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Winter Sort of Sucks, but Food is Good

Southern New England can a great place to live. There are sandy beaches in the summer, amazing colors in the fall, tulips and daffodils light up the landscape in the spring and then there is the joy of snow shoveling.

MFP says I burned 3,097 calories moving the white stuff around.

35 inches of snow (1 meter or so) has ruined my running for at least the next few days. I am glad my treadmill is sitting on the front porch where it won't get rained on. I do have a bike on a trainer in the livingroom.

It could be worse. I was scheduled for another surgical biopsy today. It was canceled due to the blizzard. They'll call to reschedule.

I have dropped to my lowest weight in decades and I want to get out there and run. When I run (or bike) I eat less. On rest days I am so hungry that overeating is a simple as there is food in the refrigerator.

Why is this?

It got me to thinking about being hungry and thirsty  and I tried to find words to express it.

- athirst
- cottonmouthed
- carnivorous
- could eat a horse
- covetous
- dry
- dry as dust (but not quite as useless)
- edacious
- empty
- esurient
- hankering
- parched
- ravenous
- starved
- unquenched
....and my favorite, rungry.

Did I miss any?

 Thanks for reading along.

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DanElizKim wrote 82 months ago:
Rungry. Love it. Sure better than lazy, couch potato.
jackie26us wrote 82 months ago:
I can totally relate since I live in Maine. I did a lot of shoveling and manually plowing with a 4 wheeler. Now I'm sore and didn't Zumba for 2 days.
AABru wrote 82 months ago:
Hangry...I am frequently hangry whether it is real or imagined. Just so hungry I am angry.
Marcel182 wrote 82 months ago:
Oh, man. Rungry. That's so me.
Nuccia2012 wrote 82 months ago:
I'm a huge fan of rungry. I burned 1,000 calories here in RI by shoveling, but I would have preferred the running. ;)
jcalleniii wrote 82 months ago:
To beat the hunger cravings, reach for snacks that will satiate without adding sugar. Cans of tuna, almonds, walnuts, pecans, peanuts (if you're not allergic of course) and coconut. Bonus that all of these contain the good and essential fats your body needs. Water in large servings will satiate hunger for short periods as well.

Stay away from anything with added sugar or simple carbs that only satisfy for short bursts. Candy, chips, bread, white potatoes, pretzels, etc... these are quick carbs, quick energy but turn negative if not burned quickly.
labeastette wrote 82 months ago:
Sounds like a nice place to live if not for shoveling snow! And I like the rungry reference. I'll have to remember that one!
njitaliana wrote 82 months ago:
Wow--35 inches of snow. You just made living in NJ seem bearable by contrast!
missee wrote 80 months ago:
Hangry! AABru, this is a very real condition. Wo unto those who get in my way when I'm hangry!! It is better for everyone if I am fed quickly! :-)

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