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You Might Have a Distorted Body Image If...

It's probably politically incorrect to have fun house mirrors that make you look fat these days. I mean people are boycotting stores that don't sell fat-sized clothes. The practice of selling certain size clothing ranges has been going on for a long time. There have been stores that only sell to big and tall men and plus sized woman for decades. Just sayin'. I doubt they have your size at Babies R Us either. I guess because some insensitive CEO mentioned it, now it matters.

Your body image is your perception of your body - the same body you feel good or bad about.

You might feel fat and ugly, or you might feel thin and sexy even after your doctor says you are overweight or obese. You might feel buff if you have 6 little abs and not one huge one! You might feel pretty with your 70's perm, or macho in your 60's afro or punk in your pink Mohawk. You might not. The problem is that most of us don't believe the truth about our weight anyway.

We make excuses for our looks, our weight, and we can choose terms that make us feel better about things, which; deep down inside, we don't feel good about.

I haven't met anyone purposely losing weight that did not initially connect it to their looks.

Few people who are losing (or need to gain) weight, have a realistic body image. Did you know that woman are smarter than men? That's right, a study shows they are more perceptive about knowing they are overweight than men. Of course there is no category in the study to say, "I am just fine the way I am." Interesting, there is no right answer even if there is one.

I am done ranting, now I am going to give you my scientifically proven perception scale to calibrate your body image.

Starting with your actual weight (you are on the scale every day, how about the one from this morning!):

- Ate a McDonald's burger +5 pounds to your actual weight
- Wore a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt to bed on your honeymoon +15 pounds.
- Just ran 12 miles -7 pounds
- Biggest #2 of the week -3 pounds
- Drank a smoothie and you are still hungry -4 pounds
- Drank a smoothie and you are not hungry +1 pound
- Attempted to try on your wedding dress/tux from years ago. +100 pounds
- You are at a table near old fat people. -15 pounds
- You are in Abercrombie and Fitch - never mind you are boycotting them
- Tried on a bikini and put it back +6 pounds
- Tried on a bikini and kept it -4 pounds
- Pants fell off on the treadmill -9 pounds
- Pants split running on the treadmill +4 pounds
- One notch tighter on your belt -5 pounds
- You can feel a 6-pack in there. -2 pounds
- You drank a 6-pack +5 pounds
- Ate a slice of 5-Layer Chocolate Cake +12 pounds, half slice +6 pounds
- Went to the high school reunion and saw the most popular cheerleader/quarterback and you are thinner than she/he is. -120 pounds

That's what you do in your head, just admit it.

Thanks for the votes and comments!

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Nettabee wrote 111 months ago:
Haha love it, and it's so true! Except instead of a wedding dress it's my prom dress. Blah lol

2 votes to put this in the top!
Flyer615 wrote 111 months ago:
Good one, David. It's funny ... 'cause it's true.
Leahbcc wrote 111 months ago:
Enjoyed this and thanks for sharing!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 111 months ago:
I'm rather afraid to get out my wedding was 40 years ago.....eeek!
DEEDLYNN wrote 111 months ago:
turkeyhunter60 wrote 111 months ago:
So true. I was in denial for 25 years, until I actually started going to "boot camp" last year, and can now actually SEE my abs, and don't have to buy "relaxed fit" pants. Good luck with th ebook.
cessnaholly wrote 111 months ago:
be sure to put several of these checklists into your book. they are great. LOL
dsjohndrow wrote 111 months ago:
Most of the blogs have been expanded and put in the book with a new format.
fullofhope76 wrote 111 months ago:
So true!
kimberlypayne wrote 111 months ago:
Thank you
joleenl wrote 111 months ago:
HAHAHA! I so totally do it even though I know comparing myself to others is wrong. Thanks for this!
happypath101 wrote 111 months ago:
I always feel skinnier when I've completed a task or reached some milestone, like New Years' Eve. It's Friday and I met a deadline -8 pounds.
knitwit0704 wrote 111 months ago:
This is too true.
annabellj wrote 111 months ago:
add an extra ten to the tried on a bikini and put it back!
dsjohndrow wrote 111 months ago:
Well, when I tried on a bikini and it didn't fit, I only felt 6 pounds heavier. Maybe it was the skirt coverup. LOL
mandagrl1 wrote 111 months ago:
funnily enough I was on this train of thought at the gym this morning. As a much fitter, much younger girl hopped on the machine beside me and I doubled her speed, resistance and time of my workout, I think I mentally subracted my weight down to a "normal" BMI. Then I got off said machine, almost fell over and thought I could puke, so needless to say, it came back quickly. Great blog!
carrieliz81 wrote 111 months ago:
That is SOOOO true.... the instant I overeat or overindulge, I suddenly feel like I've gained a thousand pounds, but if I can put on the skinny jeans and look cute, I'm back to feeling thin. Awesome analogies!
Cp731 wrote 111 months ago:
Good Read!!
Samenamenewlook wrote 111 months ago:
This is great ... love it!
onwarddownward wrote 111 months ago:
Does swimming twelve miles count the same as running?
OutOfBreath wrote 111 months ago:
I so love your blog posts. :) Thank you for the giggles!
pkw58 wrote 111 months ago:
you had me laughing.. tried on my wedding dress, it is officially two sizes too big now!
SerenaFisher wrote 111 months ago:
Funny, but it doesn't surprise me women are more in tune to their weight, after all our society (weather we like to admit it or not) is definitely more strict towards women holding on to their shape then men. I noticed recently when I went to the store that they had manequins in the men's section with "distended abdomens" not flat sexy abs, but say a four pack. Let's put it this way remember how Charlie Sheen looked in "Two and a Half men" in his polo shirts? It looks like they used him to model.

You go to women's sections, and yes some stores have "thick manequins" but most still have the same old same they've had for years. The perception seems to be that men can be slightly out of shape, and women still have to strive to be in much better shape. Though if you look at the numbers the average man is likely 15% maybe 20% body fat and that would be a "lean woman" so I guess our naturally fat bodies work against us :D

Personally I am a pretty thin female and my body type doesn't fit into Abercrombie jeans, it never has, even when I was in high school and it was "all the rage" I pretty much had to buy one of the largest sizes. It really never bothered me, so I couldn't get a 50.00 pair of jeans, boo hoo... I can get plenty of reasonably priced jeans that make my butt look much more hawt. :D

And that's my two cents. I just came across your blog because I went to the blog section and it was the most popular, good read, thanks for sharing.

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