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Desperate times, desperate measures - or foolish Tri training

So the 3rd Annual HeyBales Half-Ironman Triathlon is scheduled Sep 1.

I'm not sure if I can get the run training in by then, and the race director has indicated if I don't do it, it will likely be cancelled because of lack of participation, since that's the last Saturday for the public pool to be open (please don't rain).

So I've been doing the 56 mile and longer bike in training, so got that down on it's own.

I've been doing the 1.2 mile swim, so thats good enough, cramps beside the point.

But the 13.1 mile run. Not sure how good it can get, though I know I've got some base in the legs still, and biking hills help immensely, so hilly group ride still on.

Looking at normal advice to not increase weekly mileage by more than 10%, I worked backwards from a weekly long run of 13.1 at least 1 time, and a 30 min run and 60 min run each week.

The 30 min run would follow the bike ride, keep legs used to switching modes and running tired. I would do jog / walk intervals with 90% jog time.

The 1 hr run would follow the swim, just to have 2 hrs of exercise in the day. Would use 80% jog time.

The long run would start at 7.3 miles, then 9.1, 11, finally 13.1. Using 70% jog time.

All the runs would be alarmed for mid-Aerobic level, really train the fat-burning system, and hopefully make it an easy workout.

1 day of 60 mile ride, hopefully on Saturday, long run on Sunday.

1 day of circuit training to keep muscles generally strong.

2 rest days weekly still. 

So 3 run sessions, 2 bike sessions, 2 rest days, 1 swim, 1 circuit lifting.

I see podiatrist tomorrow about what is going on with Achilles, and it's been decent since the ride. Hoping after the run I did some twang of something to help diagnose. Going to be ticked off if no symptoms at all for Dr to troubleshoot.

And the HeyBales Half is welcoming to any participants. Sadly starts at 1 pm when I can get there. Which means ending around 7pm for me depending on transition times.

There are no medals or shirts that I'm aware of, no on-course photographer, no frequent SAG or water stops, no on-course referees so be honest about drafting, no street markings of the route, Garmin is official time-keeper and distance tracker. No nice transition area, and no post-race party or even meal for that matter. Really seems kind of chintzy but the price is right - pool admission.

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