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Why do so many Russians visit Goa?

You search for Little Russia and Mini Moscow in Goa comes to an end Goa. Following are some of the reasons showing why so many Russians like to get flocked to Goa:

Life is quite enjoyable in Goa than Russia

Goa is more hospitable

Goa is sunny when Russia freezes (Harsh Russian climate)

Goa has similar set-up with Russia

Russians are grooming their businesses in Goa

Russians find themselves fit in the cosmopolitan culture of Goa

Russians find Goa cheaper in terms of living and affordability

Russian lower middle class or the poor find South Goa hotels under their budget.

Russian flights directly land in Goa daily

Huge Goan rave parties are world famous that means drugs and sex services.

Russian mafia is increasingly active.

Russians are buying land in villages like Arambol and Morjim.

Goa renders all Russians a feeling of a foreign trip in India

Morijm delivers the touch of Moscow life.

Our Russians escorts are available for great welcome of your in Goa.

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