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Why Am I Not Logging?!

You would think that after 3 years, I would have this logging thing down. The scale has been good to me, the tape measure and the the 5K times even better. I have a lot of excuses for not logging.

- EVERYTHING that I eat does not have a bar code for the MFP scanner.
- I have been doing this for years, I have it down!
- Too many new foods with travel and on-the-run meals.
- It's a pain in the iPhone.
- Other people gave up and succeeded.
- My spouse loves me no matter what I weigh.
- The dog doesn't growl at me unless I lick my own dish.
- Counting calories sucks the joy out of eating!
- I run 40 or 50 miles a week.
- My health is good - no make that great!
- I am at my goal weight - well close.
- I paid my dues.
- Logging is for weak people.
- I like points better.
- My lifestyle changes will keep me on the path.
- I can eyeball the proper portion size from across the room.
- I cheated when I was logging.
- The economy sucks.
- They had cake and I ate it.
- I never took a cheat day (more like a few years)
- Counting is inaccurate.
- I don't eat fast food.
- I wrote a book about all this!

Honestly, after a few weeks, it's already not working. I'll be back.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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H_Factor wrote 101 months ago:
Definitely because of the economy
Denjo060 wrote 101 months ago:
I had a candy bar ....Oh no wait I did log that :)
angie007az wrote 101 months ago:
Right on. Experience says everything.
johnwhitent wrote 101 months ago:
I log or I gain. Nuff said.
mike5802 wrote 101 months ago:
Yep, same for me. If I don't log, I gain weight. Period.
jmnicholas wrote 101 months ago:
They had cake...definitely my downfall too...
dixiech1ck wrote 101 months ago:
I noticed when I stopped logging, I gained back a considerable amount because I figured, I'm training for a marathon and burning through oodles of calories, I'll be fine. Well, I wasn't and then I paid for it this winter. :P
holliwood322 wrote 101 months ago:
stupid logging! ;) ok, it DOES work. must you be right ALL the time? in case everyone hasn't gotten it by now... it makes you understand what you are putting down the pie hole. Just get over it and DO IT!
PoisonDartFrog wrote 101 months ago:
Needed this. I've been away for about two weeks and need to get back into logging (and losing). BTW, I'm two chapters into the book and am loving it.
tonybalony01 wrote 101 months ago:
Yep, counting is inaccurate. All those labels with their funny symbols don't mean a thing.
sunnybear39 wrote 101 months ago:
I hate logging and going to get back to it- just as soon as I finish this bag of chips...

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