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You Still Don't Want to See Me in Bikini!

I remember one New Years eve I got into the vodka, and my friend had to help me get home in the snow; I was sick for 3 days. Other than that, most of them were pretty good. The truth is that I have not had a drink in over 30 years, and therefore; I don't make a habit of staying up on New Years eve, or any other eve for that matter. I guess it's not the cheesy falling ball that makes New Years worth celebrating. And I can finish the shrimp cocktail by 9.

For many, the New Year is about resolutions! Shoot, I tried to quit smoking a number of times. I made it about 2 or 3 hours. One time my ex bought me a carton of cigarettes and left it with a note: "Smoke all these, then call me!" I finally went to a healing service and haven't had one since April 4, 1994.

Although I think every new habit begins with a single decision, I find that changing things is not easy at all. The good news is that success is just NOT stopping after a failure.

Maybe you are one of those that took off the holidays, gained a few pounds and are planning to hit hard after your hangover leaves. Good for you, I am not like that.

Here are some things that I do to keep the momentum going:

- Make Friends: I make MFP friends with people that have lost more weight than I have, or have the same goal as I do. The good news, there are no background checks. I think I have talked a guy at work into going to the gym with me at lunch.

- Read Success Stories: Nothing says it better than before and after pictures! The winners that lose here on MFP knock off between 40 and 110 lbs of fat in a year. Think about next year, and then get out there for today's workout!

- Encourage Others: I try to encourage those that do their exercise and fill in their food diaries. Sure "WTG" and "Nice job!" get old. So try "Holy crap!", "Nice freakin' job!", or "You rock!" but do it.

- Log it All: I don't take days off. I hate to, but I even log when I when I go over - way over. I logged on the holidays and I logged on vacation. I am initiating a life change, and I am done with diets. Logging reminds me just how fragile this whole thing is.

- Open Diaries: If your friends can't see what you are shoving in your face, it is unlikely they can help you. Being honest is an important step. Keeping secrets is a pretty good sign that there is some failure hidden in there.

- Pictures: Post a picture and get involved. We know you are overweight; you are on MFP for God's sake!

- Blog: I write these blogs to remind me of what I am up against. Obesity nearly killed me, and exercise saved my life. Dialoging about it helps!

- Be Realistic: If you can't do it for day, how the hell are you going to do it for a lifetime? I suggest making exercise a daily thing, that way you don't get lost in skipping days.  Take it slow, a 10 minute walk is better then a can of Pringles.

- Health Care: I worked with doctors and nutritionists and I am fortunate to have regular blood labs and monthly visits to discuss my food diary with a professional. I also got a personal trainer to make sure that I develop a routine I can live with. Here is what I found out; all this information is available free online. So let me save you a few grand. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains, nuts, lean meat, and fish. Do some strength training and get the heart rate up. Schedule your exercise times and stop lying to yourself.

There are some constants in life. There are no perfect mates, churches or shortcuts to weight-loss. Diet (what you eat, not what you do) and exercise are the only way.

Thanks for reading along and being my friends!

Have the healthiest year of your life in 2012.

Thanks for the comments and votes. Friend me at your own risk!

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kardowling wrote 128 months ago:
Great reality check. Very honest and true. Happy New Year. Keep blogging....your words are inspirational and the humor helps!
navygunner wrote 128 months ago:
I'm with you on this one John. I log in daily not just to enter food consumed or to log exercise, I log in because I like to hear from all my BFF's (Best Fitness Friends). Sharing your accomplishments, and sometimes your trials, keeps me going. I guess I have drunk the MFP Kool-aid and I like it. I am on Facebook, and Twitter and as of late I rarely go there, but, I religiously log into MFP at least 3 times a day. And, oh by the way, I am glad you are among my small circle of friends.
staceyseeger wrote 128 months ago:
No sugar-coating it...that's the way I like it!
kenlad64 wrote 128 months ago:
Great Blog!
anzabeth wrote 128 months ago:
One of my New Year's Resolutions is to open my diary. Thanks for the inspiration!
odditblue wrote 128 months ago:
Always great advice.
Thanks for the positive way you remind me what this is all about. Honesty and integrity. It's how I got outta shape in the first place by trying to sweep both of these under the rug... slippery slopes begin with one single toe the wrong way. Slipping a little here and there and gradually the whole way is lost.
Thank you for the constant reminder. You make me remember I can do better. So... I will.
bh12058 wrote 128 months ago:
Honesty is the best policy. Truth is painful, but necessary. I just took my "beginning" measurements for 2012. No burying my head (or body!) in the sand. Thanks for the added support!
JustLindaLou wrote 128 months ago:
*LOVE* Great blog, great advice, I so appreciate No BS!! I am printing this one out to put in my Goals & Motivation journal. Thank you :D
Mustangsally1000 wrote 128 months ago:
Nicely stated..straight forward and to the point. Thanks!!!!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 128 months ago:
Nicely stated..straight forward and to the point. Thanks!!!!
Hoppymom wrote 128 months ago:
You are killing me with "the post a picture" expectation. I log every day that I am near a computer or have smart phone service, except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I needed those days to enjoy the day without spending time on MFP and trying to remember waht I ate. I ate what I ate no matter if anyone was looking at my log or not. I also admitted to it(overeating) in my post to friends. I actually agree with everything. I'm just not there with posting on Christmas and posting a photo. Though I am very close to the photo thing. (Be careful what you wish for Dave.) Maybe one of my New Year's goals should be to log on Christmas next year. :)
angievaughn wrote 128 months ago:
Love this.....and I live by this...and tell people the same kind of the thing all the time....

**a 10 minute walk is better then a can of Pringles**

gorgeouss9 wrote 128 months ago:
"success is just NOT stopping after a failure" <- i <3 this!
deannarey13 wrote 128 months ago:
Great blog!
saphfireangel wrote 128 months ago:
Again very awesome blog love it. If you can't be honest with yourself then the only one you're hurting is yourself. And any form of exercise is better than shoving food in your face. Not sure what my New Year's resolution is going to be but something that I know I will stick with. Maybe like Hoppymom I will try and keep better track on the holidays of what I ate.
twynzmom wrote 128 months ago:
great blog!
SaraTN wrote 128 months ago:
Well said. I applaud you.
starross87 wrote 128 months ago:
this blog post is great!! thank you so much for sharing :)
dcjackson50 wrote 128 months ago:
Really enjoyed your Blog, and admire your no-nonsense approach to all of this.

You have a very simple strategy that is common sense and you are right, information. If we could all just take what is staring us in the face and use it honestly without throwing up roadblocks (excuses) we could be successful too.
I haven't read any of your earlier blogs, sorry you have likely already shared this, but how much have you lost and how long ago ?
Congratulations by the way
GoreWhore72 wrote 128 months ago:
'Tis great wisdom.
Thank you.
dsjohndrow wrote 128 months ago:
@dcjackson50 - I've lost over 60 since February '11. I had a heart attack and knee surgery in the middle of it all or I suppose I would have done better.
bllowry wrote 128 months ago:
Excellent post as always! I now have my husband logging here, and he has his co-workers logging from their smart phones! Day by day, pound by pound. :)
felicity866 wrote 128 months ago:
Log it All: I don't take days off. I hate to, but I even log when I when I go over - way over. I logged on the holidays and I logged on vacation. I am initiating a life change, and I am done with diets. Logging reminds me just how fragile this whole thing is.

this is the best!!!!

i love the reminders....thanks for the blog!
MGleason2010 wrote 128 months ago:
Love reading your blogs. They are so grounded and realistic :)
lisadlocks wrote 128 months ago:
Love Love every word. Thank you so much for your honesty!
vjrose wrote 128 months ago:
Most excellent, I feel that way totally.
annabellj wrote 128 months ago:
love it as always :)
DEEDLYNN wrote 128 months ago:
OK...I think I LOVE YOU!. (Sorry, I know we are just now meeting for the first time). I am printing this out and posting it on the fridge. Everytime I want to BELIEVE in another GIMMICK or find the short less strenuous way to get to my goal, I'm going to read it.

Now I have to go find you and friend you!!!!

soon2bhotmom wrote 128 months ago:
I love you tell it like it is attitude, we need to hear that. Congrats on you success!
mahp4 wrote 128 months ago:
Thanks! When keepin' it real goes right!
carriedavis77 wrote 128 months ago:
Very well said! Would love to see your daily motivation! FR incoming :) Thanks for sharing!
deClaire wrote 128 months ago:
Great blog (1st one I've ever subscribed to!) with honest, straight-forward & motivational advice and reveals why you have been successful in conquering 3 addictions when most peeps can struggle for a life-time just trying to get to grips with one. Keep blogging & good luck!
bahbehbeeh wrote 128 months ago:
Well said and im on it now.. Let me get it on!! Hehehe
shellyc7182 wrote 128 months ago:
All newbies should read this! Losing weight is so simple! It doesn't require starving, or cutting out certain things from your diet, or working out 4 hours a day. Love this!
louisau wrote 128 months ago:
a 10 minute walk is better then a can of Pringles

But a can of pringles tastes better :(
A girl can but dream.

Keep blogging
StephE20 wrote 128 months ago:
Amazing blog and so very true. I hit my half way point on New Years Eve - 51 pounds. 51 more sounds so far away but its my day by day journey. Logging it all in to MFP has kept me honest with myself and accountable. Good luck to you all. We can do this weight battle and get healthy together.
Loveyhowell1064 wrote 128 months ago:
Amazing Blog, Reality Check. Logging keeps you thinking and honest. I tend to when I log everything, keeps me on track and I do lose the weight. Keep up the good inspirational Blog. Love it.
millsjam1 wrote 128 months ago:
I will never look at a can of pringles the same way again. You are so right. Love your blog!
beebee0925 wrote 123 months ago:
There is a lot of sound advice in here. Thank you.

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