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2nd Annual HeyBales Half-Ironman Triathlon - Sep 2

So I was hoping to get another triathlon in this season, but alas the only semi-local half-ironman (70.3) was the same weekend I already had unchangable plans.

So just going to do it myself.

This event is not sanction by Triathlon USA organization, it has no chip timing, it has no support, no t-shirts, no finishing medals, no aid stations.

Timing and distance confirmation are provided by a Garmin 310XT and having done the route several times in training and last year.

Monday Sep 2 is the last day the public pools are open so at least the swim can be done in 25 meter pool, rather than gym's 50 ft pool. It is also a holiday, so no work. If it's raining, there will be a postponement, which is one positive of a self-done race. 

The swim start is about 1pm, and is an out-and-back course basically, done 39 times though, for 1.211 mile.
There is a bathroom on the way to the transition area - which is the back of car.
The bike route is a big loop with one section double looped, for 56 miles. There is a convience store at about mile 32 for refilling bottles, again at 47 if needed.
Transition area is again back of car.
The run route is 3 loops, for 13.1 miles. There is a convience store at about miles 4 & 8 & 11 for water bottle refill.
End of race assistance is several fast food places on the way home, probably Fazolia's Classic Sampler for the carbs.
Course closes when last person comes in, hopefully in about 6.5 hrs, by 7:30 pm.

Map links.

If you can think of suitable way to have a t-shirt or better yet a medal, let me know.

Any are welcome to join, or create your own challenge to reach out for.
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