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Why Can't We Just Accept It, That...

You've met them. Some of them are your MFP friends, and others are in real life. They are people who can't see that they are in trouble with their weight and ultimately their health. And worst of all, you could be one of those that continue to give yourself permission to avoid the reality.

You know that you are in denial when:

- The doc says you need to lose weight, and you think, I don't look that bad.

- Your insurance company gives you $600 a year in savings for doing their health rewards program and you think about all the food you could buy with it.

- You buy a selfie stick to get the best aerial shot for your Facebook profile pic.

- You say that if God had wanted you to exercise and touch your toes, He would have put them higher up on your body.

- Your favorite pants don't fit, and you blame your spouse for washing them in hot water and then drying then on high.

- You go to the coffee shop and tell the cashier the coffee is for you, and the donuts are for your pet Fighting Fish, when the truth is it's the other way around.

- You go to an "all you can eat" restaurant or buffet because you have invested in their stock.

- You eat whatever you like because you get a lot of exercise - pushing the buttons on the remote.

- You heard that there were two pieces of cake in the fridge, and think how sad it is that you missed one.

- Instead of looking at the size tag on clothes, you look to see if it has elastic.

- You kick the scale, well, because it's a scale damit.

- All your vacation photos at Disney were taken at the Food Court in Epcot Center.

- You get flowers and chocolates from an admirer and throw the flowers out.

- You eat because, well, your mouth wasn't that busy at the time.

- You are out of breath just thinking about exercise.

- You go to weddings because the cake is free.

- You tell yourself this is the last pizza... today...

- You try to do a push up and discover that a number of body parts have not left the floor.

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Not Feeling It? Do It Anyway!

Life has been a little bit like the seemingly endless scrolling credits to a horror film. Despite the bumpy ride, I am still hanging in there. This is a lifestyle, so I need to remain committed to the changes that have worked.

My Timehop on Facebook revealed that I had lost 16.5 pounds in 4 weeks, 4 years ago!

Today I am just going to remind myself of the things that were working back then.

- Measuring portions with a food scale.
- Reading labels on the foods that have one
- Using smaller food tubs and plates.
- 2 cups of fresh veggies every day
- 1 cup of beans of other protein laden vegetable
- 1 cup of fruit every day
- 35% protein, 35% healthy carbs and 30% healthy fats as macros
- Drink water or unsweetened coffee & tea
- Make time to sleep 8 hours
- Ditch the sauces, dressings, gravy and dips
- Make my own meals 6 days a week. I do go out for lunch and out to dinner 2 or 3 times a week.
- Ditch the rice, potatoes and other foods made with white flour
- Only whole grains if I even eat them
- Only Greek yogurt and low fat cheese. Goat cheese is a staple for me.
- 100 calories snacks. Usually veggies with mustard or red wine vinegar, and some nuts and raisins.
- Use lots of superfoods (calorie sparse/nutrient rich) HERE is a link.
- Exercise a minimum of 3 days a week. That is 30+ minutes a day. I run 4 miles one day, 6 miles the next and usually 8+ on the weekend. I spin and do body weight exercise as cross training.
- Get in 10,000 steps no matter what. I love my Fitbit!
- Buying the lunch version, or boxing half the meal when eating out. Unless it's sushi!
- Eat more fish and chicken, less beef and even less pork - unless it's bacon. Then eat a pound.
- Forget the cheat days and enjoy the holidays and birthdays. That should easily be one a month!
- Some occasional treats like a little chocolate, a non-alcoholic beer and cake are good for those occasions!

That's all I can think of right now. Did I miss any?

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Some Days I Just Don't Want To!

I am well past 1400 days on MFP. I have won the battle with body image. I have won the battle with heart disease. Although having had cancer 4 times, I would rather die from heart failure if I have to.

After all these years the battle is still with food.

I hate it. If I give myself a little room to enjoy a treat it turns into a 2-day binge. I don’t keep junk in my house. I never get desert when eating out. I only partake on holidays and birthdays.

Then I went out for Chinese and God said it was good!

I started going out once a week and then twice a week and then I gained 10 pounds. This thing is so fragile. I am running more short runs because I haven’t been able to run any really long ones.

This week it's 4 miles, 6 miles and I will run a 9-miler if I have to crawl.

I have a new food scale, been logging the stuff I don't always eat and looking for some new recipes. I feel like I am starting out again. I am frustrated with me, my body and a few things in life. No matter what happens, the basics still work.

One of the side effects of my new medication is weight gain. :(

I asked about other options, however, based on the symptoms they are trying to fix, this was the best one. And the others caused ED. I want to ready just in case. :)

I confess, it's been hard to stay focused.

The food has been my problem since I was 41. Before that it was cigarettes and drinking and kids; I have a lot of kids. ;) At 41 I went from 165-175 to 230 pounds and then to around 300. I have struggled with my weight ever since. I put smoking and drinking behind me decades ago - many decades.

And my last kid will be on her own in a few years.

Lately it seems that I eat out more, cook less, and don't pay attention as much. I dread making lunches and snacks for work. I am working hard to stay in the day and just live one at a time.

It's about food. It's always the damn food!

Granted I have a lot going on in my personal life: potential layoffs at work, unresolved health issues, and the regular family stresses. Some days everything seems impossible.

Nothing is impossible - well, for me, nothing is impossible with God.

The flip side of having a lot of stuff to deal with in life? Having a lot of ways to counter it. I put things in my life that are worth looking forward to. I purchase something small online that I need so the pile of medical bills seems smaller when I get to the mailbox. Of course I run as much as I am able to. I register for local races, I ride my bike, take an occasional ride on the motorcycle and I have taken up competitive shooting.

Some days I just sit on the bed and enjoy some of the blessings I do have.

If quitting is not an option, then entertaining myself, visiting my kids, and being a smartass online is a positive response.

When I am doing those things, I am not eating or thinking about it.

I was going to write 10 things to help lose or maintain your fitness. I can only think of one.


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Weight Loss for Men and Women, the Gender Gap

Today I was thinking about my stomach. I found out that my stomach is cancer free, infection free and for the most part, is mechanically sound. Whatever is making me feel badly, has not yet been found. Going through this alone has been, well, sort of lonely.

I am happy to have a stomach without cancer.

I need to get back on track with losing some weight. Regardless of how I feel, I need to put in more miles than I have been. It's be scientifically proven that men lose weight more quickly than woman, so you might want to listen up. ;) That's not all they do more quickly; it is the micro-wave vs Crockpot analogy.

As usual, I have few thoughts that are shrouded in stupidity, and flavored with a dash of truth.

- Clothes: Men don't by clothes in sizes. If man goes from a size 12 to an 8, it is because he cut off his foot in a logging accident.

- Gastric Bypass (Flagellation): Men just fart more, sometimes significantly reducing their body mass and destroying meaningful conversation.

- Muscles Mass: Men have a few more places to put muscles. For example, the mouth. (Please refer to the anatomy chart below for additional locations).

- Unplanned Trips: These generally come in the form of bread and milk. However; they can be for diapers, baby formula - and when the woman are away, beer. Each trip is worth about 100 calories.

- 12 or 16 oz. Curls: This is a body building technique that most woman are unwilling to undertake because it requires the lack of small children, morals and brain power to accomplish. It comes in many forms, but most MFP-ers would call it Bud or Miller Lite. I think it is in the cardio search.

- Yelling: They yell at the TV more than woman. Politics, sports, and the Hunting Channel give you more to yell about than the Ellen, Lifetime and Disney. This is also in the cardio search.

- Scotch: It's a replacement for protein shakes. When used in excess, it not only keeps the male from eating, but in severe cases performing all but the most basic bodily functions including reverse peristalsis which counts as -10 calories consumed.

- Faster Metabolism: It is true, most men burn calories more quickly than woman, particularly around the time the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is published.

- Relating to Food: In general woman tend to be more emotional about food, where the majority of men are not willing to admit to having any emotions.

- Sex: When men think of romance, they are not thinking about food, going out to dinner etc. This is a huge calorie saver.

Thanks for voting, commenting and reading along. You guys and gals are great!

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The Truth About Scales

Today is no different than any other day. That is what I am trying to tell myself. I am pissed about the scale this morning. It's not my god, but it is a guage of where I am at. It's a thermometer and it is not in the normal range.

That bothers me.

Of course my weight is not really what's going on. Maybe you ready last week's blog - still no results for my biopsies. I already wrote about the things you say to your scale HERE.  If you need tips on weighing in, thos are HERE.

So what is the best scale to use? Here are my thoughts.

The Muscle Scale - Goes higher when you flex in the mirror while standing on it.

The Fickle Scale - Continues to flash different weights as you watch it. The trick is stepping off at the lowest one.

The Shower Scale - It shows a lower weight before the dirt and navel lint are gone. It's confusing.

The DUH Scale - Reminds you that it is your TOM, you ate too much during the holidays, or you haven't used the rest room.

The Moveable Scale - It gives different readings depending on where it is on the bathroom floor. Unfortunately the "sweet spot" is underneath the toilet and requires standing on one foot.

The Dirty Harry Scale - Makes your day, or you get to shoot it with a .44 magnum.

The Family Scale
- Weighs the kids perfectly every time. You - not so much.

The Talking Scale - Designed for the visually impaired and people who have met their goal weight. Everyone else kicks it.

The Political Scale - Tells you what you want to hear, but has nothing to do with the facts.

The Mission Impossible Scale - Actually there is no such thing. But if there was, it would self-destruct whenever it gives you an undesirable weigh in.

The James Bond Scale - Gives you tantalizing weight reports and then turns deadly in scene 2 followed by a car chase.

The Cracker Jacks Scale
- Rewards your weight loss with a prize.

The Horoscope Scale - Like the Fortune Cookie Scale with better English.

The Doctor's Scale - Creates a new excuse while you wait.

The TMI Scale - Tells you why you weigh whatever is you weigh. "Geeze David, you ate at a Taco Bell again. Not only does it smell bad in here, you gained 2 pounds since your last weigh in."

The CSI Scale - Plays back your weight and whatever you said while reading your weight from the scale using Gil Grissom's voice.

The TBC Scale - The highest weight on the scale is "To Be Continued."

The NFL Scale - Records an occasional loss, but encourages you to do better next time.

The Summa Wrestler Scale - Starts at 300 lbs. and throws you to the bathroom floor if you lose weight.

The Musical Scale - Do - re - mi - fa - so - la - te - do - 199.

The Gym Scale - Always shows you weigh more than the home scale - oh right, because you are not naked.

The M-F Scale - Actually all of the above depending on the day.

Did I miss any?

Thanks for the votes and comments!

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