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Marathon Training: Week 9!

OMG I can’t believe this…..but we are half way through marathon training!! Yes!!! Can’t believe it….I also know that means it’s only going to get more intense from here.  I’m ready!

Monday- Rest/45 minute walk.  This was the day after our half marathon and I was feeling a little sore so I didn’t plan on any exercise at all today.  I ended up walking with one of my clients since I had a 45 minute hole in my schedule.  It was great to catch up and get a little bit of exercise in there!

Tuesday-4.2 miles (44:37). 

Wednesday-4 miles (38:09) FASTEST 4 miles yet!!!! Woo hoo!!

Thursday- cross-training (4 miles walk).  It was a beautiful day out so I decided to walk to the grocery store to pick up my Cadbury Egg for my treat after my 15 miler on Friday! 

Friday- 15.1 miles (2:55:34).  Wow!!  Still can’t believe that we ran 15 freaking miles….still seems a little surreal!  May I also mention that our climb was over 1200ft!!  So there was rain in on the forecast and it had a chance of thunderstorms so I was a little iffy on running when lightning could possibly strike us dead!  Bethany checked the radar and convinced me that all the storms looked like they were south of us and we should go for it.  I had a bunch of places we could stop along the route incase anything crazy started to happen.  So we started off and I felt pretty good.  We have decided for all our long runs (10+) that we want to slow down our pace just so we don’t burn out too soon…so that has us running atleast an 11mm and it seems to work for us.  We fueled at mile 4, 8 and a little at mile 12.  This route had us running through downtown Roswell which is a cute historic district that had a few more hills than planned.  Right after we left the historic district it started to rain….it actually felt amazing!  It was especially humid so the rain was a great way to cool off and I don’t care what anyone says…running in the rain is HARD  CORE!  I actually didn’t feel bad on this run until we got to the last mile or so.  We had to stop a few times to cross a busy intersection and it was the stopping that killed me.   It’s like I could feel all the weight coming down and legs were beginning to cramp…and fast! I kept stretching and trying to move but I knew I had to start running again soon or there was no way I was going to finish this.  Bethany wanted to run 15.1 to get her 100 miles mark for February so we kept running on a sidewalk waiting for the light to change.....I kept thinking in my head "change, change, change, change" to where I just finally crossed the street and almost got run over by a car, yeah I wasn't thinking....all I wanted to do was be done at that point.  So, anyways we finished, it wasn’t pretty but we finished.  We walked back to my house and spent a good 20 minutes stretching.  I then hopped in my ice bath (I know I’m crazy but I think it actually feels great on my legs) and enjoyed my Cadbury Egg….yum!! For those of you that read my diary that day….I ate like a champ.  We are talking CFA #1 and half a Pappa John’s pizza…..oh yeah! =)

Saturday-light elliptical (30 minutes for recovery).  This is exactly what my legs needed after the run.  Plus we had a girls night planned with pasta and going to see Avenue Q….so I didn’t mind the extra calories.  I would DEFINITELY suggest Avenue Q to anyone!  It. Was. Hilarious!!!!  It totally went above and beyond my expectations!

Sunday-7 mile recovery run (1:26) with my friend Autum.  I’m not going to lie, my legs loved this pace!


So this week we have 17 miles for our long run….eeeek!  I wasn’t really nervous for 15 but 17 feels like a different ball game.   I have 4 days to get pumped up for it! Have a great week everyone!

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cynfullcyn wrote 77 months ago:
i was scared to run in the run and when i actually did it i enjoyed it! it was nice and refreshing! good job!!!

keep up the good work!
bjbixler wrote 77 months ago:
Still can't believe we are halfway!!!! 15 miles was tough, but we are going to kill 17 this week. Can't wait!!!

Great recap, although I remember some groans for more than just the last mile, lol!!
Littlerunner0514 wrote 77 months ago:
You go! 1/2 way done that is amazing. I have just started training for the Portland Marathon in October, this is my first one and am so excited!! Good Luck!!!
jhp_421 wrote 77 months ago:

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