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You Can!

Self Perception: I have been in the weight-loss running world for well over 3 years. When I started out I was almost 100 pounds overweight. The number doesn't mean anything. What mattered is what I thought of myself. I hated looking in the mirror, I thought for sure nothing good in life would ever happen to me. Even after I started running, I was sure I would never get faster, never be able to do more than a 5K, It took me a year to run a 5k, an entire year! My first miles were 13:00+ minutes.

Don't Think, Do: What I did in spite of what I thought about me was a food plan, a strict food plan without cheats and that feel good mumbo jumbo. I wanted to be the best me I could. Sure there was always someone faster, skinnier, and younger, but I stopped limiting myself by deciding what my future would look like. Instead, I focused on the things that would make me leaner and faster and then the light came on, I had to think differently about myself.

Have A Goal: The most important lesson I learned from my marathon was that I could do way more than I thought I could do. Folks kept saying "you can" and I believed them enough to register and finally run a marathon.

Can I suggest that you stop making judgments about yourself, your times, your weight and your looks? Today is a day when to invest some things in your future. You can eat well, you can run, you can stick with your training plan instead of making excuses.

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angieroo2 wrote 94 months ago:
Well said. Sometimes this reminder is needed.
Bookchick887 wrote 94 months ago:
Thank you for the reminder to focus. I needed that today.
LauraDubbleya wrote 94 months ago:
Thank you for reminding me that the scale is just a number and not the judge and jury of my life!!
johnwhitent wrote 94 months ago:
Good word!
samr73 wrote 94 months ago:
This is a timely reminder for me. I have a Tough Mudder on Saturday and have only had 3 weeks notice - it's for a work charity and I was "volunteered" because other people believe I'm capable. I'm absolutely full of self-doubt about whether I'll be able to do it or not. Now I'm going to wonder how long it's going to take our team because we are all going to finish. Thank you.
gjz123 wrote 94 months ago:
Well said. I will have to bookmark this and read it when I am full of doubt. Thank you.
JuicyGyrl wrote 94 months ago:
I so needed to read this today. I have been beating myself up for not being faster, not having lost more weight and HATING my body. I've been dying to think positively but something happens every single time I attempt to think positive thoughts that keeps me from being able to think positive for more than 2 hours. Its been a struggle but I have set some goals, and made a plan to reach those goals and damn it. . .that is what I am going to do.

Thank you for posting this. I really think I "stumbled" on it for a reason.
turkeyhunter60 wrote 94 months ago:
Simple, but solid. Thank you very much.
MeanieReenie05 wrote 94 months ago:
Thank you for this encouraging post!! :) Much appreciated!
damberg1 wrote 94 months ago:
I needed this too! I'm feeling inspired now!
Thanks for posting!
ldesomer wrote 94 months ago:
Very well said!
BGRamone wrote 94 months ago:
This is not as easy as it looks but you already know that. Im right at the point where you started now except my miles are 18+. Thanks for the feel good words to all of us friend.
LVP2014 wrote 94 months ago:
WELL SAID but… I really can't run (due to leg-injuries and surgery) but YES I can row or bike instead! ;)

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