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You Still Don't Want to See Me in Bikini!

I remember one New Years eve I got into the vodka, and my friend had to help me get home in the snow; I was sick for 3 days. Other than that, most of them were pretty good. The truth is that I have not had a drink in over 30 years, and therefore; I don't make a habit of staying up on New Years eve, or any other eve for that matter. I guess it's not the cheesy falling ball that makes New Years worth celebrating. And I can finish the shrimp cocktail by 9.

For many, the New Year is about resolutions! Shoot, I tried to quit smoking a number of times. I made it about 2 or 3 hours. One time my ex bought me a carton of cigarettes and left it with a note: "Smoke all these, then call me!" I finally went to a healing service and haven't had one since April 4, 1994.

Although I think every new habit begins with a single decision, I find that changing things is not easy at all. The good news is that success is just NOT stopping after a failure.

Maybe you are one of those that took off the holidays, gained a few pounds and are planning to hit hard after your hangover leaves. Good for you, I am not like that.

Here are some things that I do to keep the momentum going:

- Make Friends: I make MFP friends with people that have lost more weight than I have, or have the same goal as I do. The good news, there are no background checks. I think I have talked a guy at work into going to the gym with me at lunch.

- Read Success Stories: Nothing says it better than before and after pictures! The winners that lose here on MFP knock off between 40 and 110 lbs of fat in a year. Think about next year, and then get out there for today's workout!

- Encourage Others: I try to encourage those that do their exercise and fill in their food diaries. Sure "WTG" and "Nice job!" get old. So try "Holy crap!", "Nice freakin' job!", or "You rock!" but do it.

- Log it All: I don't take days off. I hate to, but I even log when I when I go over - way over. I logged on the holidays and I logged on vacation. I am initiating a life change, and I am done with diets. Logging reminds me just how fragile this whole thing is.

- Open Diaries: If your friends can't see what you are shoving in your face, it is unlikely they can help you. Being honest is an important step. Keeping secrets is a pretty good sign that there is some failure hidden in there.

- Pictures: Post a picture and get involved. We know you are overweight; you are on MFP for God's sake!

- Blog: I write these blogs to remind me of what I am up against. Obesity nearly killed me, and exercise saved my life. Dialoging about it helps!

- Be Realistic: If you can't do it for day, how the hell are you going to do it for a lifetime? I suggest making exercise a daily thing, that way you don't get lost in skipping days.  Take it slow, a 10 minute walk is better then a can of Pringles.

- Health Care: I worked with doctors and nutritionists and I am fortunate to have regular blood labs and monthly visits to discuss my food diary with a professional. I also got a personal trainer to make sure that I develop a routine I can live with. Here is what I found out; all this information is available free online. So let me save you a few grand. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, nuts, lean meat, and fish. Do some strength training and get the heart rate up. Schedule your exercise times and stop lying to yourself.

There are some constants in life. There are no perfect mates, churches or shortcuts to weight-loss. Diet (what you eat, not what you do) and exercise are the only way.

Thanks for reading along and being my friends!

Have the healthiest year of your life in 2012.

Thanks for the comments and votes. Friend me at your own risk!

Playing WTF to Win

I am amazed at how many folks are playing WTF here on MFP. What's WTF, you ask? Weight-Loss, Temptation and Food. The winners become losers, and losers become fatter. It's a dangerous game.

The key to weight-loss is primarily the quantity and type of food, and your ability to eat portions and food products that will promote it. Simple, right? If it was, MFP would not be required.

Is it me, or are you tired of reading about diets and folks that are not yet serious about weight-loss and health? I am sorry, I saw about 400 posts about getting back on track after the holiday feasts. How far off track? I have no idea. I was over by 400 calories on Christmas, and on Christmas Eve, but I logged it. I also did workouts to even the score, netting a negative 285 calories.

Look success is just not stopping at failure.

Here's how to win at WTF:

Calories - The building blocks to creating a weight-loss program is the calorie, and having a calorie deficit. MFP has this built in, and it is a great start. There is a lot of noise over whether or not to eat your exercise calories. My advice, if you are losing weight eating your exercise calories, awesome. If not, you might consider not eating them, or even alternating to "shake up" your metabolism. Eventually, you'll find what really works for you.

Exercise - MFP calls everything from urinating to running a marathon cardio. However; if you talk to a doctor true cardio happens when you get your heart rate above 120 or 130 beats per minute. Everything else is just exercise. Walking is good, walking faster is better. Talk to your doctor for the best advice (although, I have had better luck Googling it)

Junk Food - Get rid of the junk in the house. Re-gift it to skinny people, or toss it. Go through everything, read the labels, and if the calories per PORTIONED serving are over 400, it's going to hurt. Here is a short list. Chips, dips, candy, non-whole grain baked goods and overly processes foods.

Fast Food - Even if you can get something that is lower in calories by avoiding the buns, and sauces, is this crap really good for you?

Diet Toxic Relationships - Friendship is NOT about eating out, or eating together, and not even going to the bar to over indulge. It is about shared experiences - both the good and the bad. It's time to switch dinner out to a walk, a movie, or a museum. Even spend some time playing video games, anything that does not put the focus on food.

Lean Meat - Chicken, fish, even pork and beef have cuts that are lower in fat. The average portion for 1500-2000 calories is about 3-5 ounces.

Whole Grains - Carbs are killers for many weight-losers. They are, however; necessary for fueling the body, so get the best possible type: whole grain. Fiber is also helpful in lowering absorption of fat, and moving food through the GI tract.

Fruits and Veggies - There is no substitute for fresh produce. Some of the better choices are apples, oranges, bananas, avocados, beans, broccoli, asparagus, squash, peppers and sweet potatoes. If you can't get fresh, frozen is good, and beans well rinsed from a can will do. BTW - White potatoes, and white rice are weight gain helpers, and I would avoid them as often as you can.

Low Fat Dairy - 2% or no fat milk, cottage cheese, sour cream and low fat cheeses really help. Add to that Greek yogurt, and you should be able to pack in the protein without that fat and saturated fat.

Soda - Diet or not, it is a healthy choice to lose it.

Sugar and Sodium - Neither one contributes to weight loss, and you should give them some serious consideration before indulging. Beware, canned and diets foods are usually loaded with it.

Well, those are the basic rules for playing WTF. Maybe you can add some of the finer points.

Thanks for all your votes and comments, you guys rock!

Friend me if you want to see my food diary.

The Aftermath - 12 Thoughts about this Christmas

Home Alone
The Bermuda triangle is almost over! "It is finished." That is what Jesus said on the cross the moment before he died. I feel the same way after Christmas. Some folks get stressed out, I don't, but this year we took on the preparations for both Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Both were extremely enjoyable! And I am grateful for family and Outback Steakhouse gift cards. But... I am sitting in the quiet of my office, no Christmas Carols, though the smell of candy canes still lingers; I like it.

Here are 12 things which got my attention this season.

- My 8-year-old's laughter when she saw that momma had gotten me Santa and Rudolph boxers.
- My favorite gift was a pro flash for my Nikon. Wow!
- I only went shopping once, and found everything.
- The donkey's "clip-clopping" in the Christmas pageant. And Mary telling "dear Joseph" not to worry. Some how 7-year-olds are well, not very reassuring.
- All the girls were together with us! (there was no drama, and no cell phones! (we have a signal blocker at the house!))
- I had a nice chat with my father-in-law about growing old, and had chance to tell him how wonderful his daughter is!
- I didn't do badly on the food!
- The excitement of giving!
- I got some wonderful cards and messages from people who matter to me.
- Kahlua Cake is from the Devil, no wonder Eve fell.
- I went to the Catholic church and they let me in and the priest shook my hand!
- I am still pondering why the Lord told the shepherds about the baby before all the religious folks?

I hope that you had an enjoyable holiday, but feel free to join me in detoxing from all the excitement!

If you celebrated Christmas, what was your favorite part?

Top Weight Loss Excuses From Around the World

It doesn't matter where you go, overweight and obese people have a million excuses for not losing and maintaining their weight. You can call it grasa, fett, gordura or just plain old fat, but it is a health hazard.

I had a heart trauma last April, and what I heard afterwards was this: 57% of those that have had a heart attack don't even continue to take their medication after the first refill! Close to 80% make no significant life style changes.

If you are telling yourself there is some reason you cannot lose weight, you probably won’t!

I don't have time. - Look you have time for lots of things, you need to schedule it. If working out is not in your calendar, it is unlikely that you win at this game, extremely unlikely.

I still have time. - You may be young enough where your food and lack of exercise is not a problem, but for most it doesn't work forever – especially past 40. Yeah, I know about your grandmother that drank a case of beer a day, smoked 3 packs of cigarettes, only ate fried food, dated 5 mea at a time and live until 145. let me know if you make it.

Everyone in my family is fat. - Why is that? Could it be diet and exercise?

It's a cheat day. - Get out your stones, and excuses about shaking up your metabolism blah blah blah. The truth is that cheaters are in the group of roller coaster dieters, from which nearly all of them eventually gain back the weight they lost the other 6 days a week.

I have kids. - So take them for a run. I take my 8-year-old on a mile walk every day that it is nice enough to do so. I take her to the park to ride for 45 minutes or more on weekends. We plan vacations near bike trails as well. When she was a baby, we just put here in the front pack, or bicycle trailer. My YMCA has kids care as well.

I'm too busy. - Well, health is a choice; it might be time to make it.

The dog/kangaroo didn't eat it. - If you are full at the restaurant, you'll be tempted to eat whatever you bring home before lunch the following day. If that is the case, leave it.

I don't know what to do. - I don't know about you, but most of us here do not have degrees in health and nutrition. MFP is a good guideline for the amount of food, and balance of what we call macros: carbs, protein and fat. Here's a tip, if it is low-cal junk food, its still junk food. Cardio which is truly healthy is when the heart rate goes above 120. This requires walking at 3 mph or possibly higher.

It's too hard to lose weight, I've already tried. - You are correct, and you've proved it. That is why you make lifestyle changes and not go on a diet. You make changes you can do for the rest of your life.

I can't afford healthy food. - I will agree that a variety of food is healthy. Here are some tips for saving money. Drink only water, it's free. Many grocery stores have a fruits and veggies that are discounted because they are past fresh: we by 6 apples for a dollar, 2 peppers for half a buck, and 3 bananas for even less. Over all we find them to be a good value. Brown rice is the same price as white, and far better. You'll be eating less, usually 3-4 ounces of meat or fish. You can buy packaged ham and cheese in bulk and freeze it. The same is true for some fruits and veggies. Frozen food isn't horrible, and most canned food be rinsed to reduce sodium content.

It's too late.  - I'm already _____ years old. - Yup, and tomorrow you be that plus one day. I don't get it.

I'm afraid of failure. - I have met a few folks on MFP that have a lot weight to lose (me I was close to 100). It is a daunting task, and it takes time. Read the Success Story forums and friend those folks who have done what you need to do. I find it inspiring. On average, those that work at it can lose 40-100 lbs in a year. (Yes, I am sure there are some with medical reasons who cannot and I am not talking about them.)

I'm afraid of success! - Being obese for a long period of time becomes a way of life. We set up our enablers, buy cars, furniture and even our personality changes to accommodate our physical state. I sat with a guy the other day that could not fit in the boot at a lunch place. It was sad. Then he ordered a 3000 calories steak bomb. 

My significant other doesn't care why should I? - Most mature adults are smart enough not say "I would love you better thinner!" I suppose there are some that have spouses that like them in an unavailable state, but for the most part, our health is our concern. Losing weight has many benefits other than just looking and feeling better.

I can't exercise, there's no place for me to walk. - We need to start where we stand. The goal is eating well, and getting in three 30 minute cardio session a week in which we get the heart rate over 120. you can walk in place, by home gym resistance bands, and an array of other things. I bet you can find a treadmill on Craigslist for cheap!

I love to eat. - Yup, me too. I am just enjoying eating better, and less.

I do a lot of traveling for work and find it hard to stick to my weight loss plan. - It is not an easy task to eat out all the time, but many places I have stayed at had a refrigerator and a grocery store nearby.

I've heard that running puts me at risk for knee problems and arthritis later in life. – LOL so swim, use the elliptical or ride a bike.

It's just one. - One breakfast muffin is equal to two 30 minute cardio sessions.

It's the holidays. - So?

I don't cook my own meals. - It's hard to control what others do. I made an agreement with my wife over what I was willing to eat each week. Communication helps, and filling up with a large snack before meals is also another option. If you eat half a bag of baby carrots, you are probably not going to chow down on the fried chicken.

Well, those are the ones that I used. How about you?

Thanks for the votes and comments, I very much appreciate them.

Thoughts about Christmas, Santa and Parties

I have been celebrating Christmas for over half a century. I join a long heritage of worshippers who, for the most part, have gone out of their minds.

The week of the most celebrated holiday in most of the world, second only to New Year's, I have a few thoughts.

Santa: Based on a true life person, it's become an extraordinary fantasy. If our schools were doing their jobs teaching kids math, they would know at an early age that it is impossible for Santa to get to all the houses in the world minus those with children who have been bad. And screwing up our requests by bringing clothes, unconscionable. I also wonder why St. Nick is not on MFP - and if he was, how much does he have to lose and is he going to post "Ho ho ho" to our cardio achievements?

Reindeer: I am not big on pets or animals that fly, who increase the range of unsafe places to hide. I suppose I have to take my chances with meteors, but leave the big fellahs on the ground.

Shopping: From parking lot pouncers to idiots at the register with tag-less items needing a managers approval, I am not getting the "spirit" of it. Last night the pouncers wouldn't even let me out of my parking space, so I shut the car off and waited 'til they left.

Too Much Stuff: Maybe I am just old, but I am tired of all the stuff. As kids we didn't get lot of stuff. My kids got some stuff, but then there were grandparents who felt obligated to get more stuff! No more stuff, buy us a hot tub or something!

Mistletoe: Anything that used to be part of foot, I am not for it.

Gift Cards: These are my wife's pet peeve. It equates with, "I don't know you well enough, or I am not thoughtful enough to pick out something that you would love." I mostly agree unless they are for a restaurant or service that can't be given.

Christmas Music: Well, we need some new ones! Although I do like Elmo and Patsy' Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. And why can't we have some equal time with songs about the reason we actually celebrate Christmas?

Christmas Parties: They never have portioned healthy food! Where the hell is Michele Obama when you need her? This year we didn't have one at work. Honestly, I think it's for the best. We did enjoy dinner with our weight conscious friends! They rock!

Salvation Army Buckets: I still love to put money in there, but I miss Santa and the band.

Soup Kitchen: The food isn't awesome, but the experience is incredible!

Christmas Eve Services: One of my favorite things!

The Savior who Was Born: I never get tired of this story.

What are your thoughts about Christmas?

Tweeting the Christmas Pageant

Christmas Pageant

Today my youngest was rehearsing for the Christmas pageant at church.

We really enjoy the Christmas season and have about 6 traditions that we work hard to keep as a family. The Christmas eve service is one of them.

This year, there were some very notable lines! I don't know who was funnier, the director or the kids.


dsjohndrow: And the neighbors said: "We do not want go!"

dsjohndrow: And the soldiers said: "Everyone... no everybody must leave!" And the angel replied, "but we're not finsihed practicing, and I have ballet after this anyway."

dsjohndrow: "Dear Joseph, God is with us. No really!" *Mary with arms crossed*

dsjohndrow: "When the baby comes out, you'll have to kneel down so we can see the shepherds."

dsjohndrow: Mary said: "You are not supposed to touch the baby, it's Jesus you know!" And the donkey said: "I can if I want to!" *Donkey delivering the baby and manger.*

dsjohndrow: "Ok, now rush to Bethlehem!"

dsjohndrow: "There is a quiet place where you two can stay tonight."

dsjohndrow: And the trees went: "Swish, swish, swish."

dsjohndrow: "Where are the 3 wise men with common sense and fur?" 

dsjohndrow: "Joy to the World"  

dsjohndrow: No clapping during the mass, or Father will have my head. 

Merry Christmas!


I Should Have Stayed Off the Internet!

In addition to the typical, and sometimes enjoyable side effects of my post-surgery painkillers including: blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, loss in hearing, and tiredness, I should have stayed in bed.

I fortunately avoided a complete shutdown of the central nervous system, although it might have been better if I had. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like a frat party where you wake up with a sign around your neck "Cranium for Rent" - no this is part my health care!

Apparently it is healthy to say stuff you would normally only think. And for a guy who just had knee surgery, they gave me these pills and added two more appendages in the form of crutches: that's quality health care. My wife just stood there shaking her head. She knows I can't get from one end of the house to the other on a good day. Even the folks at the gym remind me to put the safety shut-off lanyard on when I step on the treadmill. In fact, they run to my assistance! It is a good thing that most everyone at my gym is older, and they don't know how to use a smart phone video recorder or I would have gone viral by now. Heck they still have flashing clocks on the VCR at home.

I admit it, I did enjoy trout fishing in the recliner, and chatting it up with the Mad Hatter. Unfortunately I did not stay off the Internet! Here are some things you should take into consideration before indulging, whether or not the doctor prescribes it:

- I tried to "Like" your comments on MFP and deleted them.
- It's, not a$$, and no, they don't have MP3s.
- I changed my Facebook Relationship Status to "It's Complicated." (This is going to take a while.)
- I was banned on
- I transferred all our savings to a Home Depot gift card.
- I bought a fake Rolex, some male enhancement pills, an Obama Chia pet and some generic Canadian drugs.
- I discovered there is no past tense of the word "tweeted."
- I lost all my free poker chips.
- The fantasy site I was on was definitely not football!
- All my MFP friends looked too skinny.
- I found my webcam in my PJ's and called the doctor.
- I had strange messages from a Ginger, but not the one from Gilligan's Island.
- I thought QWERTY was a word.
- I was linked to people I never worked with on LinkedIn.
- I discovered there is a good reason Twitter only allows you 160 characters.
- I gave Santa my social security number so he could find my house on Christmas Eve.
- There was no one on AIM or Yahoo messenger!
- I was in a Russian chatroom selling my weight loss secrets.
- The Captcha codes on Craigslist were messages from God.
- I ended the NBA strike.
- I lost my mouse ball and cracked my keyboard playing fantasy baseball.
- I was outbid for the White House on eBay by MittRomney.
- I emailed the boss a "wish you were here" eCard. 
- I found the telephone number for customer service.
- I wired money to a guy in Nigeria to release $6 Million from the estate of the late Mrs. SomebodyOrOther. 
- MSNBC was saying nice things about Democrats, and Fox news was saying them about Republicans - I guess it was wearing off by then...

Thanks for the votes and comments. As always, your support is encouraging!

Friend me at your own risk.

Coffee: Because Sleep is for Wimps!

I am back at work. It's pretty amazing: surgery on Thursday, driving on Monday and working on Tuesday! Using the crutches to run the gas and brake pedals took some getting used to, but I practiced in the driveway first.

My employer tried to lose me while I was out. They moved the office 6 miles away while I was investigating the celestial bodies and having lunch with Alice in Wonderland. Fortunately, I caught up with them on Tuesday. Of course they were well hidden deep within the bowels of an office building which takes up a city block. Add to that, armed security guards who look like TSA agents, and you begin to see how much effort they put into abandoning me.

What's worse is now that I am here, they are still trying to get rid of me - and well everyone else. The new space came without self-serve coffee and a water bubbler. They do however, have a vending machine that sells bottled water for $2, and will soon have one which sells coffee for $2.50.

My MFP friends have already weighed in, telling me to occupy, protest, revolt, throw a Boston Coffee Party, get a Kuerig, bring a Thermos, quit (I make 6 figures!) and one even said: "Don't be stupid, bottled water is tap water!" Well, I know chlorine when I taste it, and it gives me hives. The water here is loaded with it!

I only drink one cup of caffeinated coffee per day since my heart trauma in April. I also drink one cup of decaf each day because I enjoy coffee. Add to that 3 or 4 bottles of water or the equivalent, and you can see why all of this is a problem for moi! According to my wife, they have broken the cardinal rule of human resources: "Don't take benefits away from employees."

I already bring lunch and snacks, so now I need to add some water and coffee to my lunch pack - which will now need to be a street-vendor cart! (If you are from certain places, also known as a roach coach.)

In addition, I have a confession to make. My lunch pack is one of those free Gerber formula kit carry bags. NO! It does not have the bottles in it. It does, however; hold three 2-cup plastic tubs, a banana, an ounce of nuts, and silverware. Ah yes, it also has a place for my reading glasses and iPod. I know, no punch on the man-card for that. It was funny watching security inspect it on my first day. If I had known that was going to happen, I would put have put in a breast pump or something just to see his face.

I am done ranting, but not thinking about coffee.

You might be a coffee addict if... own a Kuerig, a drip percolator, and an espresso machine. think Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts coffee without a "shot" tastes weak. spend more on coffee than you do on gasoline.
...your coffee cup has a picture of a coffee cup on it. can only drink coffee from a certain cup. can't do anything in the morning without coffee, including making coffee. (Think about it.)
...your first-aid kit contains packets of instant coffee. think a Latte is Italian for "you paid too much."
...your blood type is regular with 2 sugars. think caffeine is a food group. thank God for those who planted the coffee beans in Columbia. post pictures on Facebook with cups of coffee in them. think running out of toilet paper is less of a problem than running out of coffee.

Thanks for the comments and votes, you are amazing!

Woman's Guide to Ice Hockey - A Must Read

Woman actually would be more prone to enjoying sports events if their S/O would answer a few questions in the proper tone of voice. Just sayin', boys.

A family friend is going to her first professional hockey game this week. I saw her post on Facebook asking what to wear, and saying that she had no clue what the game was about (of course she is not Canadian!). Having counseled a few woman over the past 40+ years, I feel qualified to answer questions about the game. Here's what woman always want to know about hockey.

If you don't know anything about hockey, watch this 3 minute video!

Players: Hopefully you have practiced pronouncing the French Canadian, Swedish, Russian and Finnish names for the team you are going to root for. There are CD sets you can listen too in the car on the way to work. Or you can watch the NHL Channel on cable and the Internet.

What to Wear: Skip the chemise or save it for later. Try a hockey jersey for the team your man wants to win - rooting for the blue team because it's your favorite color is only going to cause some friction. Tip: All that cheering from the couch in the den? Take a quick look as you deliver him a beer; the team name is sure to be there on the screen. They are available at Walmart. (My wife says that she can hear the neighbor cheering at the same time I do, so maybe ask the neighbor if it is a surprise.)

At the Rink:
Teeth: Whatever you do, do not mention missing teeth! You will find out soon enough why they are so common.

The Black Thingy: This is called a puck. It weighs 5.5 - 6 ounces. At over 100 miles per hour, it hurts enough to cause some cussing.

The Cage: It is called a net, but close! If the black thingy enters the net, it is called a goal. Men get excited about goals! Woman often think it is good for men to put away their toys, and ask why not put everything in the net. The net is for the puck.

The Wooden Thingy: This is a hockey stick, it use poke, whack, and crack the head of opposing players. Men find this very exciting. It is sometimes used to put the black thingy in the net.

Catcher: This is the goalie, and his job is to stop the puck from going in the net and crack the ankles of opposing players with the big stick when they stand on the blue paint; which is called a crease.

Yelling: Cheering, it is what men do. Why? It is a secret that cannot be revealed to the woman even on our death bed.

Smashing: This is called body checking. It is when a player slams into another player at 30 miles per hour. Men also find this exciting. Woman think it's violent. Woman should note that men made "cups" to protect their privates long before they used helmets in hockey.

Hitting: This is fighting for which there doesn't need to be a reason. Testosterone runs rampant in the cooler atmosphere near the ice. and is a possible cause.

Sitting Alone: This is called a penalty. There are lots of reasons for this. Consider it a time out for bad behavior. They get time outs for whacking, cracking, poking, tripping, fighting and smacking opposing players.

Inning: This is called a period. It is the interval of time in which the team plays; each lasting 20 minutes. There are three in a game. This is much different than once a month for 3 days.

Fire Horn: This is called a buzzer, and you do not need to leave the arena. It signals the end of a period or a score. Even if it were a fire, there is more than enough beer to put it out.

Pretty Stripes: These are called lines. The red line is at half ice, and the blue lines determine each team's zone. Everyone has to go into the zone after the puck is in it. Think, stay out of the kitchen unless you are clearing the table.

Blood: See Teeth above.

Truck Thing: No, it is not leaking gas. That is hot water, and it is called a Zamboni. It refinishes the ice. Think, shampoo the carpets. This is in lieu of the half-time act which you may have learned was ruined by Janet Jackson. That is why there are 3 periods and not four.

Thanks for the comments and votes. Football and Baseball coming soon!

Oh, and thank God for those of you who are already hockey fans!

Twisted Inspirational Quotes for Weight-Losers!

When I read the wisdom of the ages, I can't help but have my own thoughts - how scary is that? 
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"My behind lies behind me, because of what I put within me." - DSJohndrow

"My life is my message." - Mahatma Gandhi

"My Food Diary is my message." - DSJohndrow

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." - James M. Barrie

"Those who bring donuts into the break room of others cannot live another minute." - DSJohndrow 

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." - Albert Schweitzer

"Diet is not the key to happiness. Calorie counting is the key to success. If you love what you are NOT eating, you will be successful." - DSJohndrow

"The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough." - Rabindranath Tagore

"The MFP-er counts not months but calories, and has more than enough to worry about." - DSJohndrow

"The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense." - Thomas A. Edison

"The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are, first, logging calories; second, cardiovascular exercise; third, common sense." - DSJohndrow

"The tragedy of life is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they miss." - Thomas Carlyle

"The tragedy of dieting is not so much what men suffer, but rather what they eat." - DSJohndrow

"Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time." - Viktor E. Frankl

"Live as if you were healthy, it might work."  - DSJohndrow

"The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed." - Eminem

"The truth is this: if you don't know what you are going to eat tomorrow, you might already be in trouble." - DSJohndrow

"Service is what life is all about." - Marian Edelman

"Logging calories is what life is all about." - DSJohndrow

"Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid." - John Wayne

"Losing weight is hard; it's harder if you don't log or you're stupid." - DSJohndrow

"To be able to look back upon ones life in satisfaction, is to live twice" - Khalil Gibran

"To be able to look back and not see a caboose is satisfaction." - DSJohndrow

"Life is a little gleam of time between two eternities. " - Thomas Carlyle

"Life is a little snack of between two meals. " - DSJohndrow

"In three words I can sum up what I've learned about life: It goes on." - Robert Frost

"In three words I can sum up what I've learned on MFP: Log your meals!" - DSJohndrow

"The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing." - Marcus Aurelius

"The art of losing weight is more like wrestling King Kong." - DSJohndrow

"Growth is the only evidence of life." - John Henry

"Growth is not the only evidence of overeating." - DSJohndrow

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." - Dr. Seuss

How can you improve on perfection?

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