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Weight Loss Spreadsheet for BMR & TDEE & Deficit calculations

After observing so many desiring to increase their calories to get out of a stall, but the confusion over different BMR values found, different TDEE calculators doing things different ways, or desires to still eat back exercise calories and basically use MFP but tweak it, I wanted a spreadsheet with everything in one place. 
I could never find a site that really had everything in one place, though some came close. If I could do web page coding, I could have done it there. But I think there is something to be said for a spreadsheet you can download as Excel or into your own Google account, and keep your stats for future reference and changes, which a web page can't give you. 

So this Spreadsheet is hopefully self-explanatory if you have seen any of the discussions regarding TDEE and deficits, and BMR, ect. It is not totally meant as educational, which you can get elsewhere, but it does explain some, and see how the numbers change may help ideas click too.

Each tab has an explanation at top as to why you may want to use that method, or what that tab does for you.
Simple Setup and Progress tabs.
Start with and probably just use these while you plan to eat well. Notice there is sample data there, might look it over before deleting everything in ONLY the yellow cells.
Enter these stats you know, and some you should have for tracking progress.
Be honest about your normal planned activity, even if variable. 3 to 4 days is 3.5 days, of 40 to 60 min is 50 min, so 3.5 x 50 min =  175 min of whatever level of cardio you do. 20 hr desk job, and 20 hr on your feet job, is 20 hrs in service trades section.
The TDEG recommendation is based on studies referenced on the TDEE Deficit tab. If you lift weights, you can safely take a bigger deficit and retain muscle mass. Don't have to go that low, but it's still reasonable for best fat loss.
Read the notes under Your Results carefully. Notice the instructions as to what to change in MFP.
Side section on Eating for Future You, smaller deficit almost always, ignore unless you want to use that method and your schedule is very non-changing. 

The TDEE Deficit tab.
The 3 different calcs for BMR. And then 3 different ways of trying to nail your real TDEE figure (pick one).
Then several deficit methods that I've seen referenced in studies or is popular, and when you might use that deficit method. Pick one or a middle value of extremes perhaps. And how to change the MFP settings.
The Macros tab deals with some of the common advice on how much protein, fat, and carbs to eat if not straight % method, which is what MFP uses. So now a means to get your amounts, and convert to a %, and what to change in MFP to meet your eating goals. Also included some Zone diet calcs I had from years ago using this method during endurance training.
The HRM tab has some changes to the HRM you could do for better calorie burn estimates: mainly VO2max estimate, HRmax estimate methods.
Getting your HR training zones for better training, including a section on getting your Lactate Threshold figured out for performance training HR zones. Perhaps the weight is coming off and now you want to train smart for an event.
Also is a table of calorie burn for different HR's based on a Polar funded study, so it's like having a Polar, but perhaps even better if yours does not allow entering the VO2max stat. And if you see advice on working out at a % of VO2max, table for that too.

The MFP Tweak tab, is merely to get the Daily goal figure above whatever number you want to use as bare minimum. Then you eat back HRM based exercise calories. For when your workouts are too iffy to include in daily TDEE value based on weekly average.

The Garmin tab is for those using that HRM with Firstbeat algorithms. It has no ability to input known or better estimated VO2max stat, so a way to tweak the settings to force it to use it anyway. 
The sheet explains the fact you can copy it to your own Google account, or download it as Excel, and most the formatting looks correct, the math is the same.


Description fuller with updates and changes.
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