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Accepting lowered BMR, RMR, and TDEE, bummer less eating

Well, I'm finally willing to admit defeat or acceptance that my metabolism is indeed lower than expected.

Part of my VO2max test back in 7-11-12 was a base line reading sitting for 5 min, so not even a true Resting MR test for 15 min, but I figure I'll at least go for that.

Prior to that I had based my BMR on Katch and measured Bodpod reading for LBM and BF.

So at the time that BMR was 1799, and TDEE and eating goal based on that number.

But the actual lowest reading sitting there was 1.22 cal/min based on measured usage of O2 to burn the fuel I was burning, or RMR of 1757, which means BMR is even lower.

So took the RMR / LBM at that time, and took that x current LBM from another recent Bodpod, since I increased LBM during weight lifting month.

RMR still only 1781, meaning a BMR of 1628.

My TDEE and eating goal has still been based on LBM with Katch BMR of 1820.

Almost 200 inflated from what I really know it is. And hence would explain why with only a 12% deficit on about 2700 avg TDEE is actually not giving me much or any real deficit from better estimated TDEE.

So to confirm, prior to the RMR test, I was eating at level based on higher estimate, so no problem eating enough at that time, though my lower than reality exercise burns left me so hungry and I ate more.

And this actually can be expected if you get yourself very cardiovascularly fit, which I do very easily.

So now to eat about 200 less daily. Bummer.

So glad the skipping breakfast usually works. My own poor attempt at IF.

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