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Fit vs. Weight Loss

It's finally winter here at home. We had a 24-hour period where it went below freezing. No iguanas fell out the trees. Me, I was 800 miles south in the Florida Keys, laying in the salon of my friend's cabin cruiser with the A/C on, not caring very much.

It was glorious.

I didn't care about anything so much, one day I ate Key Lime Pie for lunch. It covers the food groups pretty well, with dairy, protein, butter, carbs, and fruit. I also ate a lot of seafood while I was there, too: shrimp, salmon, tuna, cod, scallops, and oysters.

Then there was the lamb and prime rib.

All that is to say, my weight loss streak hit a speed bump called vacation. However, the sunshine, palm trees (We have a few of them at home, too.), and the sandy beach leading to the crystal clear Caribbean was good for my soul.

Since 2018 I have stayed in hospital beds more than I have on the boat.

I am grateful for gracious and generous friends. They know I need a lot of time laying down to manage my pain, so no one minded. I found the chaise lounge in the cabana just as comfortable as the bed back home. The same was true of the leather couch in the salon.

I am still working at this fitness thing.

I have lost 10 pounds since Thanksgiving. I managed two pathetic 3-mile runs while I was away. I have no idea where my blood work is at. At last look, probably due to the steroids, I was over the range for LDL and blood sugar.

That is not fit.

All while my body is self-destructing from the inside out, I still want to look in the mirror and admire myself. I just wish I had the energy to hit it hard like I did in 2013. I was hoping that diet and exercise would fix everything. Now, I am not so sure.

Today, I am in the hospital, again.

On the health front I have been denied medication treatment at two pain clinics. I would have to do 15 months of treatments all over in their network (including some experimental treatments not covered by insurance) just to get a 30 day prescription. I am having diagnostic spinal injections for the 5th time, today. Hey - why not keep doing what hasn’t worked at all? Whether they work or not, I’ll be seeing some sort of surgeon post procedure. 

It will be spinal surgery or a neurostimulator implant.

Wednesday I’ll be following up with my neurosurgeon. He’ll try to determine if the surgery he did in August was successful and if there is something else he can do to alleviate my 24/7 headache. Possibly there are other nerves which can be decompressed.

The truth is, I am way past my threshold for pain.

However, I am always working to be grateful, looking for the positive in life, and finding things which give me hope. So, if you want to send me a puppy, money, or prayers, I will take them. :)

Weight Loss Is a Religion

Since the beginning of mankind, religion has often turned the world upside down. Everyone has an opinion about unseen whether it's good, bad or somewhere in between. They worship, they teach, they hope, they pray, and they even spread the word about their personal enlightenment.

Folks can be just as religious about weight loss!

That's right, some of us have become enlightened and now everyone needs to become like us! What, you don't believe me? Here are the basics constructs of religion.

Belief in Supernatural Being, Deity or Absolute: Weight-losers believe that the calories are supernatural. Then sneak in at night and shrink your clothes and meddle with the zero balance adjustment on the scale.

Sacred and Profane Objects: Sacred objects include the scale, skinny jeans and sometimes the tape measure. The profane; chocolate, ice cream, donuts, wings, and pizza.

Rituals: Scale worship is like daily vespers. Then there is something akin to high mass like cheat days.

Moral Code: You must eat clean, lift heavy, do intervals, or zip your pants. There are many factions.

Religious Feelings: I ate donut, I feel fat. I ate a salad I feel skinny. I ran a marathon and I am sore. I don't look fat in this dress.

Prayer: There are rote prayers like the names we call the scale. It's a universal language. Then there is the second donut prayer and the skipped my workout prayer before ascending to the Altar of Poundage. (I heard the Brits get stoned there.)

A World View: Our world is about weight and rarely about fitness. We have a hard time seeing ourselves as we really are. We say it's OK to have curves and type II diabetes. But then we hit a goal or two and sanity clears our vision.

Intolerance: Skinny people make us angry enough to trip them on the escalator at the mall.

Divine Destiny: We are dreamers of a life of being sexy and skinny in life and the afterlife spent with Jack Lalanne and Richard Simmons.

Problem of Evil Explained: We know about sugar, Aspertame, and GMO's, just ask us!

A Social Group Bound Together: Umm, we are here on MFP.

Belief in a Sacred Scripture: Fad diets are everywhere, but heretics like me have written their own.

Thanks for reading along. I appreciate the votes and comments.

Self Talk

Do you remember when you used to have to ask a parent or teacher (or the prison guard) for permission to do something? We asked hoping that our request would be granted. Then when we were responsible adults, we pretty much only had to ask ourselves permission.

Can I eat this donut? Sure, have six.

This is the time of year when everyone is complaining about how full the gym is this week. Or they are complaining because people are complaining about the gym being full. Like we should be grateful they are there doing something good for themselves. I don't personally care.

What I do care about is this: Am I succeeding at being fit?

Don't get me wrong, I am glad when others get fit and make good choices, however; my success does not depend on their success. This ain't baseball. Our lives are our own. I just received my 21st anniversary card from Yahoo email. It's pathetic I'm online so much.

I do love your support, but I make the choices.

In all of the years of fitness forums (over 3100 days on MFP), what have I noticed is the most common trait? It is that we give ourselves permission to be slackers.

I'm the king! I say this kind of stuff to myself. 

Self: Today is my workout day.
Self the slacker: The gym is full, I'll go tomorrow.

Self: Today is my run day.
Self the slacker: It's too cold out.

Self: It's Sunday and I need to plan meals.
Self the slacker: I'll just get something small for lunch (like a large Meat Lovers pizza) and do it tomorrow night.

Self: I haven't lost any weight this week.
Self the slacker: It's better to loose like one pound a year.

Self: I am still overweight.
Self the slacker: I have big bones. I have bad jeans (pun intended).

Self: I am out of shape.
Self the slacker: Round is a shape.

Self: I am not getting any faster running.
Self the slacker: I don't like sweating that much.

Self: I ate too much.
Self the slacker: Everyone deserves a cheat day.

Self: I am binging.
Self the slacker: Might as well keep going and start tomorrow.

Self: The doctor said cut out the sweets.
Self the slacker: It's only dark chocolate.

Self: I should throw out these clothes that are too big.
Self the slacker: I'll probably fail and need them again.

Self: The doctor said I should lose X pounds.
Self the slacker: That's too skinny.

The things we say to ourselves are the real problem. If my mother heard me say some of these things, she might have washed my mouth out with soap.

Good luck if you are turning over a new leaf, starting over, picking yourself up, or keeping on keeping on. Happy New Year!
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