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How Pathetic Am I? You Decide!

If you've read any of my blogs, you know that I am pretty pathetic. Whether it's at the gym, out running around my home (actually I need one of those) or at the race course, I do so dumb stuff. I have a long pathetic history and doubt much will change soon, if ever.

I am the person that causes others to say, "you won't believe this!"

Here is my most recent Top 10:
-1 Instead of pinning my race bib (number), I pinned my glove to my race shirt at my last 5K. (Sandy will remember this!)
-2 I put a pathetic race shirt (which I designed) on backwards.
-3 I forgot my running shorts and ran in my tech long underwear (guys with a fly hole) at lunch. Instead of being embarrassed, I was a little bummed that no one beeped and shouted about one of my body parts.
-4 Dropped my water on the treadmill and turned it into a lawn sprinkler.
-5 Went to work and forgot to pack a towel in my gear bag. Yes, I used a lot of paper towels. Ummm... on 2 occasions.
-6 I forgot to put a hair comb in my bag. I had a meeting with the VP of marketing not long after my workout.
-7 I left my bionic running clothes in a hot car for 5 hours.
-8 The same hot car melted my deodorant stick and Body Glide.
-9 Told my oldest daughter about dork move #1 above and she told me she had 2 different color gloves on.
-10 My youngest daughter overheard us talking about #9 above, and admitted she had pinned her number on upside down at the 5K on Saturday.

There you have it. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. And the most pathetic thing of all? This list took less than 5 minutes to write.

And a final warning. I ran a race with a friend from my run club. We are sort of close to the same pace, so we see a lot of each other during races. She has caught the pathetic runner bug from me. It appears that after 5 steps her bra malfunctioned and she had to run an entire a 5K like that. I just hope that I am not in any of her race photos. 

Thanks for the votes and comments.  (Please vote, otherwise MFP does not pick them up.) Please feel free to join us in the Pathetic Runners group on Facebook. There are 11,000 of us.

25 Reason You Might Not Have Logged In

As of today, I have been on MFP for long enough not to read the message boards any longer. I don't log food so much anymore. Why? Because I know how many calories everything that I eat is. Some days I have new dish and I will log that. Last night is was chipotle shrimp and sea scallops with a little Spanish rice and refried beans with green chilis.

I weigh myself every week!

I read that some of my friends have not logged in for x amount of days and I wonder why? None of them make excuses online, so I can only imagine - and you know my imagination.

1. You left your Smartphone at a bar, but can't remember which one.

2. You know which bar, and you are embarrassed to go pick it up.

3. You are no longer with us because you were harpooned on the beach by Asian whalers.

4. You dropped your Smartphone in the toilet while going #2 before your weigh in.

5. You were abducted by aliens and forced to ride what you thought was Space Mountain until you threw up. Since then, anything with a screen is terrifying.

6. You didn't pay your cell and cable bills.

7. You got your headphones stuck in the treadmill and you are still there.

8. You had to move back in with your mother and there is no cell signal in the basement.

9. You actually have a job where you are required to work, and it's not near a computer.

10. You got a new PC and forgot your password.

11. The dog ate your Smartphone.

12. You couldn't type in your password on the Smartphone, so you smashed it.

13. Someone hacked your account and gained 122 pounds on your behalf.

14. You're mad because someone told you NOT to eat your exercise calories.

15. You're mad because someone told you TO eat your exercise calories.

16. You were mugged by a chocolate cake and are being held for ransom.

17. You were hoping for a better description in the "Describe the Person Above You" thread.

18. You broke both your arms pole dancing.

19. You ran a marathon and took a wrong turn.

20. You're wedding day came and went.

21. You're new lifestyle doesn't include social media.

22. You became and expert nutritionist.

23. You took up smoking and don't know how to log it.

24. You reached your goal and no longer need support, or to support us. :(

25. You gave up, which really hurts our feelings. Now you are a loser.

Why do you skip logging in?

Thanks for the votes and comments. (You can do both!)

Friend me at your own risk!

How Do You Play the Game?

As a life-long New Englander, I am pretty blessed when it come to sports teams. I onlly like hockey and Facebook after the Patriots get in the Superbowl.

Neither team is in its season.

I am pretty sure I am leaving New England and moving somewere I can't use my hockey equitment. It's a game I grew up playing and with my fitness resurgence, I started playing again. For now, I will look forward to running and playing the calorie counting game.

So how do you play the game? Here are a few thoughts.

- Think fitness, not weight loss.
- Think inches, not pounds.
- Think about what you are doing right.
- Add new foods first.
- Replace old foods second.
- Schedule your workouts.
- Start slow and move towards the goal.
- Reward your success.
- Confess your failures.
- Get proper equipment! (Running shoes fitted by a running store, bike fitted by a bike store! New TV remote, etc.)
- Get a few cheerleaders!
- Do it for yourself.
- Set goals. This is tough one. What is a good and achievable goal? What if you don't make it?
- Change your goals if you need to.
- Stay away from bad influences! (or shoot them!)
- Get enough friends so you enjoy your journey.
- Read success stories!
- Don't give up!

That's what I have, what did I miss?

Thanks for the votes and comments! (You can do both!)

Have You Made a Goal?

When I got here, I had a goal of getting thin. I didn't really know how to connect my idea of thinness to my reality. I just wanted to be thin. I imagined myself when I was skinny. I know some of us were never skinny, but I was.

I have made all sorts of goals, and even acheived some.

Ealry on, I wanted to be in onederland, and I made it there for a few months. Before I had congestive heart failure, I wanted to run a 5K. I thought that would be no problem. Even after CHF, I worked at C25K. It took 8 months.

Then it was a 10K and a half marathon - and finally a marathon in 2013.

Sunday night I waited to sign up for the Tokyo Marathon. Spots go quickly, and despite haing a 30 day window, they are gone in days. Four of us were online to make it past the high-traffic errors as registration opened up. Julianna got in first. Susan was second, and I never even got a page nor did another friend. Working via phone and text messages Susan completed the pre-entry phase. Julianna got snagged somewhere in the middle of that trying to pick a charity.

When I finally received the pre-registration email, I was able to link to the charity donation creation site.

It was clunky and slow, (My internet was out, so I was using my mobile hotspot.) but I created a donation page. In order to register, you have to meet your donation goal before you can become a runner, so I tried to pay that in advance. The credit card company decided that my card was purchasing a fraudulent product, so it was declined. I borrowed Ruth’s card which was also declined. Fortunately she got a fraudulent activity alert which she could approve on her phone app.

I resubmitted the payment of 100,000 yen.

Next, I received an email saying that my donation had been received and if I wanted to be a charity runner, I had to go to the marathon registration site. The registration page would not load the first couple of times I got there; when it finally did, it did not offer the United States as a country of origin.

I the midst, I had to scramble to find my passport in order to complet the form.

After a few minutes it finally cooperated and I was able to get to the registration confirmation page. When I went to submit the payment for the registration fee, the website gave a 500 error. Fortunately a couple of refreshes of the page and it successfully posted the payment and sent me an email receipt. In all I received nine emails during the process.

So yeah, I am in for Tokyo on March 3, 2019.

Thanks to those who helped me get in the door, and the rest of you for your ongoing support of my world majors challenge with cancer. This will be my last world major, and if you’re not familiar, google "Abbott world major six star medal." If you’re into bling, this thing is the size of a dinner plate.

Some of the most inspirational words I received this year. "Your position as a charity runner in Tokyo Marathon 2019 has now been finalized!
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