio doc explained it to me many years ago when I was losing all my weight but I can't remember now.  Drives me nuts.

    Stress, stress tends to make you want to eat all the wrong stuff too and I have plenty of things "stressing me out" today.  Damn just have to get through this day on goal and tomorrow is a new day...........ugh

    Day 6

    Not much to report today....I am very tired....the 3 miles I did today pretty much exhausted me with my Fibro.  Things are going well so far as my food diary and sticking to my goals.

    Day 5 Official Weigh In

    Well since I didn't have a scale when I started this I really do not know if I've lost anything in these past two days so Day 5 will be my "official" weigh in date.

    I weighed in at 183.4 (I was 145lbs) I don't want to get to 145 because my doctor said everytime I do my anemia kicks in and my blood pressure bottoms out (I have hypotension) so I will settle for 155.  This means I need to lose  28 pounds.  Less than I thought I had to lose.  I truly thought I was up in the 190's glad I was wrong..sigh...

    Remember for those who read my blog I USED to weigh 285.  I just can't let it get out of control every again....I don't want to ever go back there again.

    Today is going much better than yesterday when I had my Red Robin Cheeseburger attack lol....I am so glad I fought that off I was an insane woman...almost like when I quit smoking 4 months ago.

     Well that's it for now.


    Day 4 I Really Wanted A Cheeseburger

    Damn today was tough.  I actually had an attack of wanting a Red Robin cheeseburger with french fries dipped in blue cheese dressing....I thought I would go crazy was like when I quit smoking I HAD TO HAVE IT.....but........I didn't....I went into my closet and got out what used to be my "fat jeans" and they were too small and that did it for me.  I went and took a shower got ready for a class and warmed up my dinner I had made Monday night and sat at the table and had that.  The meal was just under 400 calories....ummm a lot better than 691 calories and 37 grams of fat for just the cheeseburger I wanted lol....

    I will Indulge in something like that later down the road but day 4 I knew if I did would result in disaster and I really want back into my old jeans lol and even smaller....I was a size 6 and now a 14.  I don't want to be a 6 again I really don't but 8 is my goal.

    I am so glad this challenge of a day is over and hope tomorrow wil not be has hard as today was.

    Day 3 Exercise Hell

    Day 3 is down!  I know that the key part of losing weight is exercising.  If you don't you lose muscle tone which I don't have any in the first place.  So I've been working out and doing a mile with my walk away the pounds DVD and today I pushed my limit and did 2 miles which is very high paced and 30 minutes of exercise.  Well needless to say that put me in bed most of the day but at least I got it done.  I think tomorow I may do a 1 1/2 we'll see.

    With the Fibromyalgia exercise is a BITCH.  However, I think I can handle it as long as I am not in a big flare and the Chronic Fatigue stays at bay.  If the CFS leaves me alone I know I can get through the exercise....if it hits I know there will be set backs.  

    The food part is going quite well.  I don't feel deprived or anything like that and I am eating good food.  I will say I am loving the Eating Well website that has given me great ideas for dinner and the recipes are great so far that I have tried.  Even better is they have sections with menus and recipes for weight loss for 1200 1500 and 1800 calorie counts and my husband is even loving it and he's not on a diet so I make sure he eats more.  

    Ok well I hope all is going well with you and I'll be back tomorrow.


    Day 2 Today Went Well

    Today is day 2 of my weight loss journey and I feel it went very well.  I will say it seems to be a bit confusing for me being on a 1200 calorie intake and when you post your exercise it gives you "extra calories" for the day.  I don't hit those extra calories and I am not doing it on purpose, I am actually full.

    I honestly don't know what my start weight is because my scale broke sometime ago and my girlfriend Misty who is on here too decided she was buying me one and mailing it to me lol I love her to pieces.  So, it should be here in a couple of days.  Frankly, I am scared to DEATH to see what it says.  I have gone from 145 and my last weigh in was 175 and I know I've gained more since because I went up another pant size UGH.....oh well I'll get it off right?

    Keeping a food diary certainly holds me accountable for what I eat that is for sure and I find it much easier this way.   I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, my firbromyalgia and chronic fatigue was in "check" today so I was able to clean my kitchen and house today and did it in 90 minutes with the help of my husband.  It's pretty cool that you count your daily cleaning in your exercise regimen!  

    Since I was feeling good again today I popped my Leslie Sansone DVD Walk Away The Pounds and did a mile at one of the higher paced levels.  When I was losing my original 140 pounds between her DVDs and Curves was the exercise I did.  I can't go to Curves anymore it's too demanding on my muscles and Fibor, hell, it would put me in the emergency room.  

    Well that's it for me today, hope your day was awesome.


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