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Take Me to the River

I went to see the cardiologist who plans dietary changes for people who are obese, have high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. That would be me these days. I affectionately call it Fat Camp.

How did it happen?

It's a good question. Regardless of the reasons, it needs to end. When I started MFP in June February 2011, I was 297. When I got serious about it is in June 2011, I was 276.

Thanks to the Framingham Heart Center ICU for the quick 20 pounds.

I worked really hard to hit my lowest weight of 195 since I crossed the 200-pound mark at age 41. Since then it has really been a battle. I worked hard and I even earned a certificate in diet and another one as a trainer.

Knowledge without application is well, knowledge.

I got really in to trying to understand the science behind diets and read lots of studies. It was fascinating. When I wrote my first book, I had a PhD dietician and an MBA nurse practitioner from the hospital weight loss center fighting over the key principals of weight loss.

After a few years of study, I finally determined the only real way to lose weight was to eat let less.

There were a couple of other things, too. Dump the junk food, jettison the fast food, lower the carbs, bring up the quality of the protein, and be consist ant about exercise.

Those were the keys for me to lose nearly 100 pounds.

Why am I in fat camp? Because I eat too much and don't exercise enough. Sure, I have health issues and take weight-gaining medications by the fistful, but I still haven't been doing it right.

My weight and blood work is not "fit."

I admit it, I am really angry about this. So, what is the fat camp plan? It is vegan!! No meat, fish, poultry, dairy, or eggs. I am surprised they even let us have oxygen. 

Since last Friday, all I have eaten is French fries.

The caloric intake is 1300 calories per day. The doc wants me signed up for yoga. Get this, I am not allowed to do any distance running. WTAF? Just 35-45 minutes 3 times a week. That is all.

This is just going too far.

I have six weeks to show weight loss and an improvement in my cholesterol and blood sugar. I am coming off the two worst offending drugs as they have been no help for my chronic headache.

I honestly don't care if I ever eat again.

The running thing bugs the hell out of me. It is my antidepressant. I am fine with yoga now that I have the use of my left arm since surgery. But running? How am I going to get through this one!

This may be the first time I have failed since skipping my calculus exam in high school.

I know there are lots of happy vegans. I am just not sure I will be one of them. And holy crap, all those carbs? I can feel my belly growing just thinking about it.

I do have an out - I am waiting to schedule neurosurgery and hopefully get some relief from this damn headache.

Yesterday I took my boat for a short cruise. I live on a river about 6 miles from the Chesapeake Bay. Out there on the ocean, I did NOT care at all about this stuff. Who needs yoga when you can be on the river.

Thanks for the votes, comments and friend requests.

The Rules of Success!

If you are new around here, welcome. Now here are the rules of success!

Losing weight is easy, I do it every time I clip my nails. As beach season is upon us, it might be time to regroup and get back on track!

-1 Schedule your workouts like you would a gynecology appointment. You may not want to go, but you need to take 30 minutes 3x/week to move as much and as fast as you can.

-2 Log all your food and set your activity levels properly. If you can't count, Google easy math. ;)

-3 Try eating your exercise calories as recommended. It might NOT work, so try not eating them! Just don't make another post in the forums about it!

-4 Weigh your food portions. I suspect you didn't get to where you are by not knowing how many grams/ounces a rib eye steak weighs!

-5 Get rid of all the junk foods and trigger foods in the house. I will even let you log this as Cardio exercise, "Cleaning with Maximum Effort!"

-6 Take pictures now, you'll be glad you did. If you are serious, take some ugly fat pics! 50 pounds from now you'll be a big success.

-7 Use the tape measure often and the scale sparingly. If you are doing the cardio, some weeks your weight is going to move around.

-8 Plan for success - know what you are going to eat as far in advance as you can. A flight plan will save a lot of complaining and looking for sympathy on the news feed. :)

-9 Visit your favorite restaurant sites NOW, and make a list of suitable meals at each of them. You really can get out of most places with a 400 calorie meal if you plan for it.

-10 Never make excuses, it's your life. :) 

Thanks for the votes, comments, and freind requests!

A quick health update. I am waiting to schedule neurosurgery as soon as possible. I have had enough of the headache and just want some relief if it is possible. Thanks for your support and prayers.

Don't be a Baby

Taking control of your life isn't easy. Events and situation occur that we have to find ways to navigate. Some of those events affect our weight loss and fitness journey. I know I have had my share.

It's like an unexpected baby.

My health challenges have been like the endless diaper changes. And there is more still to come. Lots of follow ups... It got me to thinking about my pretty well grown kids. They are 15, 28 and 31. Just like them, I need help to navigate towards adulthood. I also need help with my weight loss. Again. I am up 22 pounds since I ran Tokyo. The cardiologist is putting me in time out with a dietician. I was diagnosed with slight sleep apnea. Both are weight related. Some of it is the meds.

The rest is just me being the old me.

As a child, I need the following to survive.
- A plan that works for me from caring folks who have done it.
- People to learn from.
- An exercise plan I commti to. 
- Support from my friends.
- An occasional swat on the backside to point me in a safe direction.
- Lunch money.


- Portion control
- A food scale
- A meal plan
- Birth control

Do I need anything else?

Thanks for the votes and comments.

What Doesn't Kill You...

I work hard on being positive. Yesterday was just one of those days in which I got myself into a bit of a funk. Chronic pain triggers cortisol which assists with weight gain and that sort of thing. It also triggers adrenaline. For me, it has shortened my sleep cycle to about 6 hours. My body is always on the edge.

It also contributes to the lack of focus.

Normally I am task oriented, focusing on one task until it is done. All this chronic pain makes it hard to focus and finish much of anything. Because I am a finisher, it is really hard to let go of unfinished work. Which brings me to my cardiology appointment. 

Behind that smile, Dr. Sourbeer - AKA Amber, had some hard news for me.

They are requiring me to lose 20 pounds. I will be enrolled in a diet class specifically for old fat guys. Truthfully, it is not that I haven't been trying. I have cut calories to 1600 a day. My breakfast is 320 calories, my snacks are 200, lunch is 400 (protein shake) and dinner is 400-500, plus my Ghirardelli squares.

I am also having trouble getting in steps.

For years, I averaged 15,000 to 20,000 steps a day. Then you can add to that running. Hell, the Berlin Marathon I got in 72,000 for a single day. Now, I am averaging about 3,000 a day including running.

The good news is I can go to the gym and lift light weights after they let me out of the dungeon.

What's the dungeon, you ask? Yesterday I had some pre-cancerous carcinomas and melanoma treated. It's pretty ugly. Sort of like an interrogation from WW II. First you get you get your face painted with battery acid.

Before flipping the switch to the surround sound heat/search lamp, you get a pair of Bono complimentary sunglasses.

The pain of the room temperature battery acid isn't hot enough, therefore they bring it to a rolling boil right there on your face. Once that is done you have to wear your flying nun coronet with dark glasses to get to the car.

Then you are banished to the dungeon for 48 hours.

I am not sure what the dungeon punishment is supposed to correct - however I could easily slay a dragon on the way to the refrigerator. I can't even go in a room with overhead lights. I tried to join in the dinner making with my wife last night, but my face caught on fire.

Today I am trying to do more than stare at the ceiling fan.

I am not sure I will be outside too much this week. Sunscreen is about $225 per gallon. My new boat sits in the slip waiting for me to cast off the lines. Oh yeah, and I would like to be running, too. I am trying to keep going with that. It's my antidepressant.

I have managed a couple of 5Ks and a 10k, lately.

The headache update is as follows. I am seeing a surgeon to get a second opinion on the nerve decompression surgery in a few weeks. First, I need to see if the dry needling and Botox offer any relief. I have also been doing cold laser and traction.

For today, I all I have to say is, whatever doesn't kill you, still sucks.

Thanks for the votes, comments and friend requests. 
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