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Pain Makes Me Want To Eat

For the last 24 hours I've been in a tremendous amount of pain from my Fibromyalgia....more than "normal" I can handle the "norm" of pain but when I go into an all out onslaught flare I can kiss my ass good-bye because I lose all sense of sanity.

So, what did I do today?  I ate....and ate alllllllllllllllll the not so good choices either.  I noticed the "trigger" and where it came from.  The pain makes me reach out for the comfort foods and there wasn't  any stopping it either.  I am not down on myself, I recognize it for what it is and after eating all the crap I did (after eating so well for the past month) it's making me sick lol....yep.....the rich in fat foods I ate today is rebelling body is like "EXCUSE ME

So, tomorrow it's back on track, pain or no pain....I can't allow it to control me......

Can someone hand me a barf bag now?


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mropp wrote 87 months ago:
I have fibro too - I will have to see if the bad pain days are worse for eating. I know being "exhausted" is a if possible I take a 15 minute break (set a timer) and if I sleep, that's ok ;) Better than stuffing my face!
jamievolner wrote 87 months ago:
Awwww I am sorry to hear you have to deal with it yourself :-( not fun is it? Everyone triggers differently. Sleep? What's that lol

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