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Working from Home, the New Me

I just thought I would take a few minutes and be grateful for my new job, working from home, and the support I get from MFP.

Here are my favorite things about working from home:
- It's home, so I don't have to go there and back.
- I picked the furniture and the pets.
- I can use politically non-correct terms.
- I can run at lunch.
- I can run before work.
- I can run after work.
- I can take a shower when I want, or skip one all together.
- It's OK if I sit on the boss's lap, we're married.
- I don't need gas, or even a car; it's a good thing I don't have a bar.
- I can sit around naked because we still use phones and not Skype.
- No one leaves donuts in the break room.
- I can listen to loud music or watch TV as I work.
- I can have lunch with my wife without a big plan.
- I don't have a firewall for my PC.
- I can sleep in.
- I avoid traffic jams and security cams.
- I can wear footie jams.
- When I need to work from somewhere else, I can take my office with me. (Think, under an umbrella at the beach with a cool iced tea.)
- I can take the trash out while I am "muted" on a conference call.
- I get hugs from my little one when she is home from school, not when she is immersed in homework after dinner.

The only draw back I guess, is that I am close to the refrigerator and I have to buy my own coffee.

Thanks for all your support, prayers, job recommendations, passing my resume around at work and sending me links to job sites these past 7 months, I really appreciated it!

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aliciagetshealthy wrote 114 months ago:
If you're wearing footie jammies, pics need to be posted!
Denjo060 wrote 114 months ago:
Love this so happy you are working
libland wrote 114 months ago:
I loved the benefit of fitting in a run whenever when I worked from home. Enjoy all the benefits!
pabigwood wrote 114 months ago:
I need some footie jammies!! Congratulations on the new job!
dez_yaoichan wrote 114 months ago:
wow lol that's awesome! what do you do?
Elbee1 wrote 114 months ago:
Yes! My husband loves it when he gets to work from home! Congrats on your new job!
AriesOx wrote 114 months ago:
Congrats on your new position. I can only imagine how stressful being out of work was, and I'm happy to see things have worked out. As for working from home, I'm jealous. Not possible in my work now, but I have done it in previous occupations while going to school. I loved the freedom of it and, in my case, the ability to set my hours and get my work done when I wanted. Wishing you much success :)
jagfan wrote 114 months ago:
Congrats! We are able to work from home twice a month. So far I have been so busy with meetings and such that I haven't been able to take advantage this year. I drive across town which in Jacksonville is quite a ways. I do enjoy when I am able to work from home, but glad that I don't do it all the time for some of the reasons you mentioned. Good luck!
ljcorl wrote 114 months ago:
I have been looking for work at home positions. can you tell me the best place to look on line.
beetpoet wrote 113 months ago:
This is great and really funny. I am now a 100% remote worker. I lost my cube when I started coming in to HQ only 2 days/week because my commute is 1.5 to 4 hours each way, depending on the traffic and crashes and craziness. I used to drive on a rural road, then a highway, across an expensive toll bridge, down through a busy city road, onto a few more freeways past an airport... through about four weather zones etc. etc. Anything could happen! And the total one way is about 49 miles. Driving in urban areas is just nuts these days. If you are an individual contributor and have a job like writing, analyzing data, customer service, or programming, why not be able to telecommute most of the time???

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