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Holy Crap!

Life can be insane, painful, exciting and a lot of other things all at the same time. I haven't blogged for a while. It's not because I don't want to, it's just that I haven't felt like it. So what's going on?

Everything is going on!

Boston Marathon: I finished the race back in April. I appreciate the support you guys gave me! My time sucked, but I have an excuse. I slipped on a foot tall pile of Gatorade cups and pulled my groin muscle and rolled my already tweaked ankle about 16 miles in. Plus it was freakin' hot. I met a good friend about mile 20 and we decided to limp it to the end. He was ill from the heat and I was lame as a could be. We'd run 100 yards and walk 200 hundred. Pathetic! But my medal looks the same the guy who finished in second.

Cancer: I have been dealing with cancer since Thanksgiving. Each biopsy shows that it is a little worse. The problem is that the surgery is life-altering (a guy thing) and they want to put it off as long as they can so I can enjoy my life as I know it for as long as possible. Scary. I have another biopsy in 3 months. I am eating as healthy as I can be, taking supplements that are supposed to help and praying a lot. Oh and there have been a lot examinations without pants. More on those in my next book.

What could make this whole thing worse? More cancer.

More: I went for my twice yearly skin check and they took a little sample of a mole. Yeah, well, it turns out that it's the real thing. Melanoma. Part of my health-food-and-fitness-nut-mother's demise. #CancerSucks It sucks in me and in anyone else. I hate it.

Pathetics: in the midst of all this I started a Facebook group entitled the Pathetic Runners Group. Check it out. There are almost 3,000 pathetic runners. Not one of which will will win a marathon and probably not even a 5K. There is a link HERE.

Running: My rolled ankle in Boston turned out the be a tibial stress fracture. I missed my Ragnar Relay on Cape Cod because of it. I have only run about 5 miles per week since crossing the finish line in Boston. Most of those miles were races. I took 3rd place in my age group in 2 different 5Ks and 1st place in a 10K race. I am running across the state of Massachusetts at the end of May. That's 60 miles. Please pray that I hold up.

Job: So many of you tried to help me find work or prayed that I would so I would stop complaining on MFP. Well, I have a good one. I have been promoted three times since February and there could be another one this year. BAM!

ICU to Marathon: Ha ha - it made #28 on Top 100 Sports Humor list. Thanks and - and are you kidding me?

Food: Food has become a problem. I have stopped logging mostly because it is a time consuming pain in the a$$. I haven't been running and the weight is going the other way. 8 pounds is just no OK after losing almost 80. I want one-derland back!

Thanks for the votes, support and comments. If you don't see a food log for me, make sure you mention it.
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