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Why am I Thankful? Here's the Real Deal

On Monday, April 4th I was admitted to the Heart Trauma Center with congestive heart failure. You can read that story HERE.
I know that I joke around a lot - but today, I am truly thankful for a day I might not have had. 

On Tuesday my pastor drove down to visit me. I was on 12 liters of oxygen per hour. Daryl and I had a nice chat, and he prayed for me just before he left. As he prayed I could feel the anointing of God and I had a picture (internal vision) in my spirit. It was my heart and swirling around it were my heart enzymes. In that still small voice I heard the Lord say, "You will completely recover." I shared it with Daryl and he agreed, "I am not worried" he said.

I made tremendous progress that day. My ejection fraction went from the 20s to the high 30s!

Five days later I was home, although I went back the following day due to chest pain; I was released after a few hours.

Nearly a month passed and I was recovering at home; resting, exercising, and eating right. One Sunday morning I got up and was heading for the YMCA to do my tri-weekly mile on the treadmill. It was 5 minutes to nine, the Mother's Day breakfast in bed was a success, and I wanted to get to the local church for the 10:30 service. I heard the Lord prompt me, "Go to the 9 o'clock service." I swapped my sweat pants for a pair of jeans and headed to the Vineyard.

I sat through the acoustic worship followed by a sermon on forgiveness - you know, the f-bomb - both were introspective. I was in the lobby getting ready to leave and one of the elders gave a word of knowledge. "There is someone here this morning with a weak heart which I believe God wants to heal." I didn't even hear him, but a woman that I know came and got me. I went up for prayer. There were only about 20 people there that morning, and it appeared that God had a plan for David!

A few days later I sat in the cardiologist’s office. I could hear the nurse whispering to an aide. "Oh my God!" At first I thought something was wrong. I later found out that she had been comparing my EKG from the day I was admitted to the ICU to the one from my appointment that day, and there was a drastic difference! The cardiologist confirmed it with my echo-cardiogram saying that my heart function was now completely normal!

In fact, I went for my 6 month check up a few days ago and he said not only was my heart completely normal, but that I had made a full recovery.

Today I am thankful for life itself.

What are you thankful for?

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ccarpe wrote 121 months ago:
Wow is all I can say, while trying not to tear up. I am thankful for those of us not afraid, or ashamed, to share our faith with others. Thank you.
aliciagetshealthy wrote 121 months ago:
That gave me chills David! Clearly your time here is not done - God is watching over you =)
LuciaLongIsland wrote 121 months ago:
TY for that. I can relate as 2.5 years ago I was o my death bed according to the doctors. I now have a pacemaker, a green filter, take coumadin, but I am alive and doing well.

I also am thankful to be alive!!

Happy Thanksgiving.
grag79 wrote 121 months ago:
Wow thats amazing.xgx
Redladystl wrote 121 months ago:
~tears~ God is Awesome just like that. SIMPLY AMAZING! And through your obediance to his voice you are healed. I am thankful for His Grace toward me.
lyngoode wrote 121 months ago:
Great post.
navygunner wrote 121 months ago:
David, I do not believe it gets any better. Our Lord is the healer, the doctor of doctors. This I know for sure. I have experience healings in my life and now I am seeing it in my daughter's life as she is becoming Cancer Free!! Sometimes the healing may be miraculous like in your case, other times like in my daughter's life she is going through the treatment but the cancer has not spread and she has over 95% chance of being completely cancer free (according to the docs) we believe it is 100%. God is using her to be an encouragement and an example to the other women she comes in contact with. God has a purpose for everything. In this case she did not become miraculously healed but she will be healed. Keep your faith up my brother. I am sure you understand by reading your blog, that God is in control. God Bless You, be well, and have a blessed Thanksgiving day.
Peachy_T wrote 121 months ago:
To God be the glory!! What an awesome testimony! This is a great example of what can happen when we believe, have faith, and obey! Thank you for sharing!
hbrenegan wrote 121 months ago:
Great story. This morning I lost the diamond in my wedding ring, and I was all set to have a crappy day. :) Now I remember that it IS Thanksgiving and I DO have much to be thankful for. My health, the health of my family, friends, and pets, and two wonderful children. One of whom made me a paper ring this morning because he didn't want me to feel bad. Thank you.
diaryoffatdad wrote 121 months ago:
I myself am not a religious man but that is an amazing story and I am so happy for you. you are an inspiration. I look forward to every one of your blogs, you sir have helped so many on here and that is evident by the amount of fans you have and comments you get for your blog. We are thankful for you.
Hoppymom wrote 121 months ago:
Very powerful witness! Thanks and congratulations on your good health! Praise God for all our gifts!
jdhosier wrote 121 months ago:
Praise God for He is Jehovah Rophi, God who heals. Amen! Thanks for sharing your faith.
PINKSPARKLEQUEEN1965 wrote 118 months ago:
God Bless you<3
rciszek wrote 109 months ago:
Very positive, I believe that things happen for a reason and little snags or changes of plans are made for a reason whether to protect us or make sure we're somewhere we're needed. So many times I've seen it actually be something like missing a car accident by literally the minutes you are late for work to deciding not to go somewhere. You just have to open your mind and heart to those little signs to realize he's the one controlling our destiny.
Anonymous wrote 39 months ago:

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