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You Haven’t Tried Everything, So Don’t Lie!

I keep on seeing “I tried everything posts!” Oh yeah? I don’t believe it. What you are saying is everything YOU HAVE tried has failed. The fact is this, lots of folks get skinny and I am on my way to success too.

I am pretty sure that you haven’t eaten an ox from a box or a dog in the fog. And it’s doubtful that you have eaten an egg with your leg. Sorry, I was reading Dr. Seuss to my little one.

Here are some things I have tried.

-1 Instead of giving up everything, I just started to add good stuff to my diet (what I eat, not what I do). Today, for example, instead of having a hamburger for lunch which I do on occasion, I bought a package of Morning Star Chik’n patties. I made it with a bun, a slice of tomato, onion, and Swiss cheese topped with a ½ teaspoon of Honey Mustard. Score! Only 312 Calories, too.

-2 Do more things to burn calories. I really do park far from the door. I laugh my butt off at the YMCA watching displays of road-rage over the front row of parking spaces so they have a shorter walk to the treadmill. I always take the stairs (yes, I got stuck in an elevator once, but that is not why). I have a push lawn mower, I bike to the store for a few things, I stand and cut my veggies and fruit instead of buying them, and I dance with my kid instead of watching TV. It’s not pretty, I will admit that, but I am dressed.

-3 Shop smart! If you need to use an interior aisle in the grocery store or supermarket, it is probably processed (and the security cameras are aimed there too in case you are short on cash)! Fruits, veggies, fresh meat, fish, produce, dairy, and fresh bakery are just about always found on the perimeter aisles. Skip the canned foods, cereal, cookies and pet food aisles – you’ll be glad you did.

-4 Size matters, but no one ever talks about it. We are a family of two adults and one child. The older ones are now on their own and took the damn pretzels and Pepsi with them! It is hard to buy anything that is a good size for us. Me, I hate to have the same thing two days in a row if I can help it. So we freeze stuff: cold cuts, cheese, meat, fish, poultry, lunches, dinners, and one time even the cat, but that was an accident. We use lots of freezer bags. We also buy nuts in bulk and keep the plastic jars for other stuff like Barbie shoes.

We have small plates, and super small tubs for packing lunch in.

-5 Off limits eating. Only eat at the table; not while cooking, or sitting in the living room. And come on, not in the bedroom, someone is going to have to sleep on those cracker crumbs! Can’t you think of something else to do in your bedroom?

-6 TV Aerobics: If you watch an hour of TV a day, you get about 12 minutes of commercials. Instead of going to the kitchen for a snack during a commercial, do some squats, leg raises, push ups, sit up, planks or just stand up and walk around. If you watch 2, you can fit in a small cardio workout. And if you watch 3 hours a night, you should get a stationary bike or treadmill.

-7 Get a Dog that needs walking!
So tell us, other than weighing yourself after doing a #2, what have you tried to make the scale go down? 
Thanks in advance for the votes and comments! You guys and gals have been amazing!

Feel free to friend me. I'm not sure you'll be glad you did, but try it anyway - just be sure to send one with a message. :)

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Snakey74 wrote 129 months ago:
Yeah, I bought the cats a harness, thinking we could do the walking thing with them eventually. The neighbors at our old place had a cat who did it!

It didn't go well.
You know how in the movie Up the dogs have a cone of shame? Well they hated it so much, we now have a harness of shame.
dsjohndrow wrote 129 months ago:
LOL I froze my cat, it was an accident. ;) We have three little dogs, No cardio there!
missyyclaire wrote 129 months ago:
A muffled meow came from our washing machine one day. I believe the carpet cleaners had simply made too much noise and Christopher jumped into the washer to escape. Fortunately we weren't washing any clothes that day. Oh, how I miss him!
STARSHINE1975 wrote 129 months ago:
lol. Weighing yourself after a #2 is so true.

I try to always move. I have a desk job in a doctor's office and when ever I have ask them a question, which requires me to stand outside the exam room door and wait until they are finished, I do walk squats, knee lifts, toe touches, anything that makes me move. The other girls tease me, but I point out that my weight loss plan is working and ask how theirs is going. Every single one of them eat the worse food and never move and then complain that they don't understand why they keep gaining weight...
Andiarena wrote 129 months ago:
Its too early to be witty, but yesterday I scarfed down 3 slices of cheese pizza and then went and worked out to counteract the damage I did! each piece was 250 cals, i walked three miles and burned something like 275 cals. Took me about 45 mins to burn it off, took me about 15 mins to inhale the pizza. Learning momement.....
caramkoala wrote 129 months ago:
Ad break aerobics! I totally do ad break aerobics!

The 'I have tried EVERYTHING' is very similar to the 'It's always in the last place you look' sentiment.
aliciagetshealthy wrote 129 months ago:
A lot of excellent ideas, quite a few I do as well. My husband gets annoyed with the shear amount of things I freeze (ok, the egg salad was an accident!), but I have learned the time and money saving value of doing so. I have also turned laundry into a requirement to do squats - every single item that comes out of the dryer requires a squat to remove it, and you can only take out one piece at a time. This becomes a pretty decent workout when you have a load full of socks! =)
bevsdietfor2011 wrote 129 months ago:
Well for starters: I LOVE your blogs (couldn't get yesterdays) darn it...I also LOVE the humor which I needed today!!! Unfortunately I am one who has said "I have tried everything" reading this....I really haven't. LOL Great pointers in here that I needed too!!! Please please keep the blogs coming!!!!! I love the comment about doing squats while doing laundry!!!
Kudos to you and your blogs!!!!
sk2775 wrote 129 months ago:
I walk everywhere...I feel like I am the only person in south florida that doesn't own a car (this was on purpose)....I walk as much as possible. I burn calories while carrying heavy groceries home (and at the same time tone some arm!!!!) win!!!
Great blog once again. :-)
dsjohndrow wrote 129 months ago:
@SK - I would love to dump the car! I work 14 miles from the house, and would consider riding a bike, but the traffic here is unsafe. Everyone drives with one hand while flipping off other drivers with the other.
itsanot wrote 129 months ago:
Too funny and love the comments too! I'm always stretching and doing weird poises and moving something. I'm sure people watching me have thought I have a serious physical problem of some sort! lol
NinjaMonkey201 wrote 129 months ago:
I always park in the far lot. 1) A little extra exercise. 2) I'm horrible at parking, so the farther away, the less cars to hit. :)
alina726 wrote 129 months ago:
awesome blog, loved it!
MountainMamaof2 wrote 129 months ago:
Very true stuff. I have been heard to say "I've tried everything" and I know it's a bit of an exaggeration:)
LaSweetMini wrote 129 months ago:
GentlyLosing wrote 129 months ago:
There is walking the dog and then there is playing with the dog. We both get a great workout racing each other, chasing each other, playing hide and seek (I promise she knows how) and tossing ball. I have four grandchildren who live several hours from my house. I miss them and play with the dog instead. :)
fitzie63 wrote 129 months ago:
I love it when one of the guys on MFP writes a blog. This excellent blog come straight from the heart. As a former yo-yo dieter who has finally faced the fact that this lifestyle change is for the rest of my life, I appreciate your shoot-from-the-hip approach. Thanks a bunch for sharing.
amybrauch wrote 129 months ago:
Great tips! Thank you!
baypathgradLyns wrote 129 months ago:
you always have such great posts :)
Katbaran wrote 129 months ago:
>>and one time even the cat, but that was an accident<<

We did that to my sil's cat! I opened the freezer on the side by side for something and Clyde slipped in unnoticed. The other cat, Cleo, was having a fit in a little while, meowing and walking back and forth in front of the fridge. Finally, I opened the freezer door and there was Clyde! Silly cat.

We have similar issues with food packaging. I buy the larger, family sized meats and divide them into small amounts in freezer bags. I also cut whole chickens in half when they are on sale and not frozen. I make large batches of soups and freeze in different sized containers. Small ones for one serving or larger ones for two. I've got home made, low salt, pasta sauce in the freezer too--again in portions just right for 3. Its just hubby and me but then there is enough for him to take for a lunch for work the next day. We also use the smaller plates like you said. The lunch plates sure make it look like a lot more food than the regular dinner plates! And really, smaller servings are better for us, we know that, right?

Great blog, btw!
ronda_gettinghealthy wrote 129 months ago:
oh my gosh...I nearly fell over laughing....but this is SOOOOOOOO true...
slnash wrote 129 months ago:
Thank you for your post - I needed it!
rachelleahsmom wrote 129 months ago:
I loved the comment about road rage at the gym parking lot. Our YMCA is forever getting complaints about people having to walk a long distance from the parking lot. REALLY!?! There are many seniors at our Y and they aren't the ones complaining even though it would be okay in my book if they did.
noexcuses1218 wrote 129 months ago:
1. I don't accept that a family meal means everyone eating the same thing. My husband and daughter can keep the hamburgers - I'm doing turkey or a Boca burger loaded with vegetables, thank you very much, and yeah, I think I'll pass on the mac & cheese. It's a little extra work, but totally worth it.

2. I have a clerical job so at the moment I spend entirely too much time sitting (has landed me in PT). I'm bribing the guys in Maintenance (with brownies, ironically enough) to build me a riser for my keyboard and monitor, to let me stand instead of sit. Will make a huge difference. Also I've started working at a stand-up workstation close to my area whenever possible.
juliapurpletoes wrote 129 months ago:
I have a fruit tree in my back yard absolutely full of a kind of fruit that looks like grapefruit but has no taste whatsoever!! Bajillions of them all ripe and ready to eat.....we don't want them - the only takers are the RATS that love to get up in the tree at night to gnaw into them and suck the juice out. Well, of course this brings rats that want to nest in the walls, etc. So, all my friends say get a cat!! Nice idea but I say NOPE, I'm going to pick everydamn one of those fruits (during the days ahead). So I got myself a fruitpicker and everyday for an hour I go out there and start picking......burns calories and improves my strength too. I am not a friend to the rats ;-)
ProudMomoftwo wrote 129 months ago:
I agree - we can find exercise in almost everything we do.
We have to want it and go after it.

Keep pushing forward.
samantha0176 wrote 129 months ago:
i always dance while cooking and cleaning the house...i look silly especially when i have the pods in my ears but who cares, my kids still love despite that..and my blinds are usually closed ..:)
a_stronger_steph wrote 129 months ago:
Hmm... if you skip the pet food aisles, what do you feed your cat? Or is it still frozen? ;)
jedi9393 wrote 129 months ago:
i work out twice a day and nothing has made that scale move one bit, but in the wrong way of course!
chedges9090 wrote 129 months ago:
I haven't been one who says I have tried everything,.. cause I had tried nothing! At this time, the key for me has been counting calories. No REALLY counting. If I am having 1 cookie, it needs to be logged. One chicken nugget.. log it. I think people forget about the "nibbles and bites" .. and boy, can those add up!
The Cat.. is PETA on this site??
JulieBoBoo wrote 129 months ago:
I had a full physical including bloodwork done. Discovered I have an underactive thyroid so now I take meds. It's not the only thing that's helped, not even in the top 5 of the biggest things that have helped. But it HAS helped.
sunrise611 wrote 129 months ago:
You have a great sense of humor!
Shawtee808 wrote 129 months ago:
I love your blogs!!! thanks for sharing!
BrettPGH wrote 129 months ago:
Great blog! Usually when someone says "I've tried everything!" the next thing they do is list all the fad diets they've tried. "I've tried the all cabbage diet, the all bread diet, the all soup diet.." How about you STOP with the fad diets that don't work and try eating less calories. Because that DOES work. Oh but you don't want to do that..
aliciamille wrote 129 months ago:
HAHAHAHA..this post was both funny and true!
MeAgain74 wrote 129 months ago:
Someone once told me that Weight Watchers doesn't work. Really? Cause I'm pretty sure that it does - if you ACTUALLY DO IT.
Nothing works if you sabotage the plan. Eat less, move more. Pretty much everyone will lose if they do that enough. The fact is, you have to be honest with yourself.
LadyNeshoba wrote 129 months ago:

More people need to read this!
Hoppymom wrote 129 months ago:
I agree with most of this but if you skip the inner aisles you miss: oatmeal, whole grains, beans, lentils, brown rice, couscous, peanut butter and nuts. Oh, and olive oil. I'd starve.
nanodot wrote 129 months ago:
LOL Great post. I mostly dash into the inner aisles for oils, nuts, spices, Splenda, and dark chocolate. I mostly buy meat, and a side-table full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Lacto-Paleo all the way, for my whole family. Even eating bacon for breakfast, I end up at 1500-1800 calories a day, and I'm only counting carbs (under 100 per day since I want to lose weight fast).

For 250 calories, I can have a granola bar, or 6 slices of bacon. No contest; and no insulin spike.

When I have lost all the weight I want to, I'll go up to 200 carbs for maintenance - and probably not need to bother counting it much.
dsjohndrow wrote 129 months ago:
I do the inner aisles for some stuff. Interestingly the fresh nuts and whole grains are in my outer aisle - but dark chocolate is not in with the sushi!
AdAstra47 wrote 129 months ago:
@Snakey74: I walk my cat on a harness all the time. He throws a fit if he doesn't get his walk after I finish my supper. I think the secret is starting 'em young & keeping the harness really loose, and taking him out regularly so he isn't scared of strangers & loud noises. I even take mine to the Ren Faire, he rides in a basket on my hip when he's not prowling on the leash.

@nanodot: Right there with ya, and that's a lifestyle I would never have tried if my doctor hadn't told me I needed to, for my particular metabolism. But it works!

@dsjohn: awesome article, as usual. I need to remember #2; I work on the fourth floor, imagine how many calories I would burn just by pretending the elevator is broken... These always make me laugh, I really appreciate that!
CJK1959 wrote 129 months ago:
So true!!!! Love your sense of humour. What I have learned from this site is that no matter the fad diet,the latest thing,the diet pills,the fat burners etc, etc, etc....the only thing that does work is you must have that calorie deficit. Simple science really....but I guess that's not glamourous. Keep up the good work and the cool blogs!
thurberj wrote 129 months ago:
When I'm with my husband we always park far away because he never can see the ones that are Great post!!
sagetracey wrote 129 months ago:
Oh dear, I drove to the swimming pool today and parked in the first row! Lesson learnt.
katyasasha wrote 129 months ago:
I adore your humour. As I begin this journey I will read your blog for perspective, hope and smiles. Katarina.

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